Parade real winner as CHS rules in new eatery event

       Fundraising for the Coronado High School Homecoming Parade got a big boost last week in a unique, competitive event with Chick Fil-A.

Decked out in school colors during the Chick Fil-A event last week which earned money for their parade, Coronado High students (from left) Savannah Schofield, Kelsey Culver, Kellye Rather, Nicole Bergen and Alexander Assila pose with the restaurant's cow mascot.
Courtesy of Drew MacMillan

       The bottom line was a $1,250 donation from the restaurant on Garden of the Gods Road. According to Student Body President Drew MacMillan, the money will help cover annual parade costs, which are now estimated at $3,000 or more.
       The event happened during the week of Jan. 23-27. In a first-time strategem organized by Chick Fil-A, Coronado competed with downtown rival Palmer High to see which school could attract the most revenues to the eatery (customers had to say if they were representing one school or the other). Coronado won with people spending a total of more than $5,000 in the school's name, MacMillan said.
       Palmer also attracted close to $5,000, he said, and will get some money from Chick Fil-A.
       To build support during the week, each school was given half the Chick Fil-A interior and allowed to decorate it in a spirited way. Restaurant workers wore either CHS or Palmer jerseys.
       Coronado publicized the effort by putting up flyers “everywhere,” running a promotional video on the school's TV channel and “pumping it up at basketball games,” MacMillan said.
       But the $5,000 figure still seems like a lot. “It's kind of shocking,” he said.
       As far as beating Palmer, MacMillan thinks his school may have had an advantage because the restaurant is closer to Coronado and inside the school's attendance area.
       The Chick Fil-A event was the second new fundraiser for the parade this school year. The PTA's first-time Save the Parade Pancake Breakfast (held during the event Sept. 24), raised $1,252. MacMillan said he's not sure at this time what other parade fundraisers might be planned.

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