Open house for cat/kitten rescue shelter

       No need to “bell the cat” in modern times. Instead, cat owners can give their favorite feline a microchip to keep from being lost.
       Information on this and other subjects will be available at an open house for Happy Cats Haven Sunday, June 10 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
       Started during the past year, the nonprofit rescue and adoption center is at 1412 S. 21st St.
       According to Sara Ferguson, one of the center's volunteer coordinators, Happy Cats has found homes for 90 cats and kittens - a rate of about three a week - since its doors opened over half a year ago. “We hope to get that down to a cat a day, but it's hard to compete with free cats at the Humane Society or on Craig's List,” she said.
       Although there is a fee to adopt from Happy Cats, adopters get a “signing bonus” that includes testing, microchip installation, spay/neuter, behavior counseling, food and litter kits and a free month of insurance, Ferguson explained. “And we know our cats well, so we try to make good matches with adopters.”
       The microchips, a relatively new invention, are very small and are placed under the cat's skin. If the microchip code is registered, it will show up if a cat gets lost and winds up in a shelter. Right now, “fewer than 2 percent of lost cats who end up in shelters ever find their families again,” according to Janet Fritz, another center volunteer.
       The adoption center is not currently accepting homeless cats. A waiting list is “about three months out,” Ferguson said.
       The center was started by volunteers who shared a common concern about the number of domestic cats without homes, as well as the fact that roughly 5,000 have to be put away each year at the Humane Society.
       Monetary donations are welcome, especially with the center's monthly rent slated to go up $375 in July, Ferguson said. A Paypal button is available at:
       For more information, call 635-5000.

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