RMFI continues Central Garden work

       Continuing two restoration/trail projects it started last year, the Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI) has scheduled 15 workdays this spring in the Garden of the Gods.
       Volunteers are welcome. Preregistration is necessary. The minimum age for unattended workers is 16, except on two “youth workdays” April 14 and May 6, to which middle- and high-schoolers are invited but adults are welcome.
       Times for all adult workdays are 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The youth days are from 12:30 to 4 p.m.
       The two projects are called “Central Garden Re-storation” and “Upper Loop Trail Reconstruction.” In a press release, RMFI provides information on each.
       Central Garden
- “We will be closing and restoring social trails and gullies in the Central Garden Area that is now protected by a split rail fence. This involves decompacting the soil, spreading seed and organic fertilizer and laying erosion control matting. Participants will be filling and carrying buckets of dirt, swinging picks, shoveling dirt, carrying rocks, etc.”
       Adult workday dates - April 7, May 5 (full), 12, 13, 26 and 27.
       Upper Loop Trail - “This popular natural surface trail in the Central Area is badly eroded. To improve the trail, we will construct timber steps and build drains and retaining walls with small groups of volunteers. Participants will be sawing and carrying wood timbers, shoveling dirt, hammering nails, swinging picks, etc.. We would especially like volunteers who can commit to working several of these workdays. We also prefer volunteers who have some carpentry or trail construction experience, though it is not mandatory.”
       Adult workday dates - April 15, 21, 22, 18 and 29.
       The RMFI office is at 3310 W. Colorado Ave.
       RMFI, a non-profit organization, has been working in the Garden for about 10 years, by agreement with City Parks. For more information, call 471-7736 or e-mail rmfi@rmfi.org.

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