Goodwill’s Mission Services to contine on avenue till May

       Sporting a new name - “Discover Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado” - the business formerly known as Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs is not quite finished offering programs on the Westside.
       According to company spokesperson Bradd Hafer, the nonprofit's Mission Services program (described as “life skills training and support for individuals with disabilities or social disadvantages”) will keep operating from its West Colorado Avenue location until the first week of May. The clearest sign of this activity is the continued presence of Goodwill buses, dropping off or picking up program participants along the north side of the avenue's 2300 block.

In a scene that has become commonplace on weekday afternoons over the years, Goodwill buses line up to transport Mission Services training/support program participants this week outside the nonprofit's administration building in the 2300 block of West Colorado Avenue. However, the program is to end in early May, when Goodwill plans to open an expanded version of that program (renamed "Possibilities") at its new facility at 1460 Garden of the Gods Road. At left in the photo are two older houses, bordered by Front Range Barbeque (sign at far left), which are also among the Goodwill properties on the north side of the 2300 block. All are for sale as part of Goodwill's relocation.
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       When Mission Services transitions to the new, consolidated Goodwill location at 1460 W. Garden of the Gods Road in May, it too will undergo a name change, becoming “Possibilities,” an expanded training/skills variation that will feature interior spaces remodeled to simulate actual live/work scenarios, Hafer explained.
       Anyone driving by Goodwill's Garden of the Gods Road site this week would see remodeling activities at its southeast corner, as a construction company “was building out this section of the building to make it more access-friendly and visually appealing,” Hafer said.

A construction crew this week works on the southeast part of the new Goodwill complex at 1460 Garden of the Gods Road. The intent is to enhance its access and appearance.
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       Otherwise, close to 100 employees at the Westside location - those not involved in Mission Services - were busy moving their equipment and supplies to Garden of the Gods Road over the past weekend. They were joined by Goodwill employees from six other locations around Colorado Springs.
       Hafer summarized the rationale for the “Discover Goodwill” name in a press release: “Created in 1961 with one retail center and 28 employees, Goodwill has grown to nine retail centers and 13 donation centers that help fund 20 diverse programs dedicated to improving the lives of tens of thousands of individuals each year… The word 'Discover' invites individuals to actively explore and participate in Goodwill's many human-service programs reaching beyond its traditional retail and donation centers.”
       Added Goodwill CED Karla Grazier: “We literally have outgrown our former name, taking into account our expanded mission and extended operations in the southern and western portions of Colorado - including Grand Junction, Fountain, Cańon City, Woodland Park and, beginning later this spring, Pueblo.”

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