Lincoln look-alikes at Coronado

       Abraham Lincoln, with his black top hat and no-mustache beard, may be the most immediately identifiable U.S. president.

Which one looks the most like Abe Lincoln? A. All of them. B. None of them. C. Huh? Coronado students in the hallway Feb. 10 puzzle over bearded/hatted staffers (from left) Sergio Delourenco, Jim Hoy, David Engstrom and Grant Stoughton.
Westside Pioneer photo

       Putting that to the test Feb. 10 - two days before the Civil War president's 203rd birthday - were six Coronado High School staffers, led by Principal David Engstrom. Sporting top hats plus beards they'd been growing since first semester, they posed together for a time in the first-floor hallway of the school's Academic Building.
       During a passing period, as students ambled by on their way to classes, several grinned in recognition or made comments to the bearded group. Others seemed oblivious, in a hurry or careful to avoid eye contact.
       “Some of us were looking for ways not to shave over holiday break,” Engstrom said, half-jokingly, when asked about the display, then added more seriously that it was “a way to honor the president.”
       Engstrom was joined by Darin Smith, assistant principal; Sergio Delourenco, dean of students; Jim Hoy, building manager; Grant Stoughton, English teacher; and Patrick Dosch, chemistry teacher.
       The original hope had been for more participants. “We put it out to everyone, even to see if women wanted to buy Lincoln beards,” Engstrom said. “but no one took us up on it.”
       The idea stemmed from a student government suggestion a couple of years ago for a “full-beard February,” he said. “This year we had a 'no-shave November, and over the holidays they were Bronco beards.”
       Engstrom added that “it can be a little silly during the school year.”

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