First building remodel in 25 years for doughnut shop on West Colorado Ave.

       The Dunkin' Donuts at 806 W. Colorado Ave., closed for construction the last part of January, is tentatively slated to reopen this month with a new, expanded facility.
       Amenities will include twice as much dining space (including an outdoor patio), plus a bigger kitchen and storage area and a new counter layout that should speed up service, according to Jordan Eads, district manager of First Cup LLC, a group from Phoenix, Ariz., which took over the Dunkin' Donuts franchise for Colorado Springs last April.

Workmen smooth just-poured cement as a major remodel - the first in 25 years - continues this week at the Dunkin' Donuts at 806 W. Colorado Ave. The business has been on the site since 1966. The goal is to reopen this month with expanded dining area, kitchen and storage.
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       The first remodel at the 46-year-old Westside store in 25 years, the project marks the start of a heightened Colorado Springs presence for the national pastry chain. The other two DD stores in the Springs will also be remodeled in the near future, and seven new stores will be built, he said.
       First Cup also has the franchise rights for areas that include Phoenix and Las Vegas, Nev.
       Overall, in the three cities, “we're contracted to do 65 stores in five years,” said Eads, a Coloradan who graduated from Pine Creek High School.
       The outside look of the stores will not be radically different than today's - squared shape, big windows and a stucco façade that's predominantly brown with pink trim. However, the interior of the West Colorado Dunkin' Donuts was intentionally designed to have more seating than most. This was based on observations that people liked to eat there and socialize, while in other locations they typically just want to buy their doughnuts and leave, Eads said.
       A feature of the Westside project is that its kitchen expansion will allow it to become the doughnut-baking site for all the DD stores in town. The site was chosen for that because it's near the interstate, the company owns the property (instead of leasing) and there's room on the lot, Eads explained.
       With the remodel, First Cup anticipates a 20 to 30 percent increase in revenue; plus, the increased baking responsibility “will add jobs,” he said.

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