EDITORíS DESK: Volunteering some thoughts

       Apologies if this sounds like a broken record, but once again we have a Westside Pioneer that is fairly riddled with stories reflecting unremunerated efforts by community members.
       Perhaps worthy of first note is Mayor Steve Bach's "Spirit of the Springs" cleanup program. His staff finds a project for him once a month. Sure, it's partly for show, but it's also true that, thanks largely to Bach and his entourage, 25 tons of rocks got placed at Bear Creek Regional Park June 16. It could also be conjectured that such efforts establish a model of service for the community at large. And that's hardly a bad thing.
       The annual Dump & Donate in the Coronado High parking lot is turning into a reprise of the yearly El Paso County chemical waste collection event that was once so popular with Westsiders. It ended after 2004 when the county decided it was too expensive and urged everyone to bring their stuff out to the county facility on Marksheffel Road. So we are fortunate that Harris Realty (aided this year by the Organization of Westside Neighbors) started their event, offering an increasing range of recycling opportunities. Yes, Dump & Donate brings some name recognition to Harris, but the company definitely works for it.
       Volunteer aspects may be less obvious in other stories this edition, but they're there if you read with that thought in mind. For example, a few people in No Man's Land (oops, I guess we're not supposed to say that anymore) are tirelessly advocating improvements for their area and an attitude of "that's unacceptable" in the face of shameless panhandlers; everyone who lives there - all of us, in fact - are gaining from their stand.
       But there is a flip side, at least in political matters, which is that those willing to work hard have the best chance of pushing their points home to civic officials. The squeaky wheel, etc. But will their wheel always be your wheel? So it is that our own selfish interests can sometimes be the best incentive to our own selfless volunteering.

- K.J.