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1/30/14: G&C Packing closes
2/13/14: Westside Pioneer to print 'special edition' in May
3/19/14: Welcome center, restaurant use in the works for former Goodwill houses
1/17/14: Helping-hand meet-and-greet for small businesses Jan. 23
1/26/14: Patsy's goes orange and blue for Super Sunday
1/31/14: Simpich presents 'Great Expectations' Feb. 5-19
1/9/14: Cowboy book by Tom Stephenson
1/21/14: Pizza chain opens shop on the avenue
2/3/14: Old Colorado City music shop moves onto avenue
2/23/14: 'Sign' has double meaning at new business on Ore Mill Road

1/6/14: New Horizons Band 'informational coffee' Jan. 9
1/13/14: Famous cartoonist (Westsider) talks about his career
1/31/14: Simpich presents 'Great Expectations' Feb. 5-19
2/18/14: New Horizons jazz recital Feb. 28
3/12/14: Simpich to perform 'Firebird' March 21-May 18
1/22/14: Church group 'doctors' toys for charity
1/28/14: Silver Key building reopens with porta-johns
2/11/14: Collection drive for Westside CARES
2/21/14: 'Yellow Book' offers info on senior services
2/24/14: Rare accreditation earned by Humane Society's Metzler Surgery Center
3/11/14: Free tax preparation and e-filing available at center
4/1/14: Happy Cats joyful about 500-adoption milestone
3/13/14: Girl Scouts treat CSFD to 180 boxes of cookies
3/31/14: Plots available at Bear Creek Park's organic garden; association to host public meeting April 12
4/2/14: Coronado student overcomes adversity to gain state Youth of the Year honor from Boys & Girls Club
In Memoriam
1/27/14: Irving Howbert, grandson of famous Colorado City namesake, passes on
1/29/14: In memoriam: Dr. Rev. Robert G. Dunbar, founder of Lighthouse Temple
1/31/14: Mark Hesse, RMFI founder
2/18/14: In memoriam: Dale Case, military veteran who fought at D-Day
1/17/14: Seeking increased participation, OWN to hold Jan. 23 town hall in local bar
1/26/14: OWN meeting in restaurant/bar proves popular
4/1/14: Mesa Springs residents get answers with help of 'City Footprint' system
Old Colorado City History Center
1/8/14: History Center hours shortened for winter
1/31/14: Co-presidents at Historical Society for 2014
2/3/14: History talk: Colorado City Glass Factory and Manitou Mineral Water
2/18/14: History Center talk: Glass factory days brief but memorable
3/2/14: Suffragette presentation at Old Colorado City History Center
3/16/14: $7,100 assessment grant for History Center could lead to future awards for upgrades
3/31/14: April 11 talk by author of book on local baseball history
Old Colorado City Library
1/17/14: Library launch for Early Books Early Reading Jan. 25
1/26/14: Library classical music experience
1/27/14: 50 sign up at library launch for Early Books Early Reading
2/23/14: Birds of prey in Library/Community Center program
4/4/14: Free breakfasts to start for all kids at 15 elementaries -- 4 on Westside
Ongoing Issues
1/6/14: Welcome to the new Westside Pioneer
3/11/14: Avenue issues at forefront of March 19 community meeting
3/20/14: Holmes to host Night of Notables April 1
1/22/14: CSPD announces 2014 citizen-training class schedule
2/13/14: CSPD citizen-training schedule - next class March 4
3/5/14: CSPD citizen-training schedule - next class April 10
Space Foundation
1/21/14: 'Star Days' theme at Space Discovery Center Jan. 30, Feb. 1
2/3/14: 'Sphere' film premieres at Space Foundation; second 'Star Day' rescheduled to Feb. 8
2/21/14: International Space Station theme for Star Days Feb. 27, March 1
3/17/14: Activities at Space Foundation Star Days
Westside Community Center
2/9/14: Pickleball makes Westside Community Center debut - participants welcome
2/13/14: Pickleball starts at Westside Community Center
2/23/14: Birds of prey in Library/Community Center program

2/26/14: Roundhouse has 3 improvement projects at same time
3/10/14: Under-construction Kum & Go store will be first in Palmer House redevelopment
1/9/14: Kum&Go still interested in 21st & Broadway
2/6/14: New strategy for Uintah Bluffs: single-family, less density

Cobweb Corners
1/6/14: A Familiar Building
1/13/14: Stretching The Season
1/22/14: The 1910 fire that destroyed a Short Line bridge
1/31/14: The 1921 storm
2/9/14: Manitou's flood of 1921
2/18/14: Ramona's Heidelberg Inn
3/2/14: A few driving rules
3/16/14: How Manitou used to get 'plastered'
4/2/14: COBWEB CORNERS: How the gold mill got powered
Editor's Desk
1/6/14: Our new corner of the world
2/9/14: Steve and Barack - it's good to be king
3/3/14: How PPACG does/doesn't support sustainability
4/4/14: Thank you for breakfast, Mommy... I mean teacher
1/22/14: 'Disorder in the Court'
1/22/14: Hold the congratulations for Congress
1/27/14: The March of Tyranny
2/13/14: 'Hed goes here' and it wasn't even April Fool's Day
2/18/14: Physicians are healers, not killers
Guest Columns
3/18/14: Saving fish in Bear Creek watershed would cut off valued mountain trails
4/3/14: 'Apocalypse' for XP computers overblown
1/9/14: A thank you for the printed Pioneer and encouragement going forward
1/6/14: Kind words from our readers
1/21/14: Enjoyed Garden of the Gods ranger article
2/18/14: Drake shutdown is about control
2/21/14: Retiring power plant
2/23/14: Comments on 'King Steve,' environmentalist
2/28/14: Skeptical of Utilities' cooperation with City Streets
3/7/14: PPACG board member displeased with regional sustainability plan
3/16/14: Coronado robotics teams wins Utah regional competition
3/19/14: Letter: Trails Coalition seeks Bear Creek watershed solution that would save Jones Park access
Meet a Westsider
1/7/14: Cecilia Greenhalgh
1/26/14: Herbert Aparicio
Nature Narratives
2/19/14: NATURE NARRATIVES: An icy canvas
What Do You Do
3/2/14: Elaine Waters

2/6/14: A bit frosty
Bear Creek Nature Center
1/26/14: Volunteer program leaders sought for nature centers
City/County Parks
1/17/14: Cleanup at Bear Creek Dog Park Jan. 19
1/17/14: County commissioners to get update on Bear Creek Park easement plan
1/22/14: County commissioners OK fundraising for Bear Creek Park easement
Garden of the Gods
1/6/14: GoG Visitor Center presentations
1/13/14: GoG Visitor Center presentations
1/13/14: Renovations close GoG Visitor Center Mondays to Thursdays this month
1/17/14: Garden Climber
1/17/14: Ranger reinforcements on the way for the Garden of the Gods
1/17/14: Stairwell widening begins GoG Visitor Center renovations
1/26/14: GoG Visitor Center presentations
2/1/14: GoG Visitor Center presentations
2/6/14: Annual bighorn event at GoG Visitor Center Feb. 15
2/20/14: Bighorn Sheep
2/20/14: Bighorns show up for their 'day' (people too) despite imperfect conditions
Norris-Penrose Event Center
1/22/14: Pikes Peak Road Runners hold 2 races at Norris-Penrose
Red Rock Canyon
3/10/14: Photo essay: Red Rock Canyon staying wet through winter
4/1/14: City Parks: Planned outlet pipe from Red Rock lower's pond (now on hold) wouldn't have worsened city flooding last summer
Rock Ledge Ranch
1/6/14: Treecycle ends this weekend
1/13/14: Cinnamon Tea Quartet
3/20/14: Comment deadline March 27 for federal fish-saving plan in Bear Creek watershed

City Issues/Elections
2/18/14: Councilmember Snider responds to environmental questions about decommissioning of Drake Power Plant
2/18/14: Shortened life possible for facility supplying a third of city's power
2/20/14: Shortened life possible for facility supplying a third of city's power
Meetings/Town Halls
1/6/14: State Sen. Herpin to hold town hall Jan. 11
1/29/14: Mayor unveils Homeless Initiative: 10-year plan includes development of new 'day center'; 'community' to decide location
2/18/14: King town hall to include 'No Man's Land' issues
3/12/14: Councilmember Knight to hold citizen meeting at Mesa Road center
3/1/14: Westside hosting 15 caucuses each for Democrats, Republicans

Flood Control
1/6/14: Camp Creek Debris
1/8/14: November ballot issue seen for stormwater
1/13/14: Next meeting set, pro/con public comments released on Camp Creek drainage
1/17/14: Water line work on Chestnut
2/18/14: Camp Creek: Poles, tape show height of Gateway Road if it's raised
2/18/14: Flood-control work set this spring on Douglas, Camp creeks
2/19/14: Camp Creek bridges at Gateway Road
3/4/14: Camp Creek flood-fix options: 2 with ditch, 1 underground
3/4/14: Camp Creek work in Garden: Strategic 'hole in the ground'
3/4/14: Meeting March 12 on flood control in the Douglas Creeks
3/10/14: Alternative 2, with trail through more aesthetic ditch, favored by most Camp Creek meeting attendees
3/15/14: Summer rains were less intense in Douglas Creeks --
but they still need $5.1 million in repairs this year

No Man's Land
1/6/14: Renaming 'No Man's Land' ideas -- a compilation of suggestions people have sent to the Westside Pioneer
1/17/14: Water line work on Chestnut
2/13/14: West water-line break compounded by freezing weather
VA Clinic
2/3/14: VA clinic opening now seen in August

1/6/14: Literacy Center seeks tutors, readers
2/24/14: Elementary-age to high school - Westside students sing together in Coronado auditorium
4/4/14: Free breakfasts to start for all kids at 15 elementaries -- 4 on Westside
Academy for Advanced & Creative Learning
1/22/14: AACL charter renewed for 5 more years
3/21/14: 'Creative thinking skills' nurtured at Academy ACL's STEAM Day
Buena Vista Elementary
1/21/14: Buena Vista seeks school board approval to add grades 7-8
1/22/14: Buena Vista gains school board approval to add grades 7-8
3/3/14: A day for engineers at Buena Vista
Coronado High School
1/7/14: Parent/community team to help choose new Coronado principal - apply by Jan. 10
1/6/14: Coronado hosts 8th-grade orientation
1/13/14: Coronado football success started at Holmes Middle School
1/17/14: Landwehr will miss Coronado 'family,' but ready to move on
1/26/14: Cougar Alumni appreciate trophy
1/26/14: Robotics team not just for Coronado students anymore
2/6/14: Restaurant event helps Coronado's Homecoming Parade
2/19/14: Coronado robotics scrimmage
2/21/14: 8 schools in Westside Community Choir at Coronado
2/25/14: Chance to meet, question Coronado principal candidates
3/2/14: Four left in Coronado principal search
3/10/14: District 11 starting over in search for Coronado High principal
3/13/14: Coronado's annual senior citizens dance March 22 at Community Center
3/18/14: Cougars Gone Wired wins Utah robotics regional
3/18/14: Reboot on Coronado principal search: Community members sought again for interview panel
4/1/14: City Parks: Planned outlet pipe from Red Rock lower's pond (now on hold) wouldn't have worsened city flooding last summer
Holmes Middle School
1/13/14: Coronado football success started at Holmes Middle School
3/20/14: Holmes to host Night of Notables April 1
4/2/14: Holmes 7th-graders dress as historical figures they'd researched
Other than District 11
3/3/14: Washburn Nursery School hires new director for 2014-15
West Elementary
1/28/14: Public invited to West Elementary's 'ABCD Night'
2/13/14: ABCD Night spells extra activities for West Elementary

3/19/14: City, PPACG eye 30th Street for future bike lanes between Colorado and Fontanero
Centennial Boulevard
4/2/14: Street crew filling pavement cracks on Centennial Blvd.
1/9/14: Contractors being sought for 2015-2017 Cimarron/I-25 project
2/3/14: A new 'FREX' -- CDOT to bring back Springs-Denver commuter buses
2/13/14: Part of Cimarron/I-25 budget 'like jello': But CDOT and city official express confidence funding will be there
3/10/14: CDOT ID's sources to solidify funding for Cimarron/I-25
1/30/14: Open house for Fillmore/I-25 project Feb. 5
2/5/14: 'Adverse weather' cancels Feb. 5 open house for Fillmore/I-25 project
2/13/14: Fillmore/I-25 interchange cost increases by $2 million
2/26/14: March 5: New Fillmore/I-25 interchange open house date
3/7/14: Cost savings for newer type of interchange design is allowing Fillmore project to be built sooner than expected
Fillmore Cooridor
2/13/14: Beware of sunken Fillmore manhole cover
Highway 24
1/6/14: 21st & 24: Backups with no current solutions... or funding
Rural Transportation Authority
2/13/14: Reduced scope for 2 remaing Westside RTA 'A' projects
1/26/14: Public meetings to include proposed changes to bus routes 3 & 14
2/3/14: Sunday buses to start in May for Colorado/Manitou Avenue's Route 3; Route 14 to split
Uintah Street
2/13/14: Cones likely to remain on Uintah a few more weeks