Red means free for OCC parking meters

       If you see rectangular red notes scotch-taped to the 75 on-street parking meters in Old Colorado City this weekend, that doesn't mean you can't park there.

Kenzie Baruth (Santa hat) and Lana Holguin (background, with small elf hat) were making balloon shapes and painting faces, respectively, for young visitors on Santa Claus's second day in Bancroft Park's Garvin Cabin Nov. 24 in Old Colorado City. Santa will be in the cabin (free) on weekends through Christmas season.
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       The idea is to let shoppers know that parking is free - thanks to City Council continuing a recent-years tradition - each Saturday in December, according to Dave Van Ness, coordinator of the Old Colorado City Associates business group.
       He was hand-making the notes this week. He said they will be attached over the faces of the meters where the paid money normally shows. Each note will say “Free parking Saturday and Sunday.”
       Van Ness took on this project because, he explained, the city will not be bagging the meters on weekends, as in past years. He said he will be contacting merchants in the different blocks to help him attach the notes in time for the weekend.

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