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Articles by Subject

Featured Sections
Biz Buzz
1/8/09: Biz Buzz: Salvation Army store closes after 20 years
1/15/09: ArtSports athletes attend nationals
1/29/09: Chocolate Factory sign back... in 4 pieces
2/5/09: Partnership with Westside CARES
2/12/09: Baalman's unique tribute to Lincoln
2/26/09: Reception for artists set March 6
3/19/09: Fundraiser for youth with rare embolism
4/9/09: City, county prescription discounts
4/16/09: Mill Hill 25th anniversary party April 18
4/30/09: Canon Bank happy with remodel
5/7/09: New Westside businesses
5/21/09: Fundraisers for mission, History Center
5/28/09: Famous sculptor displays in OCC
6/4/09: 4 free concerts at Secret Garden
6/11/09: Roundhouse tenant sets grand opening
6/18/09: Band's tips go to wounded soldiers
6/25/09: : Benefit night for Mi Casa July 2
7/2/09: Photo-printing business relocates
7/9/09: Barta group to play 'salon concert'
7/16/09: Dance studio opens on GoG Road
8/20/09: Places to recycle old computer equipment
8/27/09: Family-owned convenience store closing
9/10/09: Firefighter benefit honoring 9/11
9/17/09: OCCA retains Seiko Marketing
9/24/09: Second year for MAT on Westside
10/8/09: Site of former smoker store renovated
10/15/09: Haunted house on West Colorado
10/22/09: Book Sleuth moves east after 25 years
11/5/09: Jake & Telly's - part of name changes
11/25/09: Artist 'renders' historic building
12/10/09: Surrey rides to return for holidays
12/17/09: Places to recycle on the Westside

Cobweb Corners
1/8/09: New life for the roundhouse
1/15/09: How it can get hot in winter
1/22/09: Early sport: Jackrabbit hunting
1/29/09: In the papers
2/5/09: A page in history
2/12/09: The shops in the Midland yards
2/19/09: What happened to the Midland shops?
2/26/09: On the west end of the yards
3/5/09: Newspaper bargains from 1948
3/12/09: The cowboy and his elephant
3/19/09: Up on a mountainside
3/26/09: Railroad to Pikes Peak: The first attempt
4/2/09: The strange postcard
4/9/09: What brought General Palmer here?
4/16/09: A little about Manitou
4/23/09: It's not No Man's Land
4/30/09: The El Paso Canal
5/7/09: A tough-luck bridge
5/14/09: Following up on a 'hobnail' car
5/21/09: Those Midlands, again!
5/28/09: Pikes Peak or... Colorado City!
6/4/09: Colorado City gets a band
6/11/09: The Midland Band, Part 2
6/18/09: A last visit to Whittier Elementary
6/25/09: From trails to roads
7/2/09: Two No Man's Lands
7/9/09: No saving locomotive #59
7/16/09: A forgotten anniversary
7/23/09: Can you see the light(s)?
7/30/09: Life without conveniences
8/6/09: Figuring out where things were
8/13/09: Dairies were once all around us
8/20/09: General Palmer comes West
8/27/09: This time he gets here!
9/3/09: The coming of the streetcar
9/10/09: If fate had gone differently!
9/17/09: Palmer helps Colorado City
9/24/09: East to Manitou Junction
10/1/09: Background on Rock Ledge
10/8/09: More on the Hot Iron Club
10/15/09: The first climb of 'James Peak'
10/22/09: The early Manitouans
10/29/09: Where was the Log Cabin Hotel?
11/5/09: The Midland Creamery
11/12/09: The other Incline
11/19/09: Colorado City's early depots
11/25/09: Getting off the Interstate
12/3/09: A real old-timer
12/10/09: Some of the early towns
12/17/09: The Emma Crawford story
12/29/09: The Captain Jack story

Editor's Desk
1/8/09: Painful times for School District 11
1/15/09: We live in stimulating times
1/22/09: Not your father's campground
1/29/09: Yes, it's them again
2/5/09: This wasn't what we wished for
2/12/09: Hot (or at least warm) off the presses
2/19/09: School closings: Looking for perspective
2/26/09: Duck, it's election season
3/5/09: Yes, it really happened
3/12/09: D-11: Who's looking out for us?
3/19/09: Restoring, not boondoggling
3/26/09: Firefighters, schools and charity
4/2/09: Heimlicher is worthy of re-election
4/9/09: For rest of column, go to www.theend
4/16/09: Ready... set... wait a second!
4/23/09: At least the board was decisive
4/30/09: The real name is 'Inc.'
5/7/09: On the horizon, view a precedent
5/14/09: The Simpich and Garman resurgence
5/21/09: Farewell, and then good-bye
5/28/09: Cathedral Ridge's example
6/4/09: Noteworthy people and things
6/11/09: More than one fraud here
6/18/09: Let's give volunteers a hand (or two)
6/25/09: New ideas in Old Town
7/2/09: ... And I won't tread on you
7/9/09: On a hair trigger, but not half-cocked
7/16/09: Guidance needed for guidelines
7/23/09: Gold Hill Mesa earning respect
7/30/09: History is us
8/6/09: Plucky start for West Elementary
8/13/09: The Westside: educational test tube
8/20/09: Hard to envision losing Section 16
8/27/09: What (school) is on second?
9/3/09: What sort of town do we want?
9/10/09: Putting on the cynic's hat
9/17/09: The weekly thing
9/24/09: Homecoming Parade - tradition under fire
10/1/09: Time to serve the true citizens
10/8/09: Our new District 3 councilman
10/15/09: Quality of life - calculate it
10/22/09: Bring back the parade!
10/29/09: We just won't talk about it
11/5/09: Other things to talk about
11/12/09: Ferdinand the Bull and the holy grail
11/19/09: The goose that laid the golden eggs
11/25/09: People to be thankful for
12/3/09: Nature, art and... that other thing
12/10/09: Cold week for red-hot news
12/17/09: What was that? 'No comment'
12/29/09: Heading into our 7th year

Guest Columns
1/8/09: What really happened with White Acres, by City Councilman Jerry Heimlicher
4/9/09: "Wrong signal to transients" by Matt Parkhouse
5/14/09: Fountain Creek plan vital by Sallie Clark
8/13/09: Appreciation for Founders' Day support, by Joanne Karlson
9/3/09: Will work to pass mill levy increase By Stormie Wells
9/10/09: Struggle for significance By Ron Wright
10/8/09: School volunteers needed By Gail Worm
11/12/09: Planning starts for 2010's After Prom By Susan Rhodes
11/25/09: Help needed to save Rock Ledge By Ron Wright

1/15/09: Support for Whittier Elementary from Joanna Snyder
1/22/09: Congratulations on five years from Julianne Rist
1/29/09: Transients trashing 29th & Cucharras from Chuck Snow
2/5/09: Property rights violated by camps from Dick Standaert
2/12/09: Fish important in Fountain Creek from Geraldine Kirkmeyer
3/5/09: D-3 challenger responds to column from Dave Gardner
3/12/09: 'I am proud of my record of service' from Jerry Heimlicher
4/9/09: Enterprise needs to rethink its ways from Geraldine Kirkmeyer
4/9/09: Enjoyed quarry presentation from Rosemary Landon
4/16/09: Congratulations on council election from Dave Gardner
4/23/09: Thanks for District 11 coverage from Ruth Wilson Teason
5/7/09: Reader support after recent column from Pat Hill 5/7/09: Reader support after recent column from Bill and Yvonne Grimes
5/14/09: 'I appreciate your commitment' from Kristine Strauch
5/28/09: Owl saved outside PV swim club from Dick Wulf
6/4/09: Call to raise Hwy 24 speed limit from Bill Loewen
6/25/09: Exchanges: Sign's historical correctness debated
7/2/09: Appreciated Gene Smith coverage from Delores Gustafson
7/9/09: Exchanges/follow-up
8/6/09: Help needed for Penrose Fountain from Kristen R. Downs
8/13/09: 'Overwhelmed with gratitude' from Terry Martinez
8/20/09: 'Dismayed' that store couldn't move from Meg Remple and Nancy Strong
8/27/09: Section 16 article 'well-written' from Linda Hodges
9/3/09: Budget critique percent questioned from Dave Perl
9/24/09: Westside post office needs improvements from Harvey McAnulty
10/1/09: Westside tourism also hurt by blight from Cary Vogrin
10/15/09: Paige overlooks city's plight from J.F. Corcoran
10/15/09: 'We may never get it back' from Melissa Walker
10/22/09: Appreciated Howbert coverage from Linda L. Smith
10/22/09: Colorado Springs: Most livable city?
10/29/09: Council failed D-3 in appointment
10/29/09: Thanks for Mesa project story from Pat Hill
11/5/09: Howbert's 50th enjoyed from afar from Mary Lovell

Meet a Westside Pioneer
3/12/09: Meet a Westside Pioneer! Kathy Micci
5/21/09: Mary Nell Trapp

Meet a Westsider
1/8/09: Therese Jordan
1/15/09: Phil Byrne
1/22/09: Gail Worm
2/5/09: Karen Pierce
2/19/09: Sean Vigil
2/26/09: Sandy Richardson
3/5/09: Georgia Thompson
3/26/09: Ron Lee
4/16/09: Kelly Klipple
4/23/09: Nancy Cavins
4/30/09: Holly A. Wiepking
5/28/09: Merv Bennett
6/4/09: Suzette Jaramillo
6/11/09: Curt Layman
6/18/09: Janice Brewington
6/25/09: Alex Ben-Kori
7/9/09: Dona Riley
7/30/09: Magda Martinez
8/6/09: Andreanna Esquibel
8/20/09: Karen Hall
9/3/09: Noel Black
9/10/09: Laura Hymers Treglia
9/17/09: Eric Williams
10/15/09: Alyssa Flett
10/29/09: Nancy Frost
11/5/09: Steve Schwartz
11/12/09: Lisa Licano Thayne
11/25/09: Debbie Perl
12/10/09: Carrie VanVoltenberg
12/17/09: Paul Bahlinger
12/29/09: Pat Thomas

7/9/09: Red Rock Canyon, Palmer Land Trust
8/6/09: Red Rock workday, Bear Creek walk

Westside Briefs
6/18/09: OWN to meet at new West Center
6/25/09: Big band at Bancroft; mulch at Parks
7/9/09: Indians and the Garden; Silver Key Poker Run
7/16/09: Prescription drug card from county'
7/23/09: 9th annual Colorado Day Picnic Aug. 1
7/30/09: Sewer work at 25th and Pikes Peak
8/6/09: 400-Corvette caravan on avenue
8/13/09: Coronado duo win State Games gold
8/20/09: Library series to help with family writing
8/27/09: New Horizons welcomes musicians
9/3/09: Forest station exhibit, presentation
9/10/09: Documentary preview, Race for the Cure
9/17/09: Jackson Park concert now Sept. 26
9/24/09: Brewfest, not Octoberfest
10/8/09: Encore for Washburn's fall festival
10/15/09: Open house at Fire Station 3
10/22/09: Fine art auction for Palmer Land Trust
11/5/09: Charity welcomes new volunteers
11/19/09: Soil strengthening on I-25 near Bijou
12/10/09: Rock Ledge Ranch's Holiday Evening Dec. 12
12/29/09: Westside Briefs: New Horizons seeks musicians

Westside Schools
1/22/09: West sets SAIL info program Jan. 29
2/5/09: Bristol sets African arts night; Holmes honored
2/19/09: CHS Drama getting 'Earnest'
2/26/09: Math counts for Holmes
3/5/09: Children's Chorale in key with Bristol
3/26/09: Whittier art at Garden
4/2/09: Boundary meeting, then back to BOE
4/16/09: Coronado bails out venue-less music festival
4/23/09: After-prom event needs chaperones
4/30/09: Farewell luau to old Bijou location
5/7/09: CHS performs Shakespeare's 'Comedy'
5/14/09: Fundraising by cheerleaders, CCP
5/28/09: Midland, Holmes hosting summer school
10/15/09: CHS hosts forum, starts parade-saving effort
11/5/09: Bristol awarded arts grant with MAT
11/12/09: 'Willy Wonka' at Coronado; 'Fiesta' at Bristol
12/3/09: CHS video students active

What do you do?
1/29/09: Jerome DeFazio
2/12/09: Marilyn Eisenhauer
3/19/09: Sheri Reichert
4/2/09: Susan Fletcher
4/9/09: Debra DeRee
5/7/09: Susie Cheesman
5/14/09: Dung My Tram
7/2/09: Jenny McCreight
7/16/09: Pamela Ross
7/23/09: Kenneth Stahl
8/13/09: James J. Maguire
8/27/09: Gary Gross
9/24/09: Kandi Simon
10/1/09: Ray Otero
10/8/09: Kevin Bird
10/22/09: Jay Abbott
11/19/09: Erasmo Ruiz-Madrid
12/3/09: Cyndi Clark

Other Articles
6/4/09: Art Walk includes painted roof tile originals from Glen Eyrie
6/4/09: Coloring Palmer's tiles
10/29/09: 4 Westside art locations in 8th annual Pikes Peak Studio Tour Nov. 14-15
10/29/09: Artists asked to apply for 2010 Tour
11/5/09: Cottonwood director finally gets chance to paint more: Westsider's studio on annual art tour Nov. 14-15

Bear Creek Nature Center
1/22/09: Nature Center offers class for volunteers
3/19/09: Free gardening classes at Bear Creek
5/14/09: Nature Center copes with reduced hours, thanks to additional help from docents
11/25/09: 'Candlelight,' art show at Bear Creek
12/3/09: Art from (for) nature

Beidleman Nature Center/Sondermann Park
6/11/09: Sondermann Park trails upgraded in 'win-win' deal for city

1/8/09: Author to discuss Augusta Block Jan. 12
4/23/09: Swint releases historic-photos book
5/7/09: Photos from several sources in new book

Boy Scouts
2/19/09: Magician at Pack 24's Blue and Gold event
8/27/09: 2 Cub Scout packs get active
9/24/09: West 'wind' for seafaring Scouts
11/5/09: Boy Scouts to hold 'college' at Coronado
11/19/09: Scout 'college' draws 240 to Coronado

Boys and Girls Club
7/2/09: For 'Celebration Day,' 2008 Judo Paralympian visits club

Buildings, New Construction, and Real Estate
1/22/09: Sentinel appeal set for council Jan. 27
1/29/09: Sentinel appeal off; neighborhood meeting on
1/29/09: Shoppes meeting Feb. 4: Developer, residents seek solution on 2nd access
2/12/09: Sentinel phases would upgrade area south of Fillmore, developer says
2/12/09: Shoppes seeking options to 7th Street access
2/26/09: Appeal falls short on Sentinel Ridge
3/5/09: At least a year before Sentinel project starts
3/5/09: New/old look at 24th & Platte
3/12/09: Mesa residents appeal Horizon View OK
3/19/09: Doors now windows at 1887-built roundhouse
3/26/09: Mesa Road group to appeal again on project
3/26/09: Rudy's restaurant plan goes to City Council
4/9/09: Plan submitted for house and cottage on odd-shaped Midland lot
5/7/09: Neighbors win favorable postponement on Horizon View
5/7/09: Roundhouse work done; now all it needs is a few tenants
5/14/09: Cathedral Ridge goes before Planning Commission May 21
5/28/09: Some views saved in Cathedral Ridge approval
7/2/09: Still no developer, but life signs for Indian Hills; City to use bond to finish that part of Centennial extension
7/9/09: 5 years later - 'Farmer' building razed: Chick-Fil-A to take place of once-renovated restaurant landmark on Garden of the Gods Road
8/27/09: 'Whole new style' seen for Colorado Place
10/29/09: Foundation work begins project at 26th & Colorado
11/5/09: '11th hour' withdrawal of Horizon View development plan
12/10/09: Kiowa duplex project resurfaces with unpermitted residency
12/29/09: Heads up! 2 Westside projects start in December

Centennial Extension
10/1/09: Zone change sought along Centennial route

2/26/09: Rotary offering scholarships abroad
4/23/09: Silent auction to raise money for Alzheimer's
5/14/09: Vest auction raises money for Alzheimer's
9/3/09: Westside CARES to celebrate 25th year
9/17/09: Where the poor once lived
10/22/09: Rotary presents 15 Osborne Trust grants
11/19/09: 'Miracle meters' appear at Red Rock Center
11/19/09: SA begins annual campaign, helps with meal
11/25/09: No stopping 3-time cancer survivor: In 15 years, Tuggle has raised more than $100,000 for the Komen fund

Christmas Time
12/3/09: Christmas: Free on-street Saturday parking in Old Colorado City
12/10/09: Tis' the season... for painting in the country and singing in the town

1/8/09: Wellbriety Indian Center meets at Trinity Church
4/2/09: Westside churches' April 12 Easter services listed
4/30/09: White Bison Forgiveness Ceremony at Trinity
5/21/09: Church adding dining hall
7/2/09: Church seeks volunteer(s) for pantry
9/24/09: Half-century milestone for Westside's Lighthouse Temple
12/10/09: Westside church provides offices for national Indian Wellbriety Movement: Leader, Don Coyhis, receives $100,000 award
12/29/09: Giving to the cause he started
12/29/09: 'I knew what I had to do' - Coyhis' $100,000 grant for Wellbriety

City Parks
4/9/09: 'Genny Garden' apparent city cutback victim
4/9/09: Park grass, restrooms, equipment could suffer in face of city cutbacks
4/9/09: Volunteers pick up slack in neighborhood parks: Adopting no longer just litter detail... see Blunt Park
5/28/09: Fee hikes dissuade caller from resuming summer dances in Bancroft
6/4/09: Donations ensure 8 summer blues shows
6/18/09: 'Genny Garden' is back in business
12/3/09: Community gardens at Vermijo, Westside Center?
12/17/09: Several Parks fees/charges going up in '10

County Parks
1/29/09: Westling wrestling with County Parks cuts
3/26/09: Dog Park cleanup to be April 4
4/2/09: If goats can't come back this year... Bear Creek Garden Association volunteers know how to handle weeds
8/27/09: New Bear Creek trail nearing completion
9/3/09: A little $ help needed for return of goats
9/17/09: Goats coming back to Bear Creek
9/24/09: Goats doing 'beautiful job' at park
12/17/09: 2010 ballot eyed for plan to create new countywide parks governing authority

Dave Hughes
5/14/09: Hughes to receive Colorado historic award

11/12/09: Simpich to perform 'Puppet Maker'

1/15/09: Good crowd at paper's party
1/29/09: Not just an old house - now it's This Old House
4/9/09: GoG Center, Rock Ledge join again for Earth Day
6/11/09: 'Spectacular' eyes 1,700
8/6/09: 'Blissfest' boosts arts, charity
10/22/09: New St. Patty's parade in Old Town?
11/12/09: 11 stops Dec. 6 on Holiday Bed & Breakfast Tour
12/10/09: B&B Holiday Tour survives near-blizzard

Farmer's Market
5/28/09: Farmers Market to open for season June 6

Garden of the Gods
1/22/09: GoG Sunday lecture series starts Jan. 25
1/29/09: 1st event in Garden gift centennial
2/5/09: Bighorn Day at Garden Visitor Center Feb. 14
2/5/09: Garden's dinosaur subject of presentation Feb. 8
2/19/09: Bighorn sheep show up again on their day
2/19/09: Collared by telemetry
2/26/09: Acting out Perkins' Garden gift
3/5/09: Dramatizing the Garden gift story
4/2/09: No shortage of volunteers; Funds are main limit on RMFI workdays at Garden
4/30/09: Garden of the Pods? Download adds to walk
5/7/09: Seasonal offerings starting up at Garden of the Gods
5/28/09: Garden Visitor Center reveals summer programs
6/11/09: Beidleman returns for Garden presentation
7/16/09: Garden of the Gods cave plan on hold: Parks Board in dark on official Indian position
9/17/09: Still no official Indian response, but Parks Board gives concept approval to Garden cave plan
10/8/09: Brush-thinning efforts resume at Garden of Gods
10/8/09: Garden parade wants you Oct. 17
10/22/09: Centennial of Garden gift recalled with speeches, 'parade'
11/5/09: Can you find the rabbit?
11/19/09: Indian issues sway Parks Board against Garden of Gods cave-research project

Gold Hill Mesa
4/23/09: New builder restores the 'momentum' at Gold Hill Mesa
5/7/09: Comfy by the smokestack
6/11/09: Gold Hill Mesa fights back against return of 'rills'
7/23/09: The incredible shrinking Filing 2: Gold Hill Mesa development moving forward, but in 'smaller chunks'
11/25/09: Creekstone latest Gold Hill builder

2/5/09: Raintree steps in as Goodwill CEO
3/26/09: Reed overcomes childhood amputation to become first 45-year employee at Goodwill
7/9/09: Goodwill workers offer a hand to the community
8/13/09: Goodwill volunteers spiff up OCC twice a week

1/15/09: Local governments hope to score from federal stimulus; Not being 'shovel-ready' hurts Cimarron/I-25
1/22/09: Homeless meeting at Gold Hill station; camp cleanups still on hold
1/22/09: Purvis elected to board of League of Cities
1/29/09: Key questions left unanswered at homeless meeting: No change in status of camps, although some sites will eventually require 'biohazard' gear for cleanup
2/12/09: Budget public hearing Feb. 17
2/12/09: TABOR topic of Feb. 19 meeting with city heads
2/26/09: City Council likes homeless-camp sweep plans, but... one more meeting
4/2/09: City: Homeless camps OK on public lands (except parks): Stronger ordinances contingent on community stepping forward and asking for them
4/9/09: Trashing it
4/23/09: Public forums for seniors start at PPACG
5/7/09: With support from CONO, city preparing law to curtail transient camping
6/4/09: No pecking order to prevent city chickens
6/4/09: 30-yard dumpster filled with camp trash
8/27/09: Police homeless outreach popular, but 'no camping' ordinance still planned
8/27/09: Rock Ledge Ranch, West Center in city budget sights: Closures contingent on Nov. 3 mill-levy vote
9/3/09: Correction/clarification
9/3/09: City Manager's list shows cuts if mill levy fails
9/3/09: Now comes the hard part: Martin begins sales job on mill-levy ballot proposal
9/10/09: Heimlicher hangs it up, heading home
10/15/09: Council to mull no-camping law; HOT effort gets praise
10/15/09: Heimlicher irked by choice of Paige, but agrees to help him
10/29/09: Where $29.3 million in cuts would come from
11/5/09: Now for the cuts: Voters reject 2C, back 300; budget shortfall rises to $33 million
11/12/09: 3-month stay for center, ranch
11/19/09: Draft of no-camping law to council; seen as tool in blatant transiency
12/3/09: Paige warns of more budget cuts next year; says district needs trump his less-government ideology
12/10/09: Concerns by City Council about transient campers' civil rights
12/29/09: Cutbacks end saga of city's lead Westside planner

Groups and Clubs
4/16/09: Cleanup day at South Rampart Shooting Range
4/16/09: Pioneers' Assn. Palmer talk at Shrine Club
6/18/09: Optimist Club plans to follow students
9/3/09: Family nurturing tradition of playhouse, tea parties

3/5/09: Program for elderly opens on Westside
4/9/09: Masonic Center to be a 9Health Fair site April 18
8/20/09: No date now for Health Partners project off Fillmore

Highway 24
1/15/09: 2nd of 3 Hwy 24 'aesthetic' meetings
1/22/09: Citizens see ideas to pretty up Hwy 24
1/22/09: Hwy 24 billboards could be affected by county review; meeting is Jan. 28
4/16/09: Final Hwy 24 aesthetics meeting April 22
4/30/09: Going beyond the bricks and mortar: Shanks: Aesthetic touches to be part of mitigation for Hwy 24 impacts
10/15/09: Hwy 24 EA plans to go public in mid-2010
11/25/09: City cuts stall Hwy 24 safety project

2/26/09: Time capsule: The story of the Templeton Building
3/12/09: Glen Eyrie marks 100 years since Palmer died
3/19/09: Palmer is celebrated at Glen Eyrie on 100th anniversary of his death
3/19/09: Red rocks, stone walls
6/4/09: Concrete fixed around historic marker on Pikes Peak Avenue
6/18/09: 110 years after - 'Midland March' on Founders Day
7/23/09: 10 years for Prospector statue: Daughter of George Fisher recalls how he envisioned, advocated his idea
9/3/09: '30th Street Legacy' for Gen. Palmer
9/17/09: '30th Street Legacy' event celebrates Palmer birthday
9/17/09: Celebrating Palmer's 173rd birthday

10/29/09: Ready for the 31st

Holland Park
1/22/09: Emergency fixes under way on Douglas Creek drainage
4/2/09: Douglas Creek repairs scaled back
4/16/09: Holland Park association sets cleanup April 18
4/30/09: Holland Park volunteers fill 49 bags in cleanup of creek, park
5/14/09: Crews working on Douglas Creek near Chelsea Glen
6/4/09: HP community garage sale June 13-14
7/9/09: Doug Creek: Work starts on last of 4 emergency repairs
9/3/09: Jackson Park scene of concert Sept. 12

Humane Society
2/26/09: Surgery center expanding Humane Society capabilities

1/15/09: Temporary ramp, avenue lane losses in COSMIX follow-up
2/26/09: I-25 warranty work through March 6
7/2/09: 3 weeks of I-25 night warranty work
8/6/09: CDOT replants Bijou off I-25
11/25/09: Follow-up: Interstate 25

1/15/09: A show of the Force
1/22/09: Lighting the way for library's Phase 3
3/5/09: Techno 'lock-in' for teens at OCC Library
3/19/09: Literacy Center library tutoring to start April 2
3/26/09: Stringing them along at the library
4/9/09: Library Day activity in Old Colorado City
7/23/09: Changes in library children's programs
7/23/09: Kids get words' worth in literacy program
7/30/09: 'Carnegie Day' also Aug. 8
8/6/09: Private programs encouraged in library space
8/27/09: Landscaping at library completing Phase 3
9/10/09: Just need help from book (earth) worms
10/15/09: Drop-ins welcome
10/22/09: Reception fetes 1st national Library Friends week
11/12/09: To build a tissue launcher

Local Businesses
1/8/09: Staying sharp for 15 years
1/22/09: Chocolate reward for return of landmark business sign
1/22/09: Van Briggle moves to south downtown
2/5/09: Foundation departs nearly new building
2/12/09: Garman's gallery not closing after all?
3/12/09: Westside auto shop owner: A wrenching experience for 30 years
4/30/09: Garman's to remain in Old Colorado City: Business to become museum; grand opening May 16-17
5/21/09: Garman: Feels self restored along with business
5/28/09: Greenhouse was at site for 80-plus years
6/18/09: Both brothers back in the fold (for now) at Jake & Telly's
6/25/09: 2nd tenant for Roundhouse
7/2/09: High wheels keep on turning: Rust overcomes family grief to create latest 'Penny Farthing'
7/2/09: Unofficial Westside flag business tally: 'Don't Tread on Me' ahead of Old Glory
7/23/09: 'Temporary' shooting range shutdown after accidental death
7/30/09: Mountain Mama gives up on 19th Street site
8/6/09: 30 years of ice cream at 26th and Colorado
8/6/09: No sooner than 2011 for Pinery on Hill
8/13/09: Clarification
12/10/09: Bookstore could open at 'Surplus' site in May

Mesa Springs
1/8/09: Last meeting at Pike for Mesa Springs group
1/22/09: Mesa Springs to start meeting at Mercy Center
3/5/09: Mesa Springs association to hold first meeting at new locale
6/11/09: 5 hydrants being added in Mesa Springs work

3/26/09: Just another day in Midland

Miscellaneous News
2/19/09: Heads Up!
4/23/09: Both drivers injured in 24th/Colorado wreck
7/16/09: They only look like burglars
8/20/09: Pioneer increases circulation to 5,000
10/8/09: Mobyfolger Service
10/29/09: Westsider publishes 3rd guide to 'craft' breweries in Colorado
12/17/09: Next Pioneer issue: Dec. 29
12/29/09: Next Pioneer issue: will be Jan. 7
12/29/09: Westside Stories of the Year, 2009: What can happen when money gets scarce

5/14/09: Simpich returns to Old Town: 'Showcase' to have grand opening for gallery, museum, theater May 29

2/19/09: Fairview Cemetery to be cleaned up March 1-15
3/26/09: Vacant Pikes Peak Avenue lot becoming a 'community garden'
4/23/09: FireWise wood-chipping chance in Pleasant Valley
4/23/09: Openings at another community garden
8/13/09: Public gets to visit Community Garden
8/20/09: Valley Swim Club fetes its 50th year
11/12/09: Pleasant Valley re-elects Wulf as president

No Man's Land
2/19/09: New county grant fund could help 'No Man's Land'; advisory board members sought
4/30/09: 'Something is better than nothing' - city grant request
5/14/09: No-cost MIPP offer sways Manitou council
8/27/09: No Man's misses on MIPP, but more money, maybe
9/17/09: Public officials to hear merchant concerns for Colo. Ave. west of 31st
10/1/09: Solutions sought in first big meeting of west-of-31st group: Many lament transient camp impacts; open fires along creek not a crime, city fire officials say

Norris-Penrose Events Center
4/16/09: Dressage 'Spectacular' April 25
4/23/09: Cinco de Mayo set May 2 at Norris-Penrose
5/7/09: Summit Brewfest & BBQ
6/18/09: Range Rider sighting expected June 24
6/25/09: Change in management of Ride for the Brand
6/25/09: Ride for the Brand Rodeo set July 4
7/2/09: Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo at Norris-Penrose Center July 8-11
7/9/09: Rodeo rain falls plainly on the mane
7/16/09: First-place ride
7/16/09: Jenkins chosen 2010 'Girl' aide
7/16/09: No attendance drop seen for rodeo

1/8/09: In memoriam: Kathleen Burt, Bessie Wreath
2/19/09: In memoriam: Fayetta Elizabeth Reeves Karr
3/19/09: Freak accident takes life of Westside college student
4/9/09: Florence Mina Miller-Weiler
5/14/09: Memorial created for Westsider who died in collision/fire
7/30/09: In memoriam: Ira Current
11/12/09: In memoriam: Michael Rust
11/19/09: In memoriam: Tony Godec

Old Colorado City
1/8/09: Old Colorado City sets ice sculpture event Jan. 17-18
1/22/09: Thousands 'chill out' for OCCA's Ice on the Avenue
2/26/09: Knives? What knives?
3/19/09: Concert cutback feared in Bancroft blues series
3/26/09: Annual OCC Egg Hunt April 4
3/26/09: April 3 - OCC's first Art Walk of '09
3/26/09: Charity in the air in Old Town
4/2/09: Art Walk April 3 in Old Town
4/2/09: Critters in Old Town
4/9/09: Art for eyes and ears
4/9/09: OCCA reschedules Egg Hunt for April 11
4/16/09: Not eggs-actly as planned: 'False start' disrupts annual hunt; OCCA tries to make amends
4/23/09: 'CARES': catch word for charity, OCC Art Walk
6/11/09: District 49 jump-ropers added to bill as OCCHS leaps into 5th year for Arts & Crafts event in Bancroft Park
6/18/09: 'Paint the Town Blue' starts June 25
6/25/09: Jumping into history
6/25/09: 'Showdown' debuts in Old Colorado City July 25-26
7/2/09: Plein-air focus at Art Walk July 3
7/9/09: 'How do you do that?'
7/16/09: What's there to do next weekend? Old Town Showdown in OCC July 25-26
7/30/09: 2 additions to August Art Walk
7/30/09: Big crowd shows up for 'Showdown'
7/30/09: Does it feel like 150 years to you? Monument dedication Aug. 8 highlights sesquicentennial Colorado City anniversary event
7/30/09: If it's Thursday, it must be the blues at Bancroft
8/6/09: Car Show returns to Old Town Aug. 16
8/13/09: Colorado City's big birthday: Historical Society quickens memories with monument, music, time capsule
8/13/09: Hughes presents a military mien as sesquicentennial speechmaker
8/20/09: New Car Show record: 436 vehicles
8/27/09: September Art Walk
9/3/09: Sept. 4 Art Walk: Late-breaking artist info
9/10/09: Scarecrow Days starting up in Old Town
9/17/09: Plein air painters to highlight Art on Avenue
9/24/09: Giant pumpkins return to OCC Oct. 3
10/1/09: Annual tradition turns to pumpkins Oct. 3
10/1/09: Outdoor painters add color to Old Town
10/8/09: Big day for pumpkins in Old Town
10/22/09: Kasten not masking idea of topping Safe Treats attendance mark
10/29/09: Art Walk in Old Town Nov. 6
11/5/09: No school + free candy = record number of kids
11/25/09: Art Walk Dec. 4 in Old Town
1/15/09: Beneficial snow job
2/19/09: New skyline in Old Town's 2400 block
2/19/09: Simpich Lofts nearing completion
4/23/09: District installs 3rd ore cart in Old Colorado City
5/28/09: Donation to upgrade monument's concrete
6/11/09: Anyway, horses pull it: Equine transportation returns to Old Town
6/18/09: New, improved Old Town sign at I-25 for westbound avenue drivers
7/23/09: Old Town: Pushing for more open stores on weekend eves
11/12/09: OCCA turns on lights for Christmas season, announces schedule of activities for Santa
   Old Colorado City Associates
1/15/09: Festivity on upswing in Old Town
9/3/09: Christmas year-round (at least this year) for clock tower tree
11/5/09: Merchants develop new definition of Old Town
11/12/09: New merchant group born from Old Town split
11/12/09: OCCA board plans lighting event in Old Town Plaza - but it's partially owned by accountant it just let go
11/19/09: Correction/clarification
11/19/09: No snag seen for OCCA tree-lighting ceremony
   Old Colorado City Security and Maintenance District
7/23/09: Fence helps guide foot traffic from parking lot
9/3/09: New/old landscape amenities in OCC
12/17/09: City budget issues force out long-time Old Town maintenance man
12/29/09: 'Yes, there is a Santa Claus' - Old Town maintenance man gets job back

Old Colorado City Historical Society
1/15/09: Getting in the spirit of Colorado City history
2/5/09: OCCHS monument back at Parks Board
2/19/09: McFarland to speak on Old Town's railroads Feb. 28
3/5/09: Kickoff for Colorado City's 150th celebration March 15
3/5/09: McFarland seeks photos showing Short Line, D&RG
3/19/09: Fundraising going well for monument in Bancroft
4/30/09: Hughes to demonstrate OCCHS web features
5/7/09: Shamrock Ranch Story
6/25/09: Historical Society getting busy
6/25/09: History Center to open Sundays in July and Aug.
7/9/09: OCCHS has 3 Tuesday presentations this July
7/16/09: 2nd local-research book for Historical Society member
7/30/09: OCCHS plans time capsule event Aug. 12
7/30/09: Why the fuss? A short history on Colo. City
8/6/09: Ridge Road speed racers, circa 1920s
8/13/09: Different weekends for Founders' Day, Cemetery Crawl
8/20/09: '70s Laura Belle reenactor dons veil in reprise of role for 'Crawl'
8/20/09: Time capsule to await tri-centennial
8/27/09: Cemetery Crawl thrills OCCHS to death
10/29/09: Wanted by OCC Historical Society: Memories of Westside from yesteryear
11/5/09: New exhibit, vintage-item case at History Center
12/3/09: History Center gussies up for B&B Tour
12/29/09: Hughes to recount story of Old Town revitalization in presentation Jan. 8

OWN (The Organization of Westside Neighbors)
1/15/09: OWN election/meeting Jan. 22 at West
1/22/09: One last meeting of HOGC on draft of design guidelines
1/29/09: 2 incumbents, 2 new faces on OWN board
2/5/09: OWN meeting Feb. 9
3/12/09: Guidelines meetings now seen in April
3/19/09: OWN meeting to explore stopping school closures
5/21/09: 3 crime talks at May 28 OWN meeting
7/16/09: Floyd Frame band to play at Westside picnic
7/16/09: Historic advocates tangle with city over design guidelines
7/23/09: Band proves popular at annual Westside picnic
8/6/09: OWN board to discuss design guidelines Aug. 13
8/27/09: OWN Spirit Award entry deadline Sept. 3
9/17/09: Spirit Awards presentation Sept. 24
10/1/09: OWN's Spirit Awards again honor Westside's residential/commercial property upgrades
10/15/09: Time not on historic overlay's side: City preservation planner's position on chopping block if Question 2C fails
12/17/09: Design Guidelines on its way to printer, historic overlay back to drawing board

4/2/09: Westsider honored for turning life around
7/9/09: 80 years old - and she's learned how to defend herself
7/23/09: The real-life prospector
8/13/09: Bishops move 131st reunion to Bear Creek Park
10/22/09: Westsider Boswell to lead vets Nov. 7

1/22/09: Tracer ammunition cause of range fires
2/12/09: Homeless: Police hope to resume camp sweeps
2/12/09: Jewelry box recovered; may have been dealer's
2/12/09: Mesa Road houses saved from fireworks-caused fire
2/19/09: Cedar Heights/FD partnership setting fire-mitigation 'example'
2/19/09: Trail-safety presentation by Fire Station 5 captain
2/26/09: Station 5 stays ready for rescues in high places
3/12/09: Are you living in a meth house? Not all seizures led to cleanups, including 51 on Westside since 2001
3/12/09: Gas smell stumps investigators in Old Town March 6
3/12/09: Meeting on camp 'sweep' procedure March 31
3/26/09: Brush fire stopped within a few feet of homes on King Street
4/9/09: Burglar plagues homes in older Westside
4/23/09: Wildfire evacuation drill involves Cedar Heights residents
6/25/09: Fire, smoke damage at W. Pikes Peak home
7/30/09: Sentencing in fatal 7-11 crash
8/13/09: Fire ravages building in condo complex
9/10/09: Fixing up Fire Station 5
9/24/09: Automated 'GeoCast' backfires on Sheriff's Office
10/8/09: Fire Station 5 sets open house Oct. 10
11/12/09: House fire visible from afar
11/12/09: New website shows all police calls

1/29/09: Hente seeks re-election in District 1
2/5/09: 'Growthbuster' Gardner in council race
2/26/09: Candidate Gardner to meet public Feb. 28
3/5/09: Heimlicher, Gardner spar in District 3 council race
3/12/09: Ballots going out for city's mail election
3/19/09: Council foes Heimlicher, Gardner reply to questions
4/2/09: Down to last week in District 3 City Council race for Heimlicher, Gardner
4/2/09: Election deadline: April 7 at 7 p.m.
4/9/09: Heimlicher retains District 3 council seat by 2,000 votes
9/24/09: Pete Lee announces for House District 18; has endorsement of incumbent Merrifield
10/8/09: Paige: New D-3 councilman
10/29/09: Ballots to decide city's fate Nov. 3
12/3/09: Westside voters nearly beat 300, not as down on 2C

Post Office
7/30/09: West End station seemingly dodges closure
8/6/09: Follow-up: Postal team flip-flops on Antares

6/18/09: Summer art/recycle opportunity for teens

Red Rock Canyon
2/26/09: Pavilion completed at Red Rock
4/2/09: Red Rock quarries topic of history talk
5/7/09: Red Rock Workday
6/4/09: Interpretive signs expected for pavilion dedication
6/18/09: Volunteers key for Red Rock pavilion
8/27/09: Increasing definition to Red Rock horse area

1/8/09: Ramping up in the Midland area
1/29/09: Moreno St. sidewalk will benefit PPMH clients
6/18/09: 8th Street work to aid motorists, pedestrians: Project adding creek footbridge, sidewalk, longer NB right-turn lane to continue through September
7/30/09: Tight walking
9/3/09: Bridge caisson equipment put to work on 8th Street
9/3/09: Eighth Street project
10/1/09: 8th Street footbridge to be installed Oct. 5
10/8/09: Nothing's been easy for 8th Street traffic project
11/5/09: 8th Street safety project ready for public at last
11/5/09: Costilla Street upgrades
12/17/09: Street talk between bureaucracy, citizen

Rock Ledge Ranch
3/19/09: Rock Ledge seeks volunteers; to cut hours slightly in '09
4/23/09: Storm aftermath hurts Earth Day turnout
4/30/09: Now five horses at Rock Ledge
5/28/09: Rock Ledge season starts with sheep events June 6
6/4/09: From White House Ranch to Rock Ledge Ranch: Smith, original director, looks back
6/11/09: Gene Smith, Part 2: The Vrooman pool and other stories
6/11/09: Ranch manager: Possible record turnout for season's opening day at Rock Ledge
6/25/09: 'Fun alternative' as historic ranch hosts annual Independence Day event
7/9/09: Fourth draws families to Rock Ledge
7/9/09: Growing the family band
7/16/09: What's there to do next weekend? Fiddles, Vittles & Vino at Rock Ledge July 25
7/23/09: Music schedule listed for Fiddles & Vittles
7/30/09: Show goes on despite wet day at Rock Ledge
8/6/09: Rock Ledge groups move into room at West Center
9/3/09: 'Triple-header' for Rock Ledge on Labor Day
9/10/09: Extra innings go in favor of interlopers
9/10/09: Folk Art Festival nears $1 million mark in donations
9/17/09: 'EcoFest' at Rock Ledge Ranch Sept. 26
10/1/09: Rock Ledge hosts Harvest Fest, First Nations
10/8/09: Festive harvesting
10/29/09: 'Oink' at Rock Ledge Nov. 7
12/17/09: 'Save Rock Ledge' campaign begins

Rural Transportation Authority
1/22/09: Westside qualifies under RTA sidewalk geography in 2012
12/10/09: Split RTA board gives stop sign to Engineering appeal

1/8/09: 3 Westside teachers gain nat'l certification
1/8/09: School citizens asked to 'put on district hat'
1/15/09: District 11 pleased with public input
2/5/09: Radical changes seen for Westside schools: District-wide proposals include relocating students from Pike, Buena Vista, Whittier, Washington; revamping West into K-8
2/19/09: District 11 board still pointing toward final vote Feb. 25; informal OK of Pike closure
2/26/09: D-11 board drops the hammer: Vote to close 4 Westside elementaries by August
3/5/09: District 11: Now comes the hard part: After closure action, decisions needed on new boundaries, old staff; some anger lingers on Westside
3/5/09: Hasling: Board didn't 'target' Westside
3/5/09: 'We're looking ahead to the future': Principals at impacted Westside schools try to keep things positive
3/12/09: District 11 board extends 'window' for parent school choice to May 29
3/12/09: Westside elementaries join in band at Mitchell
3/19/09: Martinez to lead new West elementary; Ramsey to Bristol; Morris to Trailblazer
3/26/09: Chance to argue D-11 boundary changes: Coronado to host 1 of 3 public meetings
4/9/09: Money for Jackson, Howbert additions; D-11 boundary-change hearing April 15
4/23/09: Boundaries, busing set for 2009-10 school year
4/23/09: Farewells planned at 4 closing schools
5/7/09: Farewell parties set at 3 departing elementaries
5/14/09: Farewell to buildings at Bijou, Buena Vista
5/14/09: Promotion and graduation ceremonies for Westside schools between May 19 and 28
5/21/09: Ceremonies, parties help adjustment to new school plan
5/21/09: Memories, moments, musings at school events
5/28/09: Bijou, BV say good-bye to their old sites
7/16/09: District 11 spending $3.75M on Westside projects for coming school year
8/6/09: No delay seen for West Elementary; Volunteers sought to help staff move items to classrooms after schedule slip on remodel work
8/13/09: Here's Westside Q&A info for new school year in D-11
8/13/09: Howbert perfect once, Pike twice on CSAPs
8/13/09: Now to find out if the changes work: Westside schools open with altered layout Aug. 18
8/20/09: District 11 Westside school staff listed
8/20/09: No bad news yet in D-11's school reconfig
8/27/09: Follow-ups
9/24/09: You can get a free lunch in District 11: But do numbers mean over half of students poor?
10/8/09: Even the bricks match up - additions at Howbert, Jackson schools stay on schedule
11/25/09: D-11 consolidation follow-up could start in Jan.
12/3/09: Westside schools schedule seasonal shows
12/17/09: Howbert, Jackson happy to move into their additions
   Bijou School
3/12/09: Trading places: Bijou teacher, Aussie counterpart stay in each other's houses
6/18/09: Bijou/Whittier work next in District 11 remodels
7/2/09: Remodeling prepares school for older kids
   Bristol Elementary
2/19/09: Bristol Elementary art night evokes spirit of Africa
5/28/09: Ferguson retirement feted
11/25/09: Former Pike principal settling in at Bristol
   Buena Vista Elementary
1/29/09: BV switches approach to 'dual track'
4/30/09: 1930s Buena Vista alum shares experiences
5/7/09: Montessori to keep 'Buena Vista' school name
5/28/09: Finale song for Buena Vista building
10/22/09: Buena Vista Montessori overcoming obstacles
11/12/09: Drawing their attention: New BV club enjoys DC comic artist's visit
   Coronado High School
1/8/09: 7 Coronado musicans earn All-State Orchestra honors
1/8/09: Open house for CHS freshmen Jan. 15
1/15/09: Coronado lands 11 on All-State Choir
2/12/09: Perfect dual-meet seasons for CHS swim, wrestling
2/19/09: 'Wired' Cougar engineers build robot for statewide competition
2/26/09: Who is Earnest, really?
4/2/09: Coronado brings home big trophies
4/23/09: Crystal Apples to 2 Westside teachers: Alan Combs
5/28/09: Chemistry test all that separated CHS valedictorian, salutatorian
6/4/09: Coronado's '09 seniors' scholarships, honors listed
6/11/09: Remainder of '09 CHS scholarships/awards listed
8/20/09: Coronado Jazz Band to play at Red, White & Brave Parade
8/20/09: Kusk returns to Coronado High music
9/17/09: Get ready, Old Town! Coronado High parading Homecoming spirit Sept. 26
9/17/09: PTA pioneer Nora Brown is parade's Westside Recipient
9/24/09: 4 Coronado students named for 'Mayor's 100 Teens' list
9/24/09: Price tag for next CHS Homecoming Parade: $5,000; Huge cost hike spurred by citywide liability concerns
10/1/09: Pikes Peak Philharmonic orchestra to perform, coach at Coronado this year
10/1/09: What, they worry? Despite concerns over 2010 event, Coronado High's paraders enjoy annual avenue jaunt
10/22/09: In the lead
10/22/09: 1st CHS boys cross-country Metro title since '81
10/22/09: Mosaic cougar now oversees Coronado campus
11/12/09: Long lines at CHS for county's 1st mass H1N1 clinic
12/3/09: Seasonal sounds
12/10/09: Choirs' 'Winter Celebration' well-named
   Holmes Middle School
4/9/09: Holmes plant sale fundraiser starts
4/23/09: Crystal Apples to 2 Westside teachers: Leslie Barthlow
8/13/09: Gledich meeting at Holmes Aug. 13
10/15/09: Making it real in wolf study at Holmes
12/10/09: Holmes asking for donations to retain 2 learning-aid programs
   Howbert Elementary School
2/19/09: Howbert choir stars at Garden 100th
4/9/09: Next Howbert Elementary principal hopes to keep school's 'special feel'
4/16/09: Too close for comfort? Howbert 'will be crowded' before new addition opens in January 2010
10/1/09: 50-year anniversary for Howbert school Oct. 12
10/8/09: Follow-up: More info for Howbert's 50th
10/15/09: Howbert enjoys 'fabulous' 50th b-day
   Jackson Elementary School
5/14/09: Everyday music at Jackson
   Midland Elementary
2/5/09: And nothing even exploded: Midland staff, volunteers had to learn fast for Science Day
4/23/09: Midland picks up student-free attendance area
4/30/09: 'Jefferson' visits Midland class
12/17/09: One thing clear: It's Christmas!
   Pike Elementary
1/15/09: Pike wowed by praise, $10K check
4/30/09: Marching to an international beat
5/7/09: Pike swan song: 3rd graders district's fourth best readers in recent CSAPs
5/21/09: Ivywild's finale, Pike's last award
6/18/09: Pike new home of D-11 records
9/10/09: CSYSA open house Sept. 21 at Pike
9/10/09: Pike new home of Colorado Springs Youth Symphony
   University School of Colorado Springs (USCS)
4/16/09: Christian K-12 school moves to Westside
11/25/09: Students at Westside Christian school fundraise for chance to give
   Washington Elementary
1/22/09: Food and thought at Washington Elementary
   West Middle School
2/12/09: Surprise DVD in West recycle bin
2/19/09: Blues program at West auditorium Feb. 21
4/2/09: 'Mathletes' at West gain Gold, then beat 1-in-157 odds in drawing
5/28/09: Space elective ends at West; program still up in the air
11/5/09: West Middle Schoolers publishing newspaper
   West Elementary
4/16/09: 'Westside Elementary' - new school's starting name
4/16/09: No busing seen for Westside Elementary
5/14/09: New school in old: West hosts Westside Elementary open house May 18
6/18/09: New superintendent will watch West
7/23/09: Imagination Celebration reaches out to new West Elementary
7/23/09: New West Elementary taking shape
10/29/09: Call for volunteer artist to restore venerable Washington painting
11/25/09: Street crossing concerns not getting across: Teachers handle 20th Street crosswalk duties at West Elementary

1/8/09: Plenty of white stuff to go around
7/9/09: Storm gathering over the Garden

Section 16
8/20/09: City, state fail to strike open-space deal on Section 16
10/8/09: GOCO breathes life into city's hopes for Section 16 purchase plan

Silver Key
1/22/09: Silver Key trips for seniors could drop by 25 percent
2/26/09: Volunteer help at Silver Key needed in 3 areas
7/2/09: Big spike in Silver Key volunteer numbers; helps ease crunch from RTA transportation funding cutback
8/20/09: Silver Key: Store reopens; clients sought
10/8/09: Several Westside projects in Make a Difference Month

2/26/09: Youth gymnasts make nat'l Jump Start team
3/26/09: International competition is within reach for 2 gymnasts
5/21/09: Torch run May 28
7/23/09: Westsider wins Hill Climb quad cycle race
9/10/09: 4 from ArtSports would love to go to Russia
10/8/09: Four ArtSports gymnasts qualify for Russian event
11/25/09: Chiacchia of ArtSports takes 5th in Worlds double-mini

Territory Days
2/5/09: Committee taking public input on Territory Days
2/12/09: No obstacles for T-Days from committee
5/14/09: Territory Days romps into Old Town May 23-25
5/21/09: Reilly had OCC gallery since 2005
5/21/09: Territory Days - Cure for all that ails you?
5/21/09: Territory Days: What's happening
5/21/09: T-Days offers Coronado shuttle
5/28/09: T-storms fail to wash away T-Days: OCC event perseveres despite wet weather
11/19/09: OCCA Territory Days organizer next to go: Dunne alleges 'hostile environment' with board

Traffic Calming
6/25/09: Grant request for 17th Street calming fails after BV use change
11/19/09: Holland Park Boulevard calming work resumes

Trails and Open Space
1/8/09: Grant in hand, City Parks thinks this is the year it can extend the Midland Trail
1/29/09: Red Rock-Intemann trail vandals persistent
2/5/09: White Acres developers begin process of annexing to city
2/12/09: White Acres: Developer, City Parks talking again
3/5/09: White Acres advances
3/26/09: Parks Advisory recommends White Acres to council
4/16/09: Let the fundraising begin: City Parks needs $715,000 in donations to manage White Acres, Section 16 purchases
5/14/09: TOSC's Cleveland steps down
7/23/09: City agrees to take over White Acres fire protection
7/23/09: Sprucing up the open space
8/13/09: Challenge grant jells White Acres fund drive
9/10/09: White Acres cleanup day Sept. 19
10/1/09: Fundraising challenge met for White Acres Open Space
10/29/09: Happy ending for house at White Acres

1/15/09: Streetcars not coming up the avenue anytime soon
2/26/09: 21st & Hwy 24 makes top 25 on city's accident list again
4/9/09: Public can help PPACG learn how to help public
4/16/09: What road is that again? Plan for little-known 31st Street extension impacts White Acres, Red Rock
9/17/09: Traffic Engineering resurrects concept of 2-lane avenue through Old Colorado City
10/29/09: 'Sustainable' transportation systems? Public can comment on PPACG overview statement
11/19/09: Traffic study to look at Fillmore impacts
11/25/09: 29th St. stoplight project beginning soon

3/12/09: Utilities' updated EIRP ready for public review
5/7/09: Gas main project continuing
5/21/09: Utilities to replace sewer at 8th and Hwy 24
5/28/09: Mainly for a sewer
6/4/09: Rain slows sewer-line replacement project
6/25/09: New water line for Westmoor
7/9/09: Fontmore narrowed for water work
7/23/09: Fontmore project proceeds
10/22/09: $8.6 million water tank project on Mesa
12/3/09: Heads Up! No Springs Utilities boiler rebates

4/2/09: Openings for some RMFI workdays
4/16/09: RMFI announces current project list

1/8/09: Fountain Creek work to start in mid-Feb.
2/5/09: Fish habitat questions surface in creek project
3/12/09: DOW approves Fountain Creek project - with 'fishy' conditions
3/26/09: Catching up with catch basins
5/14/09: Concrete for the creek
6/11/09: Residents' cleanup to precede creek work
6/25/09: Caring for the creek: Trash picked up, then restoration work starts
8/6/09: Boulder placement starts in creek work
8/20/09: Volunteering family adopts PV's 31st Street drainage
9/3/09: Pollution in Fountain Creek is for the birds: USGS study may actually incriminate winged creatures in failure to meet quality standards
9/10/09: Birds and Fountain Creek... Now what?
9/17/09: Reworking of Fountain Creek segment continues
12/3/09: Fountain Creek at least will get done, city says
12/10/09: Stormwater Enterprise has earlier demise

West Center/Westside Center
1/15/09: New offerings in West Center brochure
2/19/09: Will West Center have a home?
3/5/09: City Council initially dubious about BV site as new center
4/2/09: West Center move seen in June: 2010 time frame set aside as District 11 officials recognize need for space, separate PK-5 access
4/23/09: West's Cinco de Mayo also a farewell
4/30/09: Westside CARES to hold Immunization Fair
5/7/09: School board OKs deal to give West Center old BV site: City Council to act on plan at May 12 meeting
5/14/09: City Council has no problem with deal to move West Center
5/21/09: Move to cost West Center just 1 day: June 1 opening set at BV after weekend relocation
6/4/09: No longer just plans on paper: Center moves to BV; demo work begin
6/18/09: West Center jam session open to players
7/2/09: West Center settling into new locale
7/16/09: Photos sought for display at West Center
7/16/09: West Center works on outreach, new name
8/27/09: West Center to hold open house Aug. 28
9/3/09: West Center growing into new location
9/17/09: Meeting Sept. 22 for West Center community garden
9/24/09: Former West Middle School shuttle lands at West Center; funding sought
10/15/09: West Center's name will change if Parks Board action is upheld
10/29/09: Art exposure for teens at West Center
10/29/09: Spielman could be alone at West Center
11/12/09: New 'Westside' name official for center
12/3/09: City budget leads Rucker to retirement
12/29/09: Meadows Park director to run Westside Center also