Hwy 24 copper thieves thwarted

       Following a tip from an alert city employee, City Police recently arrested three men in the midst of stealing copper wire from light poles around the 1400 block of Highway 24/ Cimarron Street.
       According to a press release from City Communications, City Fleet employee Christine Keller was driving a fuel delivery truck to the fleet facility on Wheeler Street before dawn May 16 “when she noticed some suspicious activity on the side of the road. As she got closer, she realized three men were stealing copper wire from the streetlight poles. She immediately pulled over to call the police and stayed on the phone assisting officers with information until they could arrive on scene and ultimately arrest the suspects.”
       Robbers have stolen copper from light poles in that part of Highway 24 previously. According to City Traffic Engineer Dave Krauth, the city is studying a plan to begin retrofitting poles with a “theft-deterrent” design, but funding is an issue.

Westside Pioneer/press release