Gold Hill completing 21st Street access

       Gold Hill Mesa is closing in on completion of its new access at 21st Street.

Heavy equipment was at work at Gold Hill Mesa last week, when the new road layout to access 21st Street was paved. The view here is from 21st Street, showing the new intersection allowing access from Gold Hill Mesa Drive into the Villa de Mesa community (behind the wall at rear right).
Westside Pioneer photo

       “We've got 90 percent of it done,” said Barry Brinton, the property manager for the 210-acre development residential/ commercial development. “But the last 10 percent will be hardest because we have to tie in everything.”
       The work has been going on for the past few weeks, with most of the paving done last week. The tie-in will include additional paving, curb work, a gas main connection and the removal of some bushes and two street lights, Brinton said.
       The estimated finish date is July 27 - which would be in time for the Aug. 3-19 Parade of Homes, an annual event which will again feature Gold Hill Mesa homebuilders. The last two years, Gold Hill developers have cut a temporary road off 21st to accommodate traffic for Parade visitors.
       “We're excited,” Brinton said. “It's going to look good, finally. That's how you're supposed to come into Gold Hill.”
       The access will link 21st to Gold Hill Mesa Drive, a street that has just been extended west within the development for that purpose. Under the present alignment, Villa de Mesa Drive goes straight from 21st into Villa de Mesa, a gated townhome development next to 21st. In the new alignment, the road will angle southeast from 21st onto Gold Hill Mesa Drive. Villa de Mesa residents will still have access from 21st, but only after turning off Gold Hill Mesa Drive.
       The new street layout was finalized last year after discussions between Gold Hill Mesa developers and the Villa de Mesa's homeowners association and eventual plan approval from the city.
       Technically, the realignment project won't be final until after the Parade of Homes, Brinton explained. That's when the last two inches of pavement overlay, which he called “toplift,” will be applied over the initial pavement layer.
       BMH Development Services is the contractor for the roadwork and Schmidt Construction Company is the paving contractor. BMH is also doing the prep work for 23 new townhome lots south of Gold Hill Mesa Drive, Brinton said.

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