EDITORíS DESK: Hereís to the uplifting crescendo

       Putting out a newspaper can be A. heartbreaking, B. frustrating, C. time-consuming and D. all of the above. But there are also times when many elements seem to come together in an uplifting crescendo that - while never perfect, because it's humans we're covering here - at least shows that living on the Westside can be fun and even kind of special.
       This issue of the Westside Pioneer provides several examples of that:
       Marian Busey - Did they say "You go, girl!" 100 years ago? I doubt it, but here's a lady artist who's hit the century mark and, despite serious eye problems and undoubted temptations to take it easy, is still looking forward, not back.
       Fire Station 3 - It was lucky timing that resulted in the station and its C-shift team being honored with the first "Cardiac Save" award, but no one's complaining - certainly not the man whose life they saved a few weeks ago, thus qualifying them to sport the new insignia on Engine 3.
       The Dog Park - This is yet another of the many activities we cover that have volunteers at the heart of them. Lovers of Off-Leash Parks (LOOP) formed eight years ago to help El Paso County Parks care for the Dog Park off 21st and Rio Grande. The evidence of LOOP's dedication can be seen in this project, now close to completion, that is making the park so much more user-friendly than in the past.
       Go Green for the Springs - For 10-plus years, Gold Hill Mesa developers have tried to "do it right" on this tailings-laden property, often having to endure knee-jerk toxic-waste "humor" from local media who will go unnamed (but you know who you are). And now Gold Hil is expanding the offerings at its third annual public recycling event. Plus free food and a live band? Since when did saving the world start being fun?
       Burglars thwarted- A brave action by residents who saved a neighbor possibly thousands of dollars in losses. Police actually don't condone following a suspect as they did (for safety reasons), but how many of us are going to let a thief walk away, just because the cops haven't shown up yet?
       As I said at the outset, an upbeat issue. Though still not perfect. A homicide will do that.

- K.J.