Will consultant study truly reflect Westside?
       I live in a very nice house one block away from “No Man's Land,” and I am worried about the $300,000 being spent on a firm that has no idea about what it's like to be a Westsider. [“Consultant team begins quest for answers in No Man's Land,” May 3 Westside Pioneer.] It's almost like being an American Indian from days gone by. They'll say we (Westsiders) have an input on what the outcome will be, but when things are finalized it will be so full of changes that Westsiders won't like.
       One thing that I find unreasonable is the proposal to make busy Colorado Avenue share the road with bikes. I live on West Pikes Peak Avenue, which is a bike route, and see many many bike riders using it. Some are pro bikers practicing and some are families from out of town enjoying the beautiful old historical homes. A bike path on Colorado Avenue will invite accidents with cars on the road and cars entering and exiting the road.
       Any new bridges should be period-correct, i.e., rock, stone and cement that is not white. The colors from Red Rock Canyon should be replicated. Use street lamp posts, not telephone poles with ugly amber street lights.
       There is one chance to get it right. I hope we Westsiders have the final say so and not some committee that thinks it knows what's right for us. We the people, not we the government.

Steven Martin