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Articles by Subject

Featured Sections
Biz Buzz
1/26/12: 'Firebird' opens at Simpich Showcase
2/23/12: 8th Street site leased, but no fast food
3/22/12: Grand opening for new business
3/29/12: Mechanical contractor upgrades its site
4/12/12: Opening ArtWalk deemed 'awesome'
4/19/12: War vet signing copies of his book
4/26/12: ArtWalk in Old Town May 4
5/3/12: Fundraiser for American Cancer Society
6/7/12: Fraud seminar June 13
6/28/12: ArtWalk in Old Town July 6
7/5/12: 2 new books by Westside authors
7/19/12: Signature Point homes being built
7/26/12: Rodeo breaks attendance mark again
8/2/12: Help sought for 'Cultivating Hope'
8/9/12: Gold Hill Mesa in Parade of Homes
8/23/12: Bibles from ancient times
8/30/12: Open house at Old Midland Sept. 7-8
10/11/12: Therapeutic Riding fundraiser Oct. 20
10/18/12: New ownership for long-time daycare
11/1/12: Volunteer plantings in Mountain Shadows
11/15/12: Millibo announces holiday schedule
11/29/12: ArtWalk's season finale Dec. 7
12/20/12: Steakhouse opens on Centennial

Cobweb Corners
1/5/12: Streets changed with annexation
1/12/12: Local 'subways' were really tunnels
1/19/12: How they'd compete for the county seat
1/26/12: The floods of 1864
2/2/12: That terrible summer
2/9/12: Another terrible summer
2/16/12: Your old photos could be historic
2/23/12: Fewer train cars in yards nowadays
3/1/12: The tunnels up the pass
3/8/12: The man on the horse
3/15/12: Testing airplane engines on the Peak
3/22/12: A strange train wreck
3/29/12: The best route to the gold fields
4/5/12: The sheepherding 'judge'
4/12/12: The coming of the Midland
4/19/12: The Midland's buildings
4/26/12: A pleasant little valley
5/3/12: The road up the Peak from the north
5/10/12: Changes in Colorado City
5/17/12: New schools in Colorado City
5/24/12: Colorado City's growth boom
5/31/12: Communicating from the Peak
6/7/12: An accident on the Midland
6/21/12: A mountain lion chase in 1885
6/28/12: Fire in 1840s took most of area's trees
7/5/12: Our industrial past
7/12/12: The building of the cog road
7/19/12: Carlton outbids the junk dealers
7/26/12: Drilling in Colorado City
8/2/12: Sherman's 'march' to the Peak
8/9/12: Cascade's Ramona Hotel
8/16/12: George H. 'Judge' Stewart
8/23/12: The Midland's coffee cups
8/30/12: When the cog was built
9/6/12: A day of fires in Colorado City
9/13/12: The first cog locomotive
9/20/12: Questions of 'Mr. Conductor'
9/27/12: 1890: Bridging the tracks
10/4/12: The building of West Colorado Springs
10/11/12: The cog starts running
10/18/12: Remembrances of the cabin
10/25/12: Arrest of a bar room lounger
11/1/12: Students on the cog - then and now
11/8/12: Manitou's limestone operation
11/15/12: Gold and silver claims near Woodland
11/21/12: It WAS an icebox back then
11/29/12: The storm of 1894
12/6/12: D&RG expands to Leadville, Manitou
12/13/12: Ripple effect of trains up Ute Pass
12/20/12: Forts built for protection in early years

Editor's Desk
1/5/12: Time to thaw out West Elementary
1/12/12: Theft of historic plaque - a new low
1/19/12: The collision of the overlay plans
1/26/12: A ceremony might be just the thing
2/2/12: Development: It's not just buildings
2/9/12: Are we learning yet?
2/16/12: Friends for No Man's Land?
2/23/12: Let them eat traffic
3/1/12: The RTA and Cimarron/I-25
3/8/12: Here's to the uplifting crescendo
3/15/12: Careful, bureaucrats, with RTA wording
3/22/12: What the wind blew in
3/29/12: Your good friends, the media
4/5/12: On the April 4 public meeting
4/12/12: True love: Never a smooth road
4/19/12: The news on a platter
4/26/12: Wanted: New name for No Man's Land
5/3/12: Right of way issue in study
5/10/12: A good fit
5/17/12: An interesting media development
5/24/12: A look at the easement idea
5/31/12: When there is such a thing as a free lunch
6/7/12: Ah, peace and quiet... What?
6/21/12: Volunteering some thoughts
6/28/12: Hard to make jokes this time
7/5/12: Fire: The beast in the mountains
7/12/12: Fire reveals Westside compassion
7/19/12: Cool ride! And we pay for it how?
7/26/12: Red Rock Canyon: Pond issue surfaces
8/2/12: Just an item on the B list
8/9/12: Missing the 'steak holders'
8/16/12: The Westside in the news
8/23/12: Red Rock: An evolving open space
8/30/12: Hobos of the past
9/6/12: Panhandling: Time for a united front
9/13/12: We bought more than a postcard
9/20/12: The stoplight at the end of the tunnel
9/27/12: Can't stop losers with a loser law
10/4/12: Maybe a picture will do
10/11/12: On replacing the plaque
10/18/12: The RTA on the election trail
10/25/12: District 3 and that voting thing
11/1/12: Coronado's runners - their glorious day
11/8/12: There's something strong here, all right
11/15/12: Three items in the news
11/21/12: Now here's some good news
11/29/12: Utilization... no, youtilization
12/6/12: Soliciting a show of hands
12/13/12: Regarding that Dec. 18 meeting
12/20/12: Merry Christmas - arm a teacher

Guest Columns
12/6/12: Solicitation laws and the Westside By Lisa Czelatdko

1/5/12: Holiday help for many Jackson students from Sara Miller, Principal Jackson Elementary
1/19/12: Upset with theft of Westside-fort plaque from Brian Lee Copeland
2/23/12: Appreciated Library Friends article from Dustie Flynn
2/23/12: No Man's: Don't wait for government from Steven Martin
3/1/12: Leigh idea to stop extension decried from Bonnie Powers
4/26/12: Manipulation seen in sustainability plan from Brad Collins
5/3/12: Charity League aided by grades 7-12 from Karen Petersilie
5/10/12: Could never call it 'No Man's Land' from Linda Day
5/10/12: Historical name not significant to tourists from G. Francis
5/10/12: Will consultant study truly reflect Westside? from Steven Martin
5/17/12: Extra effort by West End postal workers from Jann Durkin
5/24/12: Opposes Bear Creek Park easement from Chris Baum
5/31/12: Better names for 'No Man's Land' from Carla J. Hale
6/21/12: Business took care of lost dog from Sherry Martin
6/21/12: Clark supported for commissioner from Lisa Czelatdko
7/5/12: 'No Man's Land': Idea for new name from Geraldine Kirkmeyer
10/11/12: Anderson supported for Congress from Jacek Popiel
10/11/12: No more walking to the polls from Kurt Foster
10/18/12: Backing Clark from Joseph Bruce
10/18/12: Supporting George for District 18 from Sharon McKiernan
10/18/12: 'Westies' article from Jean Wreath Shom
10/25/12: Clark works hard for constituents from Kay Rendleman
10/25/12: Keeping Lee aids balance of parties from Dave Hughes
11/1/12: Appreciated info on commissioner race from Carol & John Stoody
11/8/12: Appreciation for Safe Treats help from Lori and Judy Kasten and Vanessa Craine
11/8/12: Column was 'misleading, mean' from Beverly Weaver
11/8/12: Pioneer: 'Highly professional' from Ralph Conner
11/15/12: D-11's projected solar savings questioned from Dick Standaert
11/29/12: Kudos to Westside Pioneer, Safe Treats from Jon Weir
12/13/12: Help with 'Operation' appreciated from Sheila Cain
12/13/12: Kudos for flood-mitigation article from Susan Fletcher
12/20/12: Optical store owners sorry to close from Lori and John Daugherty

Meet a Westsider
1/5/12: Alice Carlson
2/9/12: Carla Falkenmayer
2/16/12: Paul Kavanaugh
3/15/12: Russel Bechtold
4/5/12: Lana Wright
4/12/12: John Hazlehurst
5/10/12: Dani Tobey
5/17/12: Dennis Michalski
6/7/12: Nick Gonzales
6/21/12: Elizabeth Roberts
7/5/12: John McKenna
7/12/12: Alma Moser
7/19/12: Barbara Gardner
7/26/12: Tricia Martinez
8/2/12: Alice Adamscheck
8/16/12: Joel Beck
8/23/12: Jo Anne Eckrich
9/6/12: Terry Bresee
9/20/12: Robert H. Tinker
10/18/12: Terry Bresee
11/8/12: James 'Jim' White
12/13/12: Kirstin Gonyo

Nature Narratives:
3/22/12: On the Niobrara Ridge
5/3/12: The first hour of the dawn chorus
6/28/12: The fox pups in the sidewalk
8/2/12: A jaguarundi cat sighting
9/6/12: Silent sunrise, speedy swifts
10/25/12: Beneath apples & aspens
12/6/12: Cottonwood (pretty shapes)

Police Blotter
2/9/12: Police blotter: Shotgun fired outside bar
3/8/12: Homicide outside Westside biker club

Westside Briefs
1/5/12: Center announces free fitness times
1/12/12: Fire displaces family on Cucharras
1/26/12: Nature Center training volunteers
2/2/12: Nurse Center seminar Feb. 11
2/16/12: Driver 'black-out' wrecks restaurant
2/23/12: Historic 'Happy Hour' at center
3/8/12: 'Look' series returns at Garden of the Gods
3/15/12: Silver Key seeks help in feeding seniors
3/22/12: 2 arrests in shooting outside club
3/29/12: 'Scouting for Food' starts in April
4/5/12: Highway 24 clean-up April 7
4/19/12: Free trail-work crew leader training
4/26/12: Gustafson is Sclater at Rock Ledge
5/3/12: 2 McFarland sessions at History Center
5/10/12: 2nd 'Roots' concert at center May 17
5/17/12: Woodcarving Show at Shriners May 19-20
5/31/12: Starlight Spectacular to start earlier
6/7/12: Last 'Roots' at Community Center June 21
6/21/12: Red Rock Canyon day June 30
7/12/12: Defending Challenge champ to return
7/19/12: Chipseal for Holland Park Blvd.
8/2/12: New free-fitness hours at center
8/16/12: Citizen feedback sought on draft TIP
8/23/12: Concert Sept. 1 counterpoint to violence
8/30/12: Aerial mulching to reduce runoff
9/6/12: County hosts flood-risks meeting
9/13/12: Sunday concerts at Gold Hill Mesa
9/20/12: Man in store fracas arrested
9/27/12: Harvest Day - free ranch admission
10/11/12: 'Red Rock Canyon Day' Oct. 20
10/18/12: Dog Park clean-up Oct. 27
10/25/12: Time extension on Red Rock comments
11/1/12: Packing day for Operation Christmas Child
11/8/12: FOGG aids Camp Creek clearing
11/15/12: Glen Eyrie erosion work - volunteers needed
11/21/12: County Parks master plan meeting Nov. 27
11/29/12: Bear Creek by Candlelight Dec. 7
12/6/12: Rock Ledge hosts 'Holiday Evening'
12/20/12: Fillmore-Chestnut project update

Westside Schools
1/12/12: Read-a-Thon raising $ for new BV classes
1/26/12: 3rd annual West Elementary carnival
2/2/12: Bristol Elementary Art Night Feb. 9
2/9/12: Midland book drive through Feb. 17
2/23/12: Cordova repeats as wrestling champ
3/15/12: History reigns for Coronado, OCCHS
4/5/12: BV recycling fundraiser April 13-15
4/12/12: 'Taming of the Shrew' at Coronado
4/19/12: Coronado craft show to raise $ for football
5/10/12: BV tops Westside in 3rd-grade reading
5/24/12: 'Locks of Love' at Bijou May 25
8/9/12: Retiring District 11 staffers on Westside
9/13/12: New 2012-13 staffers listed
9/27/12: Lemonaid stand publicizes water needs
11/1/12: Holmes gives Waldo victims holiday help
11/8/12: Coronado performs musical 'Oklahoma!'
11/15/12: Lady Cougar V-ball 3rd at state
12/6/12: Westside schools

What do you do?
1/12/12: Harvey 'Banty' Hoover
1/19/12: Marlene Kort
1/26/12: Laura Teeters
2/2/12: Peggy Sawyer
2/23/12: Marybeth Wujcik
3/1/12: Johnny Emerson
3/8/12: Kathy Steiner
3/22/12: Monica Gadson
3/29/12: Vincent Paul
4/19/12: Michael Velez
4/26/12: Michael 'Buzz' Steenrod
5/3/12: Brenda Holmes-Stanciu
5/24/12: Elizabeth Stanbro
5/31/12: Darwin Landers
6/28/12: Cyndi Leary
8/9/12: Christine McMullen
8/30/12: Molly McDonald
9/13/12: Robin Roberts
9/27/12: Denise Vrecenar
10/4/12: Jesse Spaeth
10/11/12: Heidi Sale
10/25/12: Lindsay Williamson
11/1/12: Manuel Ramsey
11/15/12: Megan Foster
11/21/12: Vanessa Craine
11/29/12: Kim Rosman
12/6/12: Susan McGregor
12/20/12: Jocelyne Sansing

Other Articles

2/16/12: Artists make Westside returns, plan simultaneous grand openings
3/8/12: Nearing 100, artist still going strong
5/24/12: Artist no longer seeking 'fall-back' job
8/9/12: Artist coming back from losing home in fire

Bear Creek Nature Center
6/21/12: Mayor's 'Spirit of the Springs' cleanup comes to Bear Creek
6/21/12: Volunteering for the park

Beidleman Nature Center/Sondermann Park
5/10/12: Here's your chance to 'friend' Sondermann Park

1/5/12: New book tells history, seeks future for city parks
5/17/12: Photos big part of new GoG book

Boy Scouts
1/26/12: Heroism leads to rare honors for Scout from Westside troop
4/26/12: Scouts reviving historic Marriage Garden
5/3/12: Scout event for Hornaday badges at CHS
5/10/12: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts in projects at historic locales
11/1/12: Hurt by fire-caused camp closure, Pikes Peak Council seeks $ help

Buildings, New Construction, and Real Estate
1/12/12: CDOT misses out on Express Inn... for now
2/2/12: First building remodel in 25 years for doughnut shop on West Colorado Ave.
2/2/12: Former DHS building on Spruce St. to become 'upscale' hotel
2/9/12: 63 home lots planned off Lower Gold Camp
3/22/12: City: 'Tear down this wall' (at least on one street between two subdivisions)
4/19/12: Trail route set for Uintah Bluffs, but years away for construction, developer says
5/3/12: Changes at 1330 W. Colorado
7/5/12: Construction of new VA clinic to start in late fall
8/2/12: City Council OKs Uintah Bluffs on first reading
8/16/12: Neighbors to hear expanded hilltop event center plan
8/23/12: Major facelift already under way for GoG Campground
8/30/12: Expanded Pinery plan moves forward
10/11/12: Pinery proposal goes before Planning Commission Oct. 18
10/25/12: Drive-through coffee shop planned on South 8th
10/25/12: Planning Commission 9-0 for Pinery; City Council next
11/1/12: Project to turn former DHS building into a hotel
11/8/12: 'Mid Town' center looks like one building now
11/21/12: Lofts, coffee house envisioned by new owner of long-time Bristol School site

Centennial Extension
1/5/12: City: Heavy-duty barricades not needed for Centennial extension
2/23/12: Councilman: Send extension traffic down Van Buren; Leigh proposal would benefit his neighborhood

5/31/12: Osborne Trust grant applications welcomed
9/13/12: FedEx volunteers help upgrade landscaping for nonprofit's homes
10/4/12: Grant helps Westsiders with lost wages from Waldo fire
10/4/12: Raising money for water
11/8/12: Care & Share turkey drop-offs Nov. 12-16
11/8/12: GoG Rotary honors Osborne Trust recipients
12/20/12: Pocket that beggar handout - truly destitute have broad help network

4/5/12: Westside Easter church services
11/21/12: Church temporarily at Westside Center

Cimarron Bridge/Interchange
3/15/12: 8th Street interchange with Cimarron/I-25 at top of priorities for regional transportation
9/6/12: Cimarron/I-25 not in draft TIP, but design could be
10/4/12: Design funds OK'd for new Cimarron/I-25: If construction $ awarded, work would start in '14

City Parks
5/24/12: Thorndale Park garden honors memory of local man who died young

County Parks
3/1/12: Bear Creek Garden plots available
3/8/12: Amenities taking shape in Dog Park
3/22/12: Follow-up: Updated costs on Dog Park project
4/19/12: Celebration of recent Dog Park upgrades April 28
5/17/12: Public meeting to mull easement plan for Bear Creek Regional Park
5/24/12: Bear Creek Park easement concept gets thumbs-up from throng at public meeting
9/27/12: Popular time at Great Parks Fest
11/21/12: 2,000 goats in town - 4th straight year for weed-eaters
11/21/12: Checking out the visitors from Wyoming
12/6/12: County Parks master plan survey to be online through December

4/5/12: English setting of 'Secret' honors Dickens

1/19/12: Added amateur 'race' (entry fee $10,500) won't lengthen road closures for Springs stage of Pro Cycling Challenge
4/5/12: Cycling Challenge's finalized route includes Garden spin
4/12/12: Seeking glints in the grass
5/17/12: Poster out for local stage of Pro Cycling Challenge
7/12/12: Westside racer prepares for fully paved Hill Climb
8/16/12: Top cycling racers to come ripping out of Ute Pass Aug. 24
8/23/12: Stage 5: Racers expected around 2:30 p.m.
8/30/12: Patriots' Festival relocates to Mountain Shadows
8/30/12: Peloton in quick burst through Westside
9/13/12: Three main events Sept. 22: Great Parks Festival
10/4/12: Clean-up off GoG Road for household haz waste
11/29/12: GuestHouse, History Center on B&B Tour
12/13/12: Snow no obstacle for Holiday Tour
12/20/12: Challenge race to pedal without Springs

Farmer's Market
10/18/12: Farmers Market season winding down

Fillmore Project
1/5/12: Fillmore corridor project meeting Jan. 10
1/12/12: Fillmore project moves to final design; gets support for accelerated construction
10/11/12: Fillmore/Chestnut: Meeting with public to precede construction

Garden of the Gods
1/19/12: FOGG funding opens GoG Parks Plus program to more Title 1 students
2/2/12: Garden celebrates Bighorn Day Feb. 11
2/16/12: Bighorns nearly manage to hide out
3/29/12: Life in the early West
3/29/12: RMFI continues Central Garden work
4/12/12: Garden, ranch combine again for 15th annual Earth Day
4/26/12: 15th annual GoG/RLR Earth Day shows 2nd largest crowd ever
4/26/12: Musical roots on Earth Day
5/24/12: FedEx folk latest to aid RMFI at GoG
5/31/12: GoG Nature Center summer presentations begin
9/6/12: FOGG seeks 'greeters' for RMFI projects
9/6/12: RMFI sets fall trail, drainage projects in Garden of Gods
9/20/12: Frum retires as VNC director
10/4/12: GoG series back

Gold Hill Mesa
1/5/12: With road and lot work, Gold Hill Mesa will be busy near 21st St. in 2012
3/22/12: GHM pleased with expanded 'Go Green' recycling effort
5/10/12: Gold Hill Mesa keeping word on wall for neighboring townhomes
7/12/12: Gold Hill completing 21st Street access
10/4/12: Gold Hill Mesa developers thinking ahead on commercial area concepts
11/21/12: GHM building near new 21st Street access

3/15/12: Students aid book-sorting as part of Goodwill relocation
3/22/12: Goodwill's Mission Services to contine on avenue till May
5/31/12: Goodwill: GoG Road donation center

1/5/12: How to conform to city code with a nonconforming structure
2/9/12: City considers expanding definition of CDBG funds in economic development quest
2/16/12: Free street trees from City Forestry
2/23/12: 'Strong mayor,' council meet at Gold Hill station
3/8/12: Lieber, original TOPS head, back with city
4/19/12: Regional Sustainability Plan finalized, but 'stretch goals' will depend on local priorities
4/19/12: Sustainability: The idling engine
5/31/12: Mayor, council talk No Man's Land
7/12/12: Old Colorado City to Manitou: Proposed no-panhandling zone
7/19/12: Time slip on beggar ban plan; now seen for council Aug. 27
7/26/12: Voter reg. date nears
8/30/12: Begging to differ: Westside left out of draft no-panhandling law; Meeting Sept. 5 with city attorney, citizens
9/6/12: City attorney braves wrath of Westsiders: No-panhandling law still seen just for downtown
9/27/12: About 2,000 move from D-1 to 3 in proposed city redistricting
9/27/12: Council: Protect Westside if law passes
10/4/12: Panhandling law up again Oct. 22
10/11/12: Kudos for task force campaign
11/8/12: Mayor seeks downtown beggar ban in time for Christmas
11/15/12: Downtown solicitation banned; Westsiders await 'change' crowd
11/15/12: Final 6-district council map released; some aren't happy
11/29/12: Governor appoints Clark to board
11/29/12: Panhandlers illegal now at Safeway lot access? Police ask city attorney
12/6/12: Oops, never mind: City finds out new soliciting law can't apply to W. Colorado Avenue after all
12/13/12: City already has some no-solicitation laws
12/13/12: Panhandling: City Transportation not appealing FHWA stance on U.S. Business 24 west of 31st
12/20/12: Judge ices downtown zone, 20-foot setback

Groups and Clubs
5/17/12: Lions Club sought for Manitou, Westside
5/24/12: Lois' chapter to meet
5/31/12: Westside Optimists end 20 years service
8/9/12: Westside Lions Club still forming

Highway 24
5/31/12: Highway 24 Environmental Assessment goes before public
6/7/12: 8th Street interchange to lead off Hwy 24 work
6/21/12: Citizens get chance to sound off on Hwy 24 EA; CDOT accepting written comments until July 11
7/5/12: July 11 last day for public comments on Hwy 24 EA

2/16/12: New, cheaper interstate bridge design key to grant request for Fillmore/I-25

2/9/12: Friends: 30 years-plus of helping OCC Library get by
3/1/12: Not easy to sit and chase chickens
9/20/12: Library's Carnegie Day Sept. 19
11/29/12: Library fetes 5th year since restoration

Local Businesses
1/5/12: Jorge's restaurant to reopen sometime this month
1/5/12: Store combines old and new in historic building
1/12/12: Back in business
2/2/12: Dance company enjoying relocation to Coke building
2/2/12: Neighborhood meeting on Midland cake shop Feb. 8
3/1/12: Free small-business seminars offered
3/1/12: Goodwill sets GoG admin move date: Retail store, donation/processing center to remain in 2300 block of avenue
3/8/12: Planner recommends Midland shop OK
3/8/12: Roundhouse brew pub 'moving forward'
3/29/12: Zoning rule eased on Midland cake shop
5/3/12: New GoG campground owner to start 'immediate' renovations
5/31/12: Open house for cat/kitten rescue shelter
6/21/12: Never to get lost again
7/12/12: Brewpub installs silo, nears opening
8/2/12: 5 local business owners express indignance
9/6/12: Roundhouse brewpub to open Sept. 7
9/13/12: Old Midland
9/13/12: Room to grow
10/4/12: Renovation, restaurant revive Templeton House

11/15/12: VA project breaks ground on Veterans Day

Miscellaneous News
3/8/12: Knocking over an ATM

No Man's Land
1/26/12: OK for 1 No Man's Land streetlight: City denies request to reactivate 12 others, despite plea on crime prevention
2/2/12: $300,000 study to detail needed work on troubled segment of W. Colorado
2/16/12: Now they're all on: City rethinks No Man's Land streetlight requests as Westside advocates push for government help
3/1/12: Safeway enlists in No Man's Land struggle
3/29/12: Police chief to speak at No Man's Land meeting April 4
4/5/12: All agree No Man's Land needs help: Task force of leaders to follow up on issues raised in well-attended meeting at Shrine Club
4/26/12: No Man's Land goal: a new name: In first meeting, task force also works up action items for area west of 31st
5/3/12: Consultant team begins quest for answers in No Man's Land
5/3/12: Readers send in suggestions for new No Man's Land name
5/10/12: Pioneer readers show plenty of interest in finding new name for No Man's Land
6/7/12: Follow-up: Another 'No Man's' name suggestion
6/7/12: Public asked to weigh in on proposed NML beggar ban
6/7/12: Groups: It's not 'No Man's Land' anymore
6/21/12: More suggestions for No Man's Land renaming
6/21/12: 'Stakeholder' assistance sought for study effort
6/28/12: Fire blamed for meeting delay
7/26/12: 'Westside Avenue' stakeholder meeting Aug. 6
8/9/12: 'Stakeholders' not shy in first meeting to fix No Man's Land
9/13/12: Public meeting in Manitou on study to identify upgrades in 'tourism corridor'
9/20/12: Possibility of 'Adams Crossing' for bridge name
9/20/12: Public comment sought on Action Plan alternatives for lane usage
11/1/12: Decision-making to start at avenue corridor meeting Nov. 8
11/15/12: First decisions on traffic-lane options in avenue study

Norris-Penrose Events Center
1/26/12: $250K project to seal major hunter/jumper deal at Norris-Penrose: New general manager pleased with Langer
6/21/12: Working cowboys rodeo June 30 at Norris-Penrose stadium
7/5/12: Chuckwagons add to spectacle (and taste buds) at Ride for the Brand
7/15/12: Pikes Peak or Bust July 11-14 at N-P
8/9/12: Building burned, Flying W church gets new home at Norris-Penrose

1/19/12: The caparison horse
4/5/12: In memoriam: James (Jim) Corcoran
5/17/12: In memoriam: Vanessa McMichael
5/24/12: In memoriam: Eugene Snively
6/7/12: In memoriam: Dick Wolf
7/12/12: In memoriam: Andrew Fejedelem
8/9/12: In memoriam: Hope Fonseca
11/21/12: In memoriam: Richard Current

Old Colorado City
3/29/12: Bye-bye, Bancroft eggs: Media exaggerations about parental interference gain national exposure
3/29/12: Old Town ArtWalk saunters back April 6
4/5/12: Original '98 Egg Hunt remembered
5/24/12: Firsts Friday Old Town ArtWalk June 1
6/28/12: 55-piece military band at Bancroft
7/5/12: Blues series returns to Bancroft Park July 12
7/12/12: Painter and performer
7/26/12: Luck of the draw
8/2/12: Founders Day celebrates Old Town birthday Aug. 12
8/9/12: Blues at Bancroft
8/9/12: Update: Founders Day
8/16/12: Car Show to bring shine to Old Town Aug. 19
8/16/12: OCCHS president pleased with Founders Day activities
8/23/12: In 21st year, Car Show in Old Town still impresses
9/6/12: Additional Old Town ArtWalk exhibit
9/13/12: Three main events Sept. 22: Cemetery Crawl
10/25/12: 900-pounder this year's giant
10/25/12: OCC's Safe Treats lures costumed capers
11/1/12: 'Golden tickets' may lure back families of costumed visitors
11/1/12: No way to disguise delight with prize
11/21/12: Ambassadors in red vests to aid public
11/21/12: Street performers, Santa in Old Town on weekend days during Christmas season
12/6/12: Additional ArtWalk announcements
3/1/12: The news is golden
5/10/12: Old Town flowering toward summer
5/24/12: New program fights crime, promotes Old Town shopping
11/15/12: Insulated from adversity
11/29/12: Red means free for OCC parking meters
   Old Colorado City Security and Maintenance District
1/5/12: Ore cart theme continues in Old Colorado City as Maintenance District unveils 'news condo'
12/13/12: Few signs of aging: Spruced-up business-backed boards on Hwy 24 at 26th St. still tell motorists where to go

Old Colorado City Historical Society
2/9/12: History of 'Female Felons' portrayed, presented
3/1/12: 'Forts' talk at History Center
3/8/12: Colorado City saloon enactment proves popular
4/12/12: Geology talk touches on dinosaurs, gold
5/17/12: Regional travel modes through the years
5/31/12: History Center to also serve as information center
6/7/12: 1st-ever town hall 'vision' meeting for OCCHS
6/21/12: Organizer pleased with OCCHS 'vision' meeting
7/5/12: 'Tuesday nights' back at History Center
7/19/12: History in song
9/6/12: Garden of Gods story at History Center
9/20/12: When the Garden of the Gods HAD a beer garden
9/27/12: OCCHS sells most tickets ever for 'Crawl'
10/4/12: History Center: Utilities official discusses hydro plants; reception set for Leland Feitz
10/11/12: Historical Society to replace stolen plaque recalling early-days fort
10/25/12: OCCHS offers mobile 'app' to past for owners of Apple devices
11/1/12: OCCHS replaces stolen 'old fort' plaque

OWN (The Organization of Westside Neighbors)
1/19/12: Historic overlay in spotlight at OWN town hall Jan. 26
2/2/12: Clark joined by 2 newcomers on OWN board
2/2/12: Historic overlay plan not yet finalized
3/15/12: OWN board adding 'Spirit' to this summer's Westside Neighbors Picnic
4/12/12: OWN sets trail, creek clean-up day
7/12/12: Awards, bike ride added to Westside Picnic July 21
7/26/12: More find way to community center this year for OWN's annual picnic
10/11/12: OWN Town Hall features candidates, issue updates
11/21/12: OWN appoints Mary Gallivan for west-of-31st seat

11/8/12: F.O.E. plans concert/dinner Nov. 17 to benefit Westside couple facing massive medical bills

1/12/12: Plaque that ID'd historic Westside fort stolen
1/26/12: Police refer stolen-plaque case to metal-theft team
3/8/12: Station 3 city's 1st to earn 'Cardiac Save'
3/8/12: Westsiders help police deny burglars
4/19/12: New Gold Hill Police commander goes way back with Westside ties
4/26/12: Historic jail stolen, cut up for metal sale, police say
5/31/12: Hwy 24 copper thieves thwarted
6/28/12: Fire lays siege to city; Westside at brunt
6/28/12: Leads sought to fire's cause
6/28/12: No 'easy summertime' with fire at doorstep
7/5/12: Full containment near for deadly fire
7/5/12: Disaster Center in old DHS building gives Waldo fire victims assistance in 1 place
7/5/12: Mitigation pays off for Cedar Heights
7/12/12: Nationally touring musicians to perform for fire fundraiser
7/12/12: Support arises for fire victims
7/12/12: Waldo fire controlled, but problems left in its wake
7/19/12: Flood concern as scorched Waldo areas assessed
8/2/12: Forest Service: Severely burned areas at special risk for flooding
9/13/12: Human(s) caused Waldo Canyon fire, police assert
11/8/12: 2 extra cops assigned to help in avenue area since August
12/20/12: To be replaced

1/12/12: Republican announces candidacy against Lee in HD-18
1/12/12: Westside big part of legislative reapportionment changes
6/7/12: D-3 Commissioner Primary: Incumbent vs. newcomer
6/7/12: Primary ballots can be dropped off
6/21/12: Primary will set Republican commissioner candidate
6/28/12: Clark wins Republican primary
6/28/12: Democrat offers D-3 challenge
10/25/12: D-3 Commissioner Clark challenged by Morris in third-term bid
11/1/12: Nov. 6 election includes state and county commissioner races, RTA and Sheriff's tax questions
11/1/12: Westside Nov. 6 polling places listed
11/8/12: Community Center gets homey as polling place
11/8/12: Voters extend RTA tax, re-elect Lee to Statehouse, Clark to County Commission
12/13/12: Former county commissioner announces for Council D-3

3/8/12: Electronic recycling offered this year at Gold Hill Mesa's 'Go Green' event
10/18/12: Cars line up for haz waste/recycle event off GoG Road

Red Rock Canyon
3/22/12: Hiatus nearly over for RRC master plan process
3/29/12: Telling the 'multilayered' Red Rock history
3/29/12: What I did on spring break
4/12/12: 'Loved to death' - Red Rock Friends struggle with user errors
7/19/12: Fire mitigation workday at Red Rock July 28
7/26/12: New Red Rock goal: 'Save the pond': Water-pipe proposal to be topic at Aug. 1 workshop
8/2/12: Less fuel for a potential fire: Mitigation efforts attract volunteers to Red Rock workday
8/9/12: 'Save the pond' favored, but not unanimously at Red Rock meeting
8/9/12: Visitor center idea forming for Red Rock Canyon Open Space
8/16/12: Open microphone for citizens to start next Red Rock confab
8/23/12: Disc golf, trails, cycling options among citizen ideas for Red Rock
9/6/12: City: Find other sites for proposed RRC uses
9/13/12: Waterfall Trail won't be closed, city says
9/27/12: RRC draft due in mid-October
10/18/12: Draft master plan released for expanded Red Rock Canyon

Rock Ledge Ranch
5/24/12: Rock Ledge Ranch season begins with sheep-shearing June 2
6/7/12: Canine work ethic on display
6/28/12: Family 4th still on for Rock Ledge Ranch
7/5/12: Reopened in time to go back in time
7/19/12: Fiddles, Vittles & Vino - yes, Rock Ledge really is hosting it again this year
8/2/12: Another strong year for ranch's 'Fiddles'
8/2/12: Second straight sellout for Fiddles, Vittles & Vino
8/23/12: From bats to banjos: Labor Day big at Rock Ledge
9/6/12: Folk Art Festival at ranch for 34th year Sept. 14-16
9/6/12: Thunderation! Rock Ledge Ranch's annual vintage baseball game nearly a whitewash
9/13/12: Three main events Sept. 22: Traditional Powwow
9/27/12: Powwow 'successful,' but numbers down some
10/11/12: Nice little human
11/15/12: Hungry? Didn't think so

1/12/12: Deficit-cutting outreach to start at Coronado, by Rioux Jordan
2/9/12: Title 1 funding allows instructional options at 4 Westside elementaries
2/16/12: 'Love the bus': Driver enjoys routes on Westside
3/22/12: Instead of throwing food away, D-11 now 'repreparing' it weekly at Westside Center
5/3/12: Year-ending events listed for Westside schools
5/10/12: 837 Westside students to move on up: Total for grades 5, 8, 12 is lowest for this part of D-11 in at least 9 years
5/31/12: D-11 summer meal sites for children include 7 on Westside
6/7/12: D-11 sells old Bristol; residential use seen
8/9/12: Academy ACL tops D-11 in 2 categories, Midland 1 in state testing results
8/16/12: Back to school for D-11 Westside students
8/16/12: Responding to Waldo fire, Coronado, Holmes try to make schools welcome places for victimized students, staff
11/8/12: Solar panels defray energy bills for Bristol, Jackson
11/29/12: 12 D-11 utilization options to go before citizens; one would close Midland & West Middle
11/29/12: Seasonal shows at schools
12/13/12: 2 utilization options would hike Coronado enrollment
12/20/12: Westside closures not opposed at Coronado D-11 confab
   Academy for Advanced & Creative Learning
8/9/12: Academy ACL '12-'13 school year starts Aug. 13
10/25/12: Future bright for school's traffic safety
   Bijou School
4/19/12: Bijou revs up Car Show in second year
5/3/12: Show draws 61 vehicles, earns over $2K in fundraiser
   Buena Vista Elementary
2/9/12: Opening the parachute
5/3/12: BV ages 6-9 develop musicals, then perform them at art night
8/16/12: Sixth grade for BV Montessori
12/20/12: Space getting tighter at Buena Vista Elementary
   Coronado High School
1/12/12: All-State Band: CHS places 1 on Symphonic, 1 on Jazz
1/19/12: Three from Coronado selected for All-State Orchestra
1/26/12: 12 from Coronado on All-State Choir
2/2/12: Parade real winner as CHS rules in new eatery event
2/16/12: Lincoln look-alikes at Coronado
2/23/12: Robotics has hoops theme this year
3/1/12: CHS gov't: Courtyard Sale, Senior Citizens Dance
3/8/12: Two from Coronado make state in debate
3/15/12: CHS project to record war veterans' stories
3/15/12: Hitting the low notes
3/22/12: Coronado woodshop students in shed-building business: New class includes instruction in practical uses of math, geometry
3/29/12: Coronado robotics reigns: Dominating triumph at Denver qualifies team for international championship
4/26/12: 'Apple' winner: To CHS by way of Romania and inner city LA
5/10/12: Assila new student leader at Coronado
5/17/12: Humble, Kemble top Coronado scholars for Class of '12
5/31/12: Dump & Donate Day in Coronado lot June 9
6/21/12: Dump & Donate expands again in 8th year
7/5/12: Coronado's 2012 seniors' scholarships, honors listed
8/2/12: News tip
8/2/12: Scholarships, honors for Coronado Class of '12 students (continued)
8/23/12: Waiting for a plane: CHS students get T-shirts, spell out school name
9/20/12: Coronado High Homecoming Parade Sept. 29; Pancake Breakast fundraiser returns
10/4/12: Parade spirit: A boost for Homecoming grid victory?
10/11/12: Cafeteria as well as gym for Coronado Holiday Bazaar
10/18/12: State meet runs to Norris-Penrose: High schools' cross-country best to compete on Cheyenne Mountain-planned race course Oct. 27
11/1/12: Coronado wins first-ever state cross-country title: Roth's 2nd leads Cougar boys over 29 schools in race at Bear Creek Park; girls nearly win too
11/15/12: 'Oklahoma!' at CHS
12/13/12: Coronado sports with state qualifiers
   Holmes Middle School
4/12/12: Holmes 'three-peats' as School to Watch recipient
   Howbert Elementary School
4/19/12: Imagining pathfinders' uncertainty
4/19/12: 4 in D-11 earn Crystal Apple awards; one is Howbert library leader
   Jackson Elementary School
2/9/12: 2 community-spirit activities together at Jackson Feb. 14
10/18/12: Jackson blood drive honors Oldes
   Midland Elementary
1/12/12: Midland, 'Couch' join for school's exterior art
8/23/12: A scream for ice cream
12/6/12: Getting in the spirit at Midland
   West Middle School
1/19/12: Showing what they've learned in West SAIL program
4/5/12: A pie for a pi - West MS math teacher not 'irrational' in pledge to take one in the face
5/17/12: Four from West win in national math competition
8/9/12: 'Westies' (West JHS '54) double up on reunions
9/20/12: 58 years later, Westies return to alma mater
   West Elementary
1/5/12: 'Glacier' returns to West Elementary: Chipping ice is regular winter chore along curb outside school entrance
4/12/12: 4th-graders get to meet 'video-pal' champion
4/19/12: Wolf-dog at West in video visit
8/16/12: New murals to greet West Elem., MS students
12/13/12: Children raising spirits at Village

1/26/12: Wintry dawn in Old Town

Space Foundation
10/11/12: 'Sphere' featured as Space Foundation opens visitors center

9/13/12: 'Air'-oriented gymnastic facility opens on GoG Road

Territory Days
5/17/12: T-Days adds to Old West lineup
5/24/12: 37th annual Territory Days
5/24/12: On their way to an earlier Territory Days
5/31/12: T-Days weather: Clear to partly crowded; Annual, well-attended Old Colorado City festival overcomes major wind worries

Trails and Open Space
2/2/12: New signs pointing the way along Midland Trail
2/9/12: Follow-up: Signs still to come for Midland Trail

1/19/12: Experiment with smaller bus on Route 16
2/23/12: Concrete work on 8th is prep for overlay
2/23/12: The year of the concrete - much of Westside is in on-call 'grid' for 2012
3/1/12: Proposal: Add southbound off-ramp for Cimarron/I-25 to list for next round of RTA
3/8/12: City Transpo putting microscope on West Uintah
3/15/12: PPRTA (the sequel) has hopes for a happy ending
3/22/12: West Uintah meeting at center March 28
4/5/12: After Mar. 28 meeting, city taking West Uintah comments till April 20
4/12/12: 8th St. project $ slash paves way for I-25 widening to Monument: Six-lane anticipation overshadows worry about increasing local costs on federal/state projects
5/24/12: New RTA: 7 Westside 'A' projects; meetings June 2 & 7
5/31/12: Another PPRTA II meeting announced
5/31/12: Fontanero railroad bridge work
6/7/12: Citizen feedback on proposed PPRTA II list is mostly positive
6/21/12: PPRTA II language: Voter-approved project rankings will stand
7/12/12: CDOT high-speed rail open house at PPACG building July 16
7/19/12: State wrestles with routes in study seeking Front Range high-speed rail
7/19/12: Traffic island at 21st & Cucharras removed after fatal accident
8/2/12: 30th St.: The saga of an RTA B-list item
9/13/12: Feds deny grant request for Fillmore/I-25 'diverging diamond'
9/13/12: Fillmore/Chestnut project set to start in mid-October
9/20/12: Long-awaited stoplight at 24th & Colorado
10/18/12: GoG/Chestnut intersection in RTA analysis
10/18/12: Westside has $60M stake in RTA tax extension
10/25/12: Fillmore-Chestnut project under way
10/25/12: Updates provided on the other '04 Westside RTA 'A' projects
11/1/12: Fontmore concrete work prepping for 2013 overlay
11/21/12: Convenience store at new Fillmore/Chestnut
11/21/12: Design to be ready by spring for new Fillmore interchange
11/21/12: Legend' bus benches gone as city lifts no-advertising ban on Colorado Avenue
12/6/12: Chestnut realignment work starts; stoplight at Parker & Fillmore next
12/13/12: Historic bus benches sold, but city to give OWN the plaques that were on them

1/12/12: And not a cloud in the sky
4/5/12: Utilities to unveil Westside water plans April 11
4/12/12: Schedule released for older-Westside water work in 2012, 2013
12/6/12: Utilities runs out of LED strings halfway through 4-hour 'Green Santa' exchange

7/19/12: Minimizing potential flood debris 9/6/12: Design for Camp Creek's 1,200-foot-long culvert/bridge in draft transportation plan
11/29/12: Drainage work to continue in Doug Creek OS until January
12/6/12: Canyon-width debris rack part of flood mitigation

Westside Center
1/26/12: Black History event at Westside Center
2/9/12: Lending music to the history
2/9/12: Space at center aids Black History event
4/12/12: Music series starts at Community Center
5/3/12: Westside Center will be polling place in November
10/4/12: 'Roots' music series returns to Westside Center
11/8/12: Community Center gets homey as polling place
11/21/12: 'Optimistic' LLC agrees with city to keep operating Westside Community Center at least through 2015

8/9/12: Close wildlife encounter