EDITOR’S DESK: Merry Christmas – arm a teacher

       This is getting so old. Every time some narcissist nutball shoots people, the gun-control weenies come simpering around, hoping to pass new laws that bend the Constitution while everyone is still too grief-stricken to know what they're doing.
       What's this got to do with the Westside? Well, everything. I see elementary-age children every week. The very thought of a sicko turning a weapon on them - any kind of weapon... well, there are no words to describe it. I'm sure the people in Newtown feel the same way.
       But I'm talking about prevention here. I'm tired of our lives being misdirected by a bunch of utopians who want to feel good about themselves and government-control opportunists using them for cover. I do not want this to happen anymore. I do not want it to happen here. So when I say that your best Christmas present is to arm a teacher, I am not kidding around. Oh sure, no doubt District 11 has about 100 restrictions on that ever happening, but that's just it. Those rules don't work. It's obvious that the killers know where gun-free zones are. Does anyone who thinks about it for two seconds really believe that banning assault rifles and putting buzzers at school entrances is going to keep away a determined loon? And please don't give me that line that "it's a start." Did gun controls stop the terrorists on 9/11? Oh that's right, they used airplanes.

Westside Pioneer photo

       Did you know there was almost another mass murder right after Newtown? Some coward in San Antonio, Texas, had already shot a disliked co-worker, was chasing others and firing wildly when a movie theater security guard pulled her sidearm and did what was necessary to save lives. But you haven't seen this story, have you? Even the "new" Gazette has ignored it to suit their agenda.
       Same old, same old. But that needs to change.

- K.J.