City: Heavy-duty barricades not needed for Centennial extension

       One of three wood-and-metal barricades blocking access from Van Buren Street to Centennial Boulevard was found shattered this week, allowing motorized vehicles to get through the opening.

A photo taken this week shows a shattered barricade on the ground. It had been among three blocking access from Van Buren Street onto Centennial Boulevard. A city contractor was asked to replace it.
Westside Pioneer photo

       After being informed of this situation by the Westside Pioneer, Lydia Maring of City Engineering said she asked Even-Preisser (the contractor for the Centennial paving project between Van Buren and Mesa Valley Road last summer) to replace the barricade.
       Centennial is partially finished between Fillmore Street and the Fontanero/I-25 interchange. City officials have mandated that the road extension has to remain closed until it is built all the way through.
       According to transportation engineers with the city and Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA), hope is being pinned to a 2012 ballot issue that would ask voters to continue the RTA sales tax, including making the government share of the Centennial extension a high priority.
       However, with such uncertainty, the Pioneer asked Maring if, in the meantime, the city might want to install more durable traffic barricades at Van Buren or Mesa Valley.
       Her response, in an e-mail, follows: “More solid traffic-blockers have been discussed for both ends of the project. However, because barricades are there and at the current end of Centennial to the north, it is considered a violation of the law to trespass. The basic thinking and experience is that it doesn't matter how difficult you make it to trespass, they [trespassers] will find a way if they want to. If trespassing and property destruction become a problem, this can be revisited. Thanks for your concern.”

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