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Articles by Subject

Featured Sections
Biz Buzz
1/13/11: Reception for landscape artist
1/20/11: Filming, artist's open house at restaurant Jan. 25
2/3/11: Towing/transport service opens
2/24/11: Bead shop: New name, familiar face
3/17/11: Spanish Colonial artists' reception
3/31/11: Simpich opens 'Pilgrim's Progress'
4/7/11: Neighborhood store in 100-year-old building
4/14/11: Bancroft Easter Egg Hunt April 23
4/28/11: Large handmade quilt on display
5/26/11: Tours of Old Town offered
6/2/11: New outdoor patio at market/restaurant
6/9/11: Restaurant now serving dinners
6/16/11: Business owner has part in movie
6/23/11: Art Walk July 1 in Old Town
6/30/11: Space Foundation begins GoG move
7/14/11: Templeton House likely to stay commercial
7/21/11: Space Foundation moves in; sign goes up
7/28/11: Shakespeare returns to Rock Ledge
8/4/11: Simpich to present 'Portraits'
8/18/11: Aug. 22 proceeds will go to employee
8/25/11: New owner for long-time auto repair shop
9/1/11: 2 more Sept. 2 Art Walk exhibits planned
9/15/11: MAT name change honors Harrison, Freese
9/22/11: Coat Drive lasting till Nov. 15
9/29/11: Homesteading information offered
10/6/11: Pumpkins, 'Plates' Oct. 15-16
10/13/11: New city liaison for OCC district
10/20/11: Smaller giant pumpkins this year
10/27/11: End of season for Farmers Market
11/3/11: MAT schedules 4 November shows
11/17/11: New business for baby needs
12/1/11: Street parking free on December Saturdays

Cobweb Corners
1/6/11: Some Manitou history
1/13/11: The treasure train
1/20/11: The county's first cars
1/27/11: Our wildlife visitors
2/3/11: The Grand Colorado Exposition
2/10/11: The Chinese in this area
2/17/11: The days when trash was burned
2/24/11: Chickens on the rampage
3/3/11: The Rio Grande's line to Manitou
3/10/11: Blazing interest in incinerator topic
3/17/11: The Midland's unique alliance
3/31/11: The man behind Cameron's Cone
4/7/11: A wind-driven disaster
4/14/11: The Denver, Texas and Gulf
4/21/11: Coal mining in the region
4/28/11: When cars were hot stuff in high school
5/5/11: The reluctant rich man
5/12/11: The stagecoach from Denver
5/19/11: The noisy but reliable 'Uncle Sam'
5/26/11: Did the elephant remember this?
6/2/11: All he wanted was a train to Divide
6/9/11: The man who owned Balanced Rock
6/16/11: The early automobile tourists
6/23/11: The Cripple Creek District, 1891
6/30/11: Different ways up the Peak
7/7/11: The Templeton Building
7/14/11: The Corley Mountain Highway
7/21/11: The mountain connection
7/28/11: French were too late for Coronado
8/4/11: Gold and the area's earliest towns
8/11/11: England: Where Palmer researched trains
8/18/11: Palmer's Ute Pass upgrade
8/25/11: Picnic trips when I was a kid
9/1/11: The traveling exhibit of 1891
9/8/11: More than one 'balanced rock'
9/15/11: When mail was delivered by train
9/22/11: The wreck train
9/29/11: The plaster mill fire of 1892
10/6/11: A day at the Midland station in 1908
10/13/11: Stagecoaches were big before trains
10/20/11: A new railroad for Colorado City
10/27/11: The mountain park
11/3/11: A weekend at Manitou Park, 1882
11/10/11: Glass Works once employed 200
11/17/11: The Glass Works disaster
11/23/11: Rail crossings safer now
12/1/11: The runaway freight car
12/8/11: The man behind Adams Crossing
12/15/11: Farewell to the story-teller
12/22/11: One last O'Keefe tale

Editor's Desk
1/6/11: Oh boy! A future with more regulations
1/13/11: Space - a Westside frontier
1/20/11: Tragedy and the media
1/27/11: Jackson leads the way
2/3/11: Mesa Springs: Help wanted
2/10/11: Public comment window dressing?
2/17/11: Your money's worth... and it's free!
2/24/11: When sports can't be denied
3/3/11: Proof of equal opportunity
3/10/11: Cooking up the pot-pourri
3/17/11: The week off is just a coincidence
3/31/11: If it's not Westside, it ought to be
4/7/11: Sharing was the intent, but...
4/14/11: This study really was for the birds
4/21/11: The meeting: Let's see how we roll
4/28/11: Once more, with feeling
5/5/11: A globally lukewarm endorsement
5/12/11: Not even the FOGGiest notion
5/19/11: Council: Put away the pom-poms
5/26/11: Another kind of T-Days fast draw
6/2/11: Territory Days - a grown-up field trip
6/9/11: Horses and bicycles - just passing through
6/16/11: Remembering our defenders
6/23/11: Strange doings in government-ville
6/30/11: That summery sheen
7/7/11: An appeal to our readers - that's you!
7/14/11: A bird's-eye view
7/21/11: Vittling up Rock Ledge
7/28/11: Equal-opportunity offending
8/4/11: The plan needs a better plan
8/11/11: Filling up the calendar
8/18/11: A good fit for the yellow jersey
8/25/11: Westside takes one for the team
9/1/11: 10 years, not forgotten
9/8/11: You too can be an open-spacer
9/15/11: Why offend just half the room?
9/22/11: Opposites that don't attract?
9/29/11: Behind the news deployment
10/6/11: The 2300 block's question mark
10/13/11: The joys of volunteering
10/20/11: The 'Spirit-less' awards
10/27/11: Living up to its name
11/3/11: Bigger vs. better
11/17/11: Another blow for City Parks
11/23/11: A thankful count of blessings
12/1/11: News can be surprising!
12/8/11: Here, while there's still daylight
12/15/11: The return of Big Bicycle
12/22/11: A short/long eight years

Guest Columns
1/6/11: JA comes to Jackson
2/3/11: At the goals workshop, by Chris Baum
2/17/11: Support for PPACG goals, by Ryan Lloyd
2/24/11: PPACG seen as 'useless', by Brad Collins
3/3/11: PPACG role 'important', by Sallie Clark
8/11/11: In defense of bike plan, by Gerrit Slatter and James Ramsey
11/10/11: Changes in Silver Key holiday efforts

2/24/11: Appreciated sewer-line stories from Terry Peet
2/24/11: A tribute from Dr. Lovell's children from John G. Lovell, Mark A. Lovell, Linda Lovell Boyd, and Mary E. Lovell
3/3/11: Column praise; a question for mayors from Dick Standaert
3/10/11: Merrifield seen as 'proven leader' from Kristen R. Downs
3/31/11: Two who support Czelatdko for D-3 from Betty Vogel and Sallie & Welling Clark
4/14/11: Sharrows to 'change culture' - how? From Brad Collins
4/21/11: Consider cyclists' need for safety from Gary Daniels-Gillam
4/21/11: Need some pigeon predators from Bob Nemanich
5/5/11: Not against bikes, just sharrows from Wes O'Dell
5/5/11: Scout effort for Fire Station 3 from William Hamilton
5/12/11: Bach criticized for being developer from Cyndy Kulp
5/12/11: No tax constraints good for Skorman from Jeff Eichengreen
5/26/11: 124 graduating from CSEC from Keith King
6/2/11: Support for bike giveaway program from Carla DeKalb
6/23/11: Appreciated Pioneer's coverage from Barbara Harris
7/7/11: Appreciated Ruth Vrooman memoriam from Ann Bonifas Snipes
7/7/11: Likes new look of Pioneer banner from Joseph Atencio
8/4/11: Lightning strike - appreciated firemen from MaryEllyn Taylor
8/4/11: Neighborhood say needed on bikes from Dave Hughes
8/11/11: Agrees with Pikes Peak as bike route from Joe Fabeck 8/11/11: Many bicyclists act 'arrogant' from Eugene and Nancy Orner
8/18/11: Bikes: lower priority from Corinne Roth
8/25/11: Actual utility bill would be higher from Al Brody
9/1/11: Race left 'tangible benefit' on Westside from Kurt Foster
9/22/11: Appreciation for parade help from Brian Kohls and David Engstrom
9/22/11: Small Dog Area overlooked from Paul Sundberg
9/29/11: 'Kids these days': CHS volleyballers from Stormie Wells
12/8/11: Thanks for story on cat rescue site from Sara Ferguson
12/15/11: Readers' drive generosity appreciated from Pat Dinsmore

Meet a Westside Pioneer
2/24/11: June (Borchert) Shelton
3/31/11: Janet Mall
4/21/11: Don (Donnie) Parker
5/26/11: Marve Muskwinski
9/29/11: Jim Clamp

Meet a Westsider
1/6/11: David McCarty
1/20/11: Sandy Hanzlian
1/27/11: Marge Gilliom
3/10/11: Ahriana Platten
4/7/11: Jason Stewart
5/5/11: Kim Walsh
5/12/11: Jim Corcoran
6/9/11: Marie Mueller
6/16/11: Carol Corcoran
6/23/11: Dawn Sandoval
6/30/11: Michelle O'Neill
7/7/11: Taryn Sweeney
7/21/11: Tiffany Paisley
8/18/11: Barbara Zytka
8/25/11: Judy Crowley
9/1/11: Johnny Russom
9/8/11: Roxanne Schnee
9/15/11: Nancy Orner
10/13/11: Wendy Booth
11/17/11: Debby Simpich
11/23/11: Jerry Tolve
12/1/11: Daniela Jaramillo

Nature Narratives:
1/27/11: Young bobcats on the hunt
2/10/11: Anticipating Bighorn Day
4/7/11: Flickers a sign of spring
4/28/11: Red-tailed hawk 'majestic'
6/16/11: Still loving region's views
8/11/11: The talkative Chickaree squirrel
9/15/11: September changes
11/10/11: The surprising scrub jay
12/15/11: Eclipsing moon sets over Garden

Westside Briefs
1/6/11: Miramont Castle talk at History Center
1/13/11: Literacy Center needs volunteer tutors
1/20/11: Nature Center orienting volunteers
1/27/11: Environmental education training
2/3/11: Talk discusses 'frozen' postcard
2/17/11: Schedule for DHS move to GoG Road
2/24/11: West Middle student best Optimist orator
3/3/11: Five bands at 3-day Mardi Gras
3/10/11: 'Go Green'/St. Pat's event at Gold Hill Mesa
4/7/11: 2 hillside fires stopped; some restrictions now
4/14/11: City announces annual pothole focus
4/21/11: Mesa Springs takes on street dump sites
4/28/11: RMFI begins spring work at Garden
5/5/11: Project to remove illegal GoG trail May 7
5/12/11: Apparent arson fire contained on 31st St.
5/12/11: Nature Center holds 'Stewardship Day'
5/19/11: 50-cent lunch at center is a fundraiser
5/26/11: Hill Climb presentation at History Center
6/2/11: June 11 start for Farmers' Market
6/9/11: Signs to come for new Midland Trail
6/16/11: Recycle/trash bins at Red Rock
6/23/11: Bancroft blues shows start June 30
6/30/11: First Fillmore overlay in 17 years
7/7/11: Fillmore: Pothole-patching defended
7/14/11: Hybrid light at 17th to aid pedestrians
8/4/11: Next presentation at Red Rock Aug. 10
8/25/11: 'Chile Chili' - new event at Rock Ledge
9/1/11: Free outdoor music series at Gold Hill
9/8/11: More county offices at Service Center
9/15/11: Free, first-time 'Great Parks' event at Bear Creek Park
9/22/11: Weed-eating goats in time for festival
9/29/11: OCCHS dinner at Carriage Stop
10/6/11: 'Dressing Mr. Lincoln' at OCCHC
10/20/11: 'Complications' extend water-line project
10/27/11: Halloween family event at center
11/10/11: 'Christmas Child' deadline approaching
11/17/11: 3 ArtSports gymnasts at Worlds
12/1/11: Several GoG Visitor Center events
12/8/11: Holiday Evening at Rock Ledge Dec. 17

Westside Schools
1/6/11: West SAIL info meeting at Tesla
1/20/11: Coronado places 8 on All-State Choir
1/27/11: West Elementary carnival Feb. 4
2/3/11: Bristol 'Night of Excellence' Feb. 10
2/17/11: 'Big top' theme for Bristol's annual Night
3/3/11: 'ABC Night' fundraiser for West Elementary
3/17/11: Math team from West Middle 9th at state
3/31/11: Bristol, Howbert, West in district choir April 2
4/7/11: Annual Westside choir show April 19
4/14/11: Coronado musicians reap awards
4/21/11: Craft Fair to aid CHS football team
4/28/11: AACL to hold Renaissance Festival
5/5/11: Fair raises $3,200 for Cougar football team
5/19/11: Bijou School student at conference
5/26/11: Some staffers retiring after school year
8/25/11: New staff at Westside schools listed
9/22/11: Bijou School car wash fundraiser
10/13/11: D-11 restarts on sale of old Bristol
10/20/11: CHS musicians benefit from 'Bazaar'
10/27/11: CHS: 1st double win at x-country regionals
11/3/11: Coronado volleyball hosts regionals
11/10/11: Coronado presents musical, '42nd Street'
11/17/11: Close to 100 at IB Family Night
12/1/11: Pizza night features West MS musicians

What do you do?
1/13/11: Paula Megorden
2/3/11: Dave Carlock
2/10/11: Donna Sheloski
2/17/11: Kim Skeeter
3/3/11: Spencer Argueta
3/17/11: Janice Rosebush
4/14/11: Stacy Thomson
4/28/11: Tracy Ritter
5/19/11: Suzanne Schorsch
6/2/11: Joanna Popiel
7/14/11: Frank Schmidt
7/28/11: Karen Holloway
8/4/11: Jim Butler
8/11/11: Harriet Landrum
9/22/11: Matthew Devenyns
10/6/11: Mary Boucher
10/20/11: Lari Trogani
10/27/11: Gail Pache
11/3/11: Jill Gaebler
11/10/11: JoAnn Trujillo
12/8/11: Donna Heikes
12/15/11: Denise Gutierrez
12/22/11: Erica Myer

Other Articles

3/3/11: Hit-and-run leads artist to auction works
5/26/11: Baalman's art: Predictable for its unpredictability
7/21/11: Prominent local artist rediscovered by military: Family continues Terrance Patterson's gallery on Westside
9/1/11: 7 sculptures on Westside for this year's butterfly event
11/3/11: Artists bring Studio Tour back for 9th year

Bear Creek Nature Center
4/7/11: Nature centers' new 'club' encourages outdoor activities
6/2/11: Lifelong outdoors interest for new Nature Center supervisor
12/8/11: Traveling bear exhibit at Nature Center

4/7/11: Bike/car 'sharrow' lanes on fast track for Colorado Avenue: Idea came from Tim Leigh, now councilor-elect
4/21/11: Public meeting on city's sharrow lane plans May 2
4/28/11: Slower going for Westside sharrow lanes: City Council wants second look; Bicycle Advisory Committee likes plan for 30th Street but not Colorado Avenue
4/28/11: Slower going for Westside sharrow lanes: 'Shared lane' not big enough for the both of them (bike and car)
5/5/11: City backs off from sharrow-designated routes... for now; Plan is to develop local guidelines first; council could vote on concept May 10
5/26/11: No obstacle seen for sharrow guidelines
6/16/11: It's official: Sharrows coming to Colorado Avenue
6/23/11: 2 city officials apologize to Pioneer for deadline oversight
6/23/11: Now W. Colorado is out: Surprise direction by chief of staff offers new twist for sharrows
6/30/11: Four Westside locations ID'd for sharrows in 2011

Boy Scouts
4/7/11: Scouting for high speeds
4/28/11: Fundraising under way to bring flagpole to Fire Station 3
6/9/11: Follow-up: Scout continues FS3 fundraising
11/3/11: This year, Holmes to host Scout 'college'
11/17/11: 3rd Scout university 'best one yet'

Buildings, New Construction, and Real Estate
2/3/11: City OKs subdivision plan for 3300 block of Kiowa
4/7/11: 'Victory' for neighbors as 7th Street access plan dropped
4/14/11: Village at Skyline seeks 101-unit expansion
4/28/11: Construction starts on first five Cathedral Ridge homes
5/5/11: Changes on south side of avenue's 1300 block
5/5/11: Moreno Ave. proposal would slightly change nonprofit's effort at same site to aid troubled youths
6/16/11: No question now about it being a remodel - backhoe tears out old Jorge's kitchen
7/14/11: Builder runs out of time on original Bristol property
7/14/11: CDOT seeks to buy, raze Express Inn: Land needed for future 8th Street interchange
7/14/11: Dueling fast-food proposals at 8th & Moreno shopping center
7/21/11: Older Westside house saved from demolition
8/4/11: Space Foundation sells 14th Street building to local social-service agency
9/22/11: Variance lets owner in center plan fast-food restaurant
10/20/11: Cathedral Ridge: 5 initial homes, with 1 a model and 1 under contract
10/20/11: Thanksgiving could see Jorge's being reopened
10/27/11: Restaurant plan taking shape for Roundhouse
11/23/11: Demo begins for Signature Point at Kissing Camels
12/1/11: Navigators finish restoring Glen Eyrie's first building
12/15/11: Uintah Bluffs is back - meeting Dec. 20
12/22/11: Uintah Bluffs developer unable to mollify nearest resident at meeting

Centennial Extension
7/28/11: Still a 'road to nowhere,' but segment of Centennial Boulevard about to be paved
10/13/11: MVS plans forming for Centennial, landfill

10/27/11: Osborne Trust divvies out $111,900 to nonprofits

3/10/11: Free conference on marriage issues Apr. 2
4/21/11: Easter church services listed
7/7/11: 150 years for Trinity: State's second-oldest Methodist Church to celebrate with 1800s-style picnic July 17
8/11/11: New pastor at Pikes Peak United Methodist

City Parks
6/23/11: City has flowers again - Genny Garden returns

County Parks
4/7/11: Dog Park cleanup scheduled April 16
4/28/11: Free exchange of spurges for native plants
6/9/11: County mulls putting park maintenance tax on ballot
9/8/11: $280K project to address 'ruff' spots at Dog Park
9/29/11: Strong turnout for 1st 'Great Parks'
10/13/11: Cornstalk sales could help bring back goats
10/20/11: Work starts on Dog Park upgrades
10/27/11: 500-plus goats return to Bear Creek Park
11/10/11: Paved lot completed at county's Dog Park
12/1/11: Goats still weed-eating on Westside

2/10/11: International bike race set to use Westside streets
4/7/11: Civil War anniversary event at Glen Eyrie
6/2/11: 1,800 cyclists possible for annual 'Spectacular'
6/9/11: Hoof and pedal: Prologue cycle race to start in GoG, then down avenue
6/9/11: Hoof and pedal: Range Ride to amble through Old Town for 1st time
6/16/11: Dump & Donate expands offerings in 7th year
6/23/11: Big turnout for expanded Dump & Donate Day
6/30/11: Glen Eyrie to host Patriots' Festival, timed for decade after 9/11 attack
8/11/11: How deep is your love for professional cycling?
8/11/11: Westside street, parking restrictions for Prologue
8/11/11: World's top cyclists set to roll through Westside Aug. 22
8/18/11: Prologue going as planned; anticipate driving detours
8/25/11: Prologue: fun race, but closures a pain; Westside just a pass-through for first-time cycling event; that could change next year
9/1/11: 2-time astronaut to be part of ceremony at Glen Eyrie Patriots' Fest
9/15/11: Glen Eyrie festival extols patriotism, honors heroes
10/6/11: Farmer's reunion
10/6/11: Hungry Farmer may be gone, but not forgotten by its former employees
11/23/11: 3 Westside locations on annual B&B Tour
12/15/11: Avenue again on route as international cycling race returns to Springs
12/22/11: World Time Travel Day - did you miss it?

Farmer's Market
9/22/11: Guilt by association?

Fillmore Project
5/19/11: 'Jump start' for design work on Fillmore
8/25/11: RTA to show new Fillmore design
9/1/11: Lingering questions from public on Fillmore plans
12/15/11: Fillmore corridor design updates revealed for Mesa Springs; public meeting Jan. 10

Garden of the Gods
1/6/11: Garden of the Gods gets low priority in city funding
2/3/11: 6th annual Bighorn Sheep Day at GoG center
2/17/11: Estimated 2,500 come to annual Bighorn Sheep Day
3/17/11: 'Extreme' cyclists suspected of building rogue trail at Garden: Also report of threatening note to city employee
4/7/11: GoG Visitor Center, Rock Ledge combine again for annual Earth Day event
6/2/11: Extra RMFI workday in social-trail effort at GoG
6/9/11: Free guided hikes, presentations for summer at GoG Visitor Center
9/8/11: Sept.-Nov. work dates on Garden trails
12/22/11: Lyda Hill's Christmas gift: her Visitor Center

Gold Hill Mesa
3/10/11: Gold Hill Mesa developers tweak their plans
4/21/11: Custom, 'net-zero' homes to be built at Gold Hill
6/2/11: Different 'Art on Mesa' at Gold Hill Mesa June 3
7/21/11: Gold Hill: Temporary road again
7/28/11: First step toward four-laning South 21st
7/28/11: No wall between Gold Hill, Villa de Mesa - that's the problem: Planning Commission scolds developer, still approves project requests; City Council next
8/4/11: Correction/Follow-up
8/18/11: GHM home puts energy savings on 'Parade'
8/18/11: Gold Hill postpones requests to city: Residents complain about communication, townhome emphasis
9/8/11: Musical refrains as summer wanes
9/15/11: GHM revised plan to council Sept. 27
9/29/11: 11th hour deals end Gold Hill appeals
11/3/11: Details emerge on Mesas wall pact - east side by June '12, all of it by June '14

3/17/11: Goodwill moving offices to GoG Road: According to schedule, by mid-2012 only presence left in Old Town will be retail store
10/6/11: Despite moving, Goodwill hopes it can influence future of 2300 block; Outreach begins to gather ideas from community
10/13/11: Goodwill completes remodel of retail store; adds new features
10/20/11: Goodwill invites public to Oct. 26 meeting on future of avenue's 2300 block
10/27/11: Encourage land buyers to be true to Westside, Goodwill hears
11/3/11: Goodwill retail store could move within 2300 block
12/8/11: Goodwill workers make wishes as move from Old Town nears

1/13/11: Achievability, publicity questions nag PPACG transportation plan update
1/20/11: A chance in the regional chair: During 2011, Clark hopes to make PPACG 'importance' clearer to citizens
1/27/11: Better 6 than 4? Public can vote in election for 2 more council districts
2/3/11: Car-reduction vision to PPACG board Feb. 9
2/10/11: Warned about federal $ loss, PPACG board OKs 4% greenhouse gas drop
2/17/11: Clark elected vice chair by CCI board
3/31/11: DHS opens for business on GoG Road
4/7/11: Arterial streetlights: budget cuts, then wire thieves
6/2/11: District 1's Hente elected 1st City Council president
7/21/11: PPACG finds consensus on top transportation goal, but not on the other 16
7/28/11: Neighborhood focus in city bike plan? Proposal by OWN's Clark not an immediate hit at Bike Committee meeting
9/15/11: More planning eyed for sustainability - $1.5M HUD grant
9/22/11: State rep wants ideas on bills
11/17/11: Councilmember uses YouTube videos to convey info, ideas
12/1/11; Chance to comment on regional draft will be 'sustained' till Dec. 23
12/1/11: Early Xmas? Surprised OCCHS learns of proposed $10K from city budget; Council also slates Rock Ledge for financial lift, but mayor has veto power
12/15/11: Mayor agrees to new $21K for Rock Ledge
12/22/11: No council override on mayor veto of OCCHS allocation

Groups and Clubs
2/24/11: National honor for local Corvette Club: Community service award includes $1,500 that will go to youth program
5/19/11: Hall rental part of fundraising for Shriners
7/14/11: New seniors agency forming on Westside
8/11/11: County seeks public's ideas for Strategic Plan update
9/8/11: Volksmarch Sept. 17
12/22/11: New Horizons plans meeting for prospective musicians

8/4/11: Life Network moving to site on King Street

Highway 24
8/11/11: PPACG board OKs state plan on Express Inn

9/15/11: Where have all the flour (mills) gone? Historian wants to know
11/3/11: Coins from territory days (1860s) subject of talk
12/8/11: How can it be No Man's Land when it was the apple of Charles Adams' eye?

3/10/11: Remember how it used to be?
4/28/11: Easter on the Westside

Humane Society
1/13/11: Humane Society to hike fees: Need to board more animals drives up costs

2/17/11: Drummers, choirs and history at library
2/24/11: All together now
5/19/11: Library, center cooperating on programs
6/16/11: How to add some flair to a hike
9/1/11: Reading outreach: Library teens help cast-off books find homes
9/15/11: Library doubles up on locations, events for Carnegie recognition

Local Businesses
1/27/11: New Thunder & Buttons owners want it as nice as when they dated there
2/3/11: Antlers up for the deer-ly departed
2/3/11: 'Eco' plan for Fairview Cemetery: Plans for 2-acre area proceeding, but no development money available now
2/17/11: And they don't spoil the broth: 14 cooks aren't too many in Old Town start-up business' shared kitchen
3/3/11: Anniversary feted with first juried show
4/7/11: Gift shop relocates to larger OCC storefront
4/7/11: OCC Library can picture 'Snapshot Day'
4/14/11: Stone Path extends nursery streak at site
5/12/11: Bedbugs, lawsuit - hotel for poor closes
6/16/11: Westside postcard company hangs tough despite modern technology changing vacationers' habits
6/30/11: Play a round, keep your pizza hot: Virtual golf/restaurant opens on N. Chestnut
7/7/11: Weekly dramatizations of the Old West being offered at restaurant through October
8/4/11: 'Queen' blooms in Old Town eatery
8/18/11: Remember when? Children of Cy and Bert Long share history of popular Westside restaurant and its 2 locations
8/25/11: Bargain Mart to close Red Rock store; lease cost increase blamed
10/20/11: People in need know PPCAA, but not all those who might be donors: New Westside business aided through program
11/3/11: Ruth Washburn Nursery School looks back on 50 years, last 38 on Westside
11/10/11: Benny the Barber marks 50-year milestone
11/17/11: New center helping stray cats find homes
11/17/11: The trick to being adopted

4/21/11: $10M veterans outpatient clinic to be built at Fillmore and Centennial

Mesa Springs
2/3/11: Not easy for Mesa Springs Association officers to find their replacements
3/10/11: New officers for Mesa Springs Association
8/11/11: Mesa Springs BBQ/picnic Aug. 20

6/16/11: 'Honor Flight' offers WW2 vets visit to 'their' memorial

Miscellaneous News
7/14/11: Recovered hawk begins search for past home
12/22/11: Westside Stories of the Year: Wrestlers pin top spot

1/20/11: Wulf steps down from PVNA after 6 years

No Man's Land
1/27/11: Avenue Merchants invite new focus on west-of-31st issues
2/10/11: Avenue Merchants' show of support: Business owners, residents, cops, candidates talk about ways to stop crime
5/26/11: Promising outlook for latest 'No Man's' grant plan
10/20/11: Businesses getting no relief in No Man's Land

Norris-Penrose Events Center
3/31/11: Something different at Norris-Penrose Event Center April 9: a rabbit show
4/14/11: Funnies with bunnies at Norris-Penrose
6/23/11: Positive vibes on first Range Ride through Westside
6/23/11: Ride for the Brand, chuckwagons at Norris-Penrose July 2
7/7/11: Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo July 13-16 at Norris-Penrose Center
7/21/11: Strong attendance again this year at Pikes Peak or Bust
9/8/11: Penrose Stadium to host high school X-country race

3/10/11: Patsy Hughes remembered for family loyalty... and cookies
4/14/11: Fran Staggs (1919-2011) - long-time business force in the Midland area
4/14/11: In memoriam: Clarice Lawson
6/2/11: In memoriam: Vernice Dunbar
6/23/11: In memoriam: Ruth Vrooman
9/8/11: In memoriam: Donald Obee
9/15/11: Glenn Chambon
10/6/11: Norm Clark, gas station exec and revitalization leader, dies
11/23/11: In memoriam: Paul Shepard
12/8/11: Velma Rogacki

Old Colorado City
1/6/11: Ice on the Avenue in Old Town Jan. 15-16
1/20/11: One slick cowboy
1/20/11: Popularity continues for OCCA's annual weekend 'Ice' event
3/31/11: 1st Old Town Art Walk of the year April 1
6/23/11: Austin-Healeys from across America coming to Bancroft
7/7/11: Austin-Healey Club puts on show in Bancroft Park
7/7/11: Blues back at Bancroft
7/7/11: The artistic process
8/4/11: Activities aplenty for Old Town's birthday
8/11/11: Classics returning to Old Town for annual Car Show
8/11/11: Sock Hop going 'all out' in second year
8/18/11: Founders would have felt right at home
8/25/11: 30% chance of rain chases off 5% of cars
8/25/11: 'Summertime, and the livin' is easy'
10/6/11: Scarecrow Days promotion moves on, despite vandalism
10/27/11: Smaller Safe Treats seen for Old Town Halloween
11/3/11: Scaled-down Safe Treats event proves popular
11/17/11: Santa in cabin, entertainers planned for holiday weekends in Old Colorado City
11/23/11: Season's last Old Colorado City Art Walk Dec. 2
2/24/11: The week that Cripple Creek was Old Colorado City
6/30/11: Flowery day in Old Colorado City as neglected barrels planted
   Historic District Merchants
1/20/11: 50 members strong, HDM moves into 2nd year
   Old Colorado City Associates
11/3/11: Long-time area businessman hired as OCCA exec director

   Old Colorado City Security and Maintenance District
9/8/11: OCC greens up... with 10,000 square feet of sod
Old Colorado City Historical Society
2/10/11: McFarland to give train talk at OCCHS Feb. 19
2/24/11: McFarland: A ride on the early Midland
3/31/11: Art preservation talk April 9
3/3/11: Surprises for organizer at first 'Writers Rave'
5/19/11: Descendants of Fosdick hear History Center talk
6/16/11: Hill Climb comes to History Center
6/16/11: Swint takes up reins of OCC Historical Society
6/30/11: Ice Cream Social - an appetizer for July history talks
7/21/11: Old news
8/11/11: 5 new players for this year's Cemetery Crawl
8/25/11: Record crowds, revenues highlight 14th annual Cemetery Crawl
11/3/11: Presentation in honor of Laura Belle's 150th b-day
11/17/11: At age 150, Laura Bell still a madam of mystery

OWN (The Organization of Westside Neighbors)
1/20/11: 3 seats open in annual OWN election Jan. 27
1/27/11: Design Guidelines copies still available
1/27/11: OWN sets forum for candidates Feb. 24
2/3/11: 3 re-elected to OWN board at annual meeting Jan. 27
4/7/11: OWN dates postponed as federal budget wrangling puts CDBG funding in question
6/23/11: OWN finally gets CDBG funding; next newsletter planned in July
6/23/11: Westside picnic at West Center this year
7/14/11: New setting for Westside Neighbors Picnic
7/28/11: Smaller picnic crowd in new center venue
7/28/11: The Westside is the BBQ side
10/13/11: Spirit Awards presentation Oct. 20
10/27/11: 'Neighborhood Improvement' honor adds to Spirit Awards
12/15/11: Trail and creek adoptions: OWN workday Dec. 17
12/15/11: What's wrong with this picture?
12/22/11: OWN holds first workday for trail/creek segment

2/10/11: Patsy Hughes, through the years
4/21/11: Finally seeing birth mom in Korea - 35 years after adoption
6/2/11: 'Not like a fairy tale:' Some happy news, some sad, as daughter, abandoned as infant, reunites with Korean birth family

1/20/11: Father, son remain in critical condition after fire destroys house
1/20/11: Slashed tires in 2100 block of W. Kiowa
1/27/11: Jackson Elementary, others aid Chesham fire survivors
2/10/11: 'Hat Day' highlight as Holmes students, families aid Chesham fire victims
3/10/11: Gold Hill's crime prevention officer about to transfer to Stetson Hills
3/31/11: A candid camera you don't want to be on
4/14/11: Officer Santos steps in as Gold Hill CPO
7/7/11: Fire above Gold Camp contained after 3 acres burn
9/29/11: After 61 years, a flagpole for Station 3: Eagle Scout project aided by donations, volunteer workers
11/17/11: Man arrested after daylight robbery of MMJ store on avenue
11/23/11: Two Westside fires in two days force four people from homes
12/8/11: 9 shots fired into store window

1/6/11: 2 in District 3 City Council race... but not the incumbent: Democrat Merrifield vs. Republican Czeladtko
1/6/11: 2 in District 3 City Council race... but not the incumbent: Paige decides to run for at-large post instead
2/17/11: 9 questing to be 'strong mayor'
2/17/11: Nearly all city candidates pledge to participate in OWN forum Feb. 24
3/3/11: 24 candidates get Westside exposure
3/3/11: District 3 candidates differ on collective bargaining
3/3/11: Voters to start receiving ballots March 11
3/17/11: Colorado Springs municipal election: Meet the City Council candidates
3/17/11: Meet the City Council candidates: AT-LARGE
3/17/11: Meet the City Council candidates: DISTRICT 3
3/31/11: Election: Mayor, 7 council seats, 2 ballot items
4/7/11: Czelatdko upsets Merrifield in D-3; mayoral run-off to be May 17 for Skorman, Bach
5/12/11: 'Strong mayor' election: Ballots due May 17
5/19/11: 'I will work hard every day' - Steve Bach elected Colorado Springs' 1st 'strong mayor'
9/22/11: Lisa C. responds to Hughes' broadsides
9/29/11: Follow-up
10/27/11: Background information provided for D-11 Board of Education candidates
11/3/11: Commissioner candidate challenges Clark
11/23/11: Sallie Clark to seek third commissioner term

1/6/11: Going to a better place... well, places
3/31/11: Proposal in for city's 1st single-stream processing plant

Red Rock Canyon
1/6/11: Bob Johnson new president of Friends of Red Rock
7/21/11: RRC workday July 30
9/1/11: Effort starts to 'integrate' RRC with new, neighboring open-space lands
9/22/11: Contemplative Trail upgrade
9/29/11: Trail map perusal at next RRC meeting
10/6/11: Trails in spotlight at special RRC confab: City's draft map proposes extensive changes, some on established paths
a href="Articles/111011/WhiteAcres.html" target="_Blank">11/10/11: Schism with city over White Acres easement proposal

Rock Ledge Ranch
5/26/11: Rock Ledge Ranch season-opening day June 4
6/9/11: Offspring on the way for 'Grandaddy' tree
6/9/11: Strong opening day for Rock Ledge season
6/23/11: Rock Ledge's new 'Abe' really can split logs
7/7/11: About 2,200 at Rock Ledge's Family 4th
7/7/11: Dear me! Did I hit you out of bounds?
7/21/11: Fiddles' vendor numbers up 25%
8/4/11: Finally a sell-out in 7th year for Rock Ledge music/culinary festival
8/18/11: 3rd annual EcoFestival at Rock Ledge Aug. 27
9/1/11: Globally hot bats in offing for Sluggers?
9/8/11: Holly Berry gifts from now on to 'preserve the restoration'
9/8/11: Lincoln can't save the day
9/8/11: Woodcutter 'wouldn't give up' despite paralysis from accident
9/15/11: Powwow back - to have twice as many tribes
9/22/11: 33rd Holly Berry Festival shrugs off early rainfall
9/29/11: After successful 1st year... Powwow grows some more
11/10/11: Cyclocross races make Rock Ledge debut Nov. 19
11/17/11: Follow-up: 'Fun' races at Rock Ledge Supercross
11/23/11: Positive reviews for 1st-time Rock Ledge cyclocross event

3/31/11: Talk may be cheap, but education isn't as District 11 mulls money-saving ideas
4/14/11: D-11 gives up quickly on idea for all-Westside K-6
4/28/11: Enrollment up on Westside since reconfig
5/12/11: 925 graduating in Westside's 5th, 8th, 12th grades
5/12/11: School staff, parents are involved in hiring new principals for Howbert and Jackson
8/4/11: Howbert, Holmes lead Westside in CSAPs
8/11/11: D-11 students returning to school Aug. 17
12/1/11: Schools' holiday performances coming up
12/15/11: Information nights for gifted students in D-11 during 'choice window'
   Academy for Advanced & Creative Learning
6/16/11: All of building freed up for Academy ACL
12/22/11: Academy charter sets January dates for school tours
   Bijou School
5/12/11: Bijou car show earns $900 for school
9/29/11: A real fund 'drive'
   Bristol Elementary
5/26/11: Bristol Elementary puts happy spin on school year's end
   Buena Vista Elementary
3/31/11: Lowering the bar
4/14/11: Buena Vista: 1,000 origami cranes offer good wish for Japan
5/5/11: 100th birthday planned for 98-year BV home
5/5/11: Buena Vista to present 6th-grade plan to school board
5/19/11: Nothing like going back to the old school to drop eggs from the third floor
6/2/11: BV receives 6th grade approval; offers idea for Rock Ledge 'partnership'
9/1/11: Wanted: Former BV staff, students for building's 100th
9/29/11: Historic BV site turns 100 this Saturday
10/6/11: A special day for the old school: 200, including lieutenant governor/ex-BV parent, enjoy building's centennial
   CSEC (Colorado Springs Early Colleges)
5/26/11: Student graduates from CSEC and from CTU
   Coronado High School
1/13/11: 3 Cougar bandsmen chosen for All-State
1/27/11: 6 from Coronado High orchestra merit All-State honors
2/3/11: Coronado High steers to first 1st place in Drive Smart
2/10/11: Coronado begins fundraising for 41st annual parade
2/24/11: The little school that could: Coronado wrestlers stay in 5A, win state
3/3/11: Robots gone wired: 3 units this year for Coronado robotics effort
4/14/11: Special award means Coronado robotics can go to nationals in St. Louis April 27-30
4/14/11: Von Thun becomes 5th at Coronado to win Boettcher award... and 2nd in his family
4/28/11: CHS PTA plays strong role in promoting 'Apple' candidates
4/28/11: Coronado's Hugill chosen for Crystal Apple award
4/28/11: Selection of Roya Mirhossaini gives Coronado 2 Boettcher winners for 2011
5/12/11: But will it float?
5/12/11: Cougar Chronicle: If you don't like the color of the news, make some of your own
5/19/11: Valedictorian Von Thun sets Coronado GPA mark; Feuerbach is salutatorian
8/4/11: Coronado's 2011 seniors' scholarships, honors listed
8/18/11: Strong student response to Coronado call for mentors
9/1/11: New Coronado student president getting parade organized
9/15/11: Eat a pancake - save the parade: New breakfast fundraiser in Bancroft before and during Coronado bash Sept. 24
9/15/11: No horsing around
9/15/11: Wake up, Westside! Coronado Cougars roar in for Homecoming Parade Sept. 24
9/29/11: 3 from Coronado High make Mayor's 100 Teens for 2011
9/29/11: Pancake Breakfast raises $1,252; annual Coronado parade overcomes obstacles
10/6/11: 2-day craft fair at Coronado will aid band, orchestra programs
11/10/11: Coronado girls volleyball in state's final 8 for first time since '02
11/10/11: The two sides of the net
11/17/11: Coronado volleyballers make state finals, then hit Cheyenne buzzsaw
12/8/11: The parade that time forgot: News flash: Coronado parade tradition started in '81, not school's 1st year
12/15/11: Coronado cheerleaders now among elite in state
   Holmes Middle School
4/7/11: 'Notable' night at Holmes
11/10/11: Holmes slams home its annual 'Penny Wars' fundraiser
   Howbert Elementary School
4/7/11: Howbert named 'Irwin' school for being among state's top 8%
6/30/11: 2 new Westside elementary school principals: Howbert post fulfills dream for Hawes
9/29/11: No more 'kiss and duck': New Howbert morning drop-off gaining kudos
12/15/11: Leaning toward a white Christmas
   Jackson Elementary School
2/17/11: Jackson Elementary art to go on display at Cottonwood
2/24/11: 'Interactive' cross-country bus stops at Jackson
5/19/11: Jackson School's principal retires after 21 years
6/30/11: 2 new Westside elementary school principals: Title 1 focus attracts Miller to Jackson
12/8/11: In the swing of the season
   Little School on Vermijo
7/28/11: Little School offers oasis in educational 'prairie'
   Midland Elementary
4/14/11: Midland Elementary students lead drive to add 200-plus books to school library
5/19/11: A year of school nearly under their belts
12/15/11: Can young kids learn French? Midland teacher says 'mais oui'!
   West Middle School
5/26/11: 6 West students beat the odds in nabbing $1,000 math scholarships
6/2/11: District 11 cuts $305,000 in 'redundant' jobs at West building
   West Elementary
2/10/11: West Elementary carnival: Many miss discounts, still come
2/17/11: West Elementary bracing to lose extended school day; Tight budget in D-11 and stimulus $ going away
3/17/11: 1st president good as new at West Elementary
10/13/11: 'Low ropes' comeback at West
12/1/11: Better plan for West after higher CSAP scores

1/6/11: Welcome winter
10/20/11: Who says you need to go to the mountains?
10/27/11: The Guinness record may have to wait
11/17/11: Going to the four winds

Section 16
1/13/11: Master plan this year for new open spaces (Section 16 and White Acres)
6/9/11: How to add some flair to a hike
6/9/11: Volunteers help city with trail in Section 16
6/30/11: Talks, walks, surveys help start master plan process for White Acres, Section 16

Silver Key
2/24/11: Silver Key CEO in 'pretty sudden' resignation; no change in senior services
3/10/11: Robin McGrath named interim CEO at Silver Key
3/10/11: Silver Key transportation service gets good news: ACT grant, supplemental RTA money
6/23/11: Bikers hold 'Silver Key Run' June 25
6/30/11: Silver anniversary golden for Silver Key Run
8/4/11: Silver Key hires CEO with profit/nonprofit background
8/18/11: Volunteer honors

Space Foundation
1/13/11: Space Foundation plans GoG corridor move in May

1/13/11: ArtSports adds second internationally known coach
8/4/11: 4 ArtSports trampolinists qualify to compete at world event in London

Territory Days
5/12/11: No cure for 'gold fever' on this wall
5/19/11: Avenue to close for event Friday evening, May 27
5/19/11: Band with #1 song at T-Days: Thompson Square headlines annual festival May 28-30 in Old Town
5/26/11: Territory Days Cover Art
6/2/11: Another 'blow-out' for T-Days

Trails and Open Space
2/3/11: 7 years later, Midland Trail being extended through Westside
3/31/11: Fountain Creek footbridge installed as Midland Trail work continues; bids sought for Phase 2
5/5/11: Midland Trail taking shape in 3 areas
7/14/11: Trail under 26th Street bridge
7/14/11: Trail's 26th St. underpass under way
7/21/11: Next talk in open-space series July 27
9/8/11: 100-plus at confab on open space
9/15/11: Bridges, sidewalks mark continued work on Midland Trail extension
9/15/11: Bridge, suspended
11/10/11: City Parks ices RRC master plan, starts new process to gain back 'trust'
11/17/11: City Parks' TOPS boss resigns to 'be a mom'; 3rd department higher-up to leave in past 2 years
12/15/11: Trail and creek adoptions: Plenty of space available

1/6/11: Ramp, pad installations on Route 14
1/6/11: With $2M more in 2010, Mountain Metro will improve what it can
1/13/11: Vote to continue RTA seen in November 2012: Could mean quicker completion of Centennial
1/13/11: Work starts on retaining walls in Manitou Blvd. project
1/20/11: Left-turn lanes to be longer on Highway 24 at 26th Street
1/27/11: Nice stop
3/3/11: CDBG funds planned for Monument St. sidewalk
3/10/11: Street closure this weekend
4/7/11: New concrete for 16th Street
4/7/11: Start date nears for 26th&24 project
4/14/11: 7-hour transportation open house at PPACG offices April 19
4/21/11: Construction starts on left-turn lanes at 26th Street & Hwy 24
4/21/11: Drainage, concrete upgrades around AACL
4/21/11: Westside on RTA's grid for concrete
5/5/11: Completion of left-turn safety project at 26th & Hwy 24
5/12/11: 'Hybrid pedestrian beacon' could replace no-longer- needed stoplight at 17th
6/23/11: New place to stroll
8/4/11: City starting to decide on projects for RTA sequel
8/11/11: Keep clear of the big hole in the street
8/11/11: Pedestrian-friendly light at 17th & Colorado
9/15/11: New overlays throughout older Westside
9/22/11: Midland at last to bid farewell to 'temporary' Broadway-Calvert bump-outs from 2006
10/6/11: City: 21st Street island will help with traffic safety issue
11/23/11: From ads to no ads and back again (maybe): the saga of West Colorado Avenue's bus benches
11/23/11: OWN cites 21st St. island in request to mayor, council for more Traffic Engineering outreach

1/6/11: After holidays: Prime time for sewer-line work
1/27/11: Sewer-line symmetry
2/10/11: How to save on sewer service-line repairs
2/17/11: Utilities advice: Watch out for roots and think 'trenchless'
3/3/11: Fillmore to close for 2 days between Straus and Centennial for water-line project
3/3/11: Gas-line upgrades near completion
3/10/11: Utilities Board (City Council) has revamped policy established after Westside sewage backup in 2004
3/10/11: Utilities provides additional info about weekend closure of Fillmore Street
3/17/11: Good weather, no 'hitches' in water-line project allow Fillmore to reopen a day early
3/31/11: Sewer line being relocated from Douglas Creek
7/28/11: Westside seeing evidence of citywide utility-pole project
8/4/11: Water-line replacement to start Aug. 9 at Broadway/21st
9/22/11: Centennial water work: 1 lane each way
10/6/11: But think how good that water will taste!
10/13/11: New 'clean coal' technology at Martin Drake
11/23/11: Water-line work wrapping up on Chesham

9/22/11: 'Difference Day' projects need help
10/6/11: 'Service' day targets 12 Westside sites
10/13/11: No weather clause for 'Day of Service'

4/14/11: Where's a study when we need one? Manitou says pigeon population down
5/12/11: Fixes found for forlorn Fountain Creek fragment from '02-03 SCIP project
10/6/11: Tall order for trimming as city delays on Camp Creek ditch

Westside Center
1/6/11: New offerings for new year at Westside Center
2/3/11: Westside Community Center plans Feb. 12 event, seeks gardeners: '2nd Saturday' offers sports, games, design activity for teens
2/3/11: Westside Community Center plans Feb. 12 event, seeks gardeners: 40 spaces remain at Westside Community Center garden
2/17/11: 'Fourth Saturday' event for families at Westside Center
3/3/11: First 'Family Fusion' function finds fun
3/31/11: Growing season's not far off
3/3/11: Waiting list now for Westside Center garden
5/5/11: Volunteers mentor young readers at Westside Center
5/26/11: Peak Vista brings Care Mobile to Westside Center
6/2/11: Summer schedule starts up at Westside Center
6/30/11: 1st-year garden at Westside Community Center greens up
7/14/11: Technology aids paint-by- numbers project at West Center
8/11/11: Westside CARES' garden plots treat needy to fresh food
8/11/11: Westside Center Mural
9/15/11: Nurse center, gaming room for teens latest offerings at Westside Community Center
11/23/11: Health fair at Westside Center: Free screenings, 80904 report by UCCS nurses
12/1/11: Westside Community Center can finally open fitness room
12/8/11: Study by nursing students includes ideas for center
12/22/11: The lady from the North Pole