Fontmore concrete work prepping for 2013 overlay

       The continuing contractor work on Fontmore Road, repairing sidewalks and curbs, is in preparation for a milling/pavement overlay planned in 2013.

Workers with NORAA Concrete Construction, a city contractor, build forms for new curbs this week along the south side of Fontmore Road just west of the stoplight at Mesa Road.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The project, which has narrowed the four-lane road to one lane either way at times, covers about a half-mile stretch between Mesa Road and 31st Street.
       According to CeCe Beauchamp, Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) project administrator, the concrete project is funded by the RTA's “pre-overlay concrete repair program.”
       The road segment curves up to the Mesa. Concrete repairs are needed on both sides of the street, but Beauchamp pointed out that the “lion's share” is on the south side because of the way the water flows down the hill.
       Some of the curbs are higher on the south side (30 inches instead of the normal 24). The upgrade work will not change that, she said.

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