Historical name not significant to tourists
       While your [the Westside Pioneer's] idea to use a name that refers historically to someone specific [Charles Adams/Adams Crossing] is a good one, such names don't usually mean anything, especially to tourists (unless the name is someone famous). I realize the importance of improvements for the residents and businesses, but a lot of what needs to be done is to make it more attractive to visitors.
       Here are a few ideas for a two-sided sign that speaks to the obvious - that big old mountain and the history of the Westside and OCC (they need work, but it's a start):
       Heading West: “Gateway to Pikes Peak”; “Welcome to the Westside”; “The Westside - Gateway to the Peak.”
       Heading East: “Welcome - The Historic Westside”; “Gateway to Old Colorado City”; “Entering the Historic Westside”; “The Historic Westside.”
       And by the way, it would be helpful to know where this sign might be placed.

G. Francis