EDITORíS DESK: District 3 and that voting thing

       Asked why El Paso County's District 3 needs him as a commissioner (see Page 1), Democrat candidate John Morris makes a point that I find curious. It's also one that can be found in Dave Hughes' letter on Page 3.
       You can, of course, read their comments for yourself, but basically they're saying that having one (or more) Democrats on the Board of Commissioners - instead of just Republicans - as has been the case for 40-odd years - would enrich that body, broadening its "point of view," to use Morris' term, and even avoiding the absolute corruption of power, to paraphrase Colonel Hughes.
       Really? That's it? We're supposed to elect somebody just because they're different? What about the concept of taking responsibility as a citizen of this city, county, state and country, deciding on issues that need attention and seeking out candidates who address them? If it happens that the candidate backs non- specific tax-and-spend solutions even before being elected (read Morris' responses and see what you think), then I don't care if that person is Democrat, Republican or Martian. I'm not voting for him or her.
       Morris (and others) have also sought to flog his opponent, two-time incumbent Sallie Clark, for the lousy wording on term limits in the 2010 election. Yes, I found that ballot wording potentially misleading too. But I'd done something radical as a voter: I'd read up. I knew what it was about.
       In general, it seems odd that Morris, a former high school teacher, seems to be trying to cultivate support from people who don't think very much.
       Here's what I think (and I've had a lot of years to reach this conclusion): Our current county commissioner is a decent, cheerful person who puts in long hours on our behalf and gets results. Sallie, you've got my vote.

- K.J.