Opposes Bear Creek Park easement
       I just returned from a very disturbing meeting in which about 100 people advocated the abrogation of our county government's and people's responsibilities in favor of having a third party, the Palmer Land Trust, take title to an easement over Bear Creek Regional Park. This would govern the use of that land in perpetuity. The fact that many of our citizens have so little faith in our county government and our public processes is certainly disquieting. That they believe they have the foresight to decide what our children and grandchildren will need is even more upsetting. This is hubris of the highest order.
       We have government employees and elected officials in place to do what we the people bid them to do. They should be able to do this without the interference of yet another quasi-governmental organization.
       Yes we can write an easement that seems to cover all bases for our needs and for the needs of our children. But when change is needed as inevitably occurs, do we want to be able to petition our government for the needed change, or do we want to fight a third party in court to overcome what have proven to be bad decisions? I want to be able to make needed changes in a public forum with elected representatives, not with lawyers and judges and very expensive processes.
       It is amazing to me that our citizenry believes that more bureaucracy and more regulation is the secret to the happiness of its people. I believe that minimal regulation and limited governance has been the secret to our success. I think you can look around the world and see that our country is the shining example of that philosophy.

Chris Baum