PPRTA II language: Voter-approved project rankings will stand

       The Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) project list that went before citizens at public meetings earlier this month was approved without changes at the RTA Board meeting June 13.
       The accompanying language also ensures that A-list projects (those guaranteed for completion) would all have to be done before the B list can be started on.
       The list includes seven Westside A-list projects (ones that are guaranteed for completion) during the planned 2015-2024 time frame of an extension of the program's 1 percent sales tax that ends in 2014. Voters will get to decide on the RTA extension (also called “PPRTA II”) in November's general election.
       The RTA Board of Directors (consisting of elected officials representing local participating governments) met two hours in executive session June 13 before coming back and unanimously approving the list and language. While there was no controversy over projects, a philosophical difference had surfaced earlier this year over whether there should be language giving the board the flexibility to shift voter-approved A and B projects around (assuming the ballot issue passes). The PPRTA II motion by El Paso County Commissioner Amy Lathen specifically states that the A list must be completed before any B list projects can start.
       About two months remain before the ballot has to be made final, but no “radical” changes are expected in that time County Commissioner Dennis Hisey said.
       The Westside A-list items consist of upgrades on Colorado Avenue west of 31st Street, the Centennial Boulevard extension between Fillmore and Fontanero, upgrades to South Eighth Street, completion of the Midland Trail, upgrades to Centennial Boulevard between Garden of the Gods Road and Fillmore and two small bridge replacements (one at Chestnut Street, the other at Fillmore Street).

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