GHM pleased with expanded ‘Go Green’ recycling effort

       Gold Hill Mesa's first large-scale recycling effort attracted about 100 drop-offs and filled an electronics recyling truck March 17.
       It was the third year of the major Westside development's St. Patrick's Day/ environmental-themed Go Green for the Springs event, open to the public at large. And, for the first time, recycling businesses were accepting items such as old computers, TVs, paint and batteries, in addition to single-stream throwaways.

Busy recycling activity can be seen March 17 on Raven Mine Drive, outside the Gold Hill Mesa development's community center, during its third annual Go Green for the Springs event. Two participating businesses are shown - Blue Star Recyclers and Mobile Record Shredder.
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       Gold Hill helped defray users' costs, with the only fees charged being $5 for large-screen TVs.
       In a continuing tradition, the development group also sought to make the day festive by opening its community center on South Raven Mine Drive, offering live music and free food.
       Asked for an assessment, Stephanie Edwards of Gold Hill Mesa said the day went well, and the warm weather didn't hurt.
       There were three main recycling companies - Bestway (single-stream), Mobile Record Shredder (which also accepted paint and batteries on behalf of another company) and Blue Star Recyclers (electronics). Although all gave favorable feedback, Edwards didn't have detailed reports yet at press time from any but Mobile (which listed 400 pounds of paper, three boxes of batteries and more than 200 paint cans).
       But she was on hand to see Blue Star's nearly full truck pull out at the end of the day, then stop at a Gold Hill resident's house to load up an old stove. “They barely got that in,” she laughed.
       Looking to next year, Edwards said, the tentative plan is to “make a full day of it. We'll start the morning with a walk and maybe do a trash pick-up on the property.”
       The development covers about 210 acres in all north of Lower Gold Camp Road, east of 21st Street and south of Highway 24.

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