Cars line up for haz waste/recycle event off GoG Road

       Despite cool weather and occasional rain, a first-time El Paso County household hazardous-waste/recycling event off Garden of the Gods Road Oct. 9 brought in a steady crowd and even lines of cars at times.

Attendants take paint and other materials from a resident who came to the El Paso County household hazardous-waste/recycling event.
Westside Pioneer photo

       “We felt it was an excellent event,” said Kathy Andrew, Environmental Division Manager for the county's Community Ser-vices Department, which sponsored the free offering, called “Clean Sweep.” “We've done a lot of these events, and this was one of our better attended.”
       Drop-off totals for the day included 1,324 gallons of latex paint, 153 aerosol cans, 247 gallons of motor oil, 7,562 pounds of electronics, 73 gallons of antifreeze, 149 tires, 2,500 pounds of shredded material and 392 pounds of alkaline batteries.
       The County Environmental Division had not previously provided a public drop-off day that far north on the Westside.

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