GoG/Chestnut intersection in RTA analysis

       A consulting firm, JR Engineering, has begun an $87,655 traffic analysis for the intersection of Garden of the Gods Road and Chestnut Street - an “A” project site on the current Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) list.

A pedestrian on Chestnut Street braves the crossing of Garden of Gods Road this week (view looks southeast). The intersection made the A list for capital improvements in the 2004 RTA election.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The expense was approved by the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) board at its Oct, 10 meeting.
       The analysis is expected to continue through the end of 2013. Construction would follow in 2014, according to Mike Chaves of City Engineering.
       “The consultant will identify, evaluate and recommend possible intersection improvements,” reads the project description Chaves provided to the RTA board. “The recommended improvements would then be carried forward to final design and construction.”
       The review will consist of “traffic operations, safety and access conditions,” the description also notes.
       The busy commercial intersection is one of four Westside “A” projects from the original 10-year list that voters approved in 2004 (along with the 1 percent RTA sales tax).
       In a 2004 Westside Pioneer article before that election, a city official pointed out that GoG/ Chestnut was seeing more traffic because of the 2001 Rusina Road extension that connects it with Chestnut.
       “The intersection was identified as a high accident location in 2003,” the current project description states.
       The budgeted amount for the intersection project upgrade is $522,365, Chaves said. The amount approved in 2004 was $375,000, but the estimate has gone up because of “increasing construction costs,” he said.
       Editor's note: See next issue for an update on the other Westside projects from the 2004-approved RTA.

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