Westside schools:
New 2012-13 staffers listed

       The following lists the new educational staff at each District 11 school on the Westside.
       Bristol: Wendy Zimmerman, third grade (she was a student teacher); Emily Slothower, fourth grade; Sherri Sawyer, part-time teacher learning coach (TLC); Sally Amerine, part-time English Language Learning (ELL); Julie Sheppard, part-time ELL; Celeste Hausner, special education; Michael Hanson, Suzuki violin; Sarah Lewis, orchestra.
       Buena Vista: Heidi Sales, Upper Elementary (ages 9-12 - she was teaching Primary); Marissa Tiroly - Primary (ages 3-5); Kim Keul, Lower Elementary (ages 6-9); Whitney Mason, special education; Marianne Major, office assistant.
       Howbert: Pamela Bates, special education; Lynn Noble, speech pathologist; Vickie Noreen, gifted and talented; Marilyn Fife, ELL; Shari Tighe, kindergarten aide; Jeanne Williams, speech pathologist; Michelle Youngblood, second grade (for first semester; Sandra Moncada will return second semester).
       Jackson: Lupe Zelones, first grade; Dilys Brundage, first grade; Toby Lefere, fourth grade; Sheonaid Vanderzwan, special education; Mike Ferguson and Nancy Roe, tutors. NOTE: Fifteen-year building manager Don Oldes passed away Aug. 20. A memorial service was held at a local mortuary Aug. 29, followed by a celebration of his life after school that day at Jackson.
       Midland: Kira Bailey, nurse; Al Everett, physical education; Jessica Morgan, speech; Amy Swartz, literacy resource teacher.
       West: Carol Ruminski, speech; Paul Yenne, educational assistant; Jean Mehlhop, library technology technician; Don Metz, teaching learning coach; Marty Wilshusen, interventionist (returning after a two-year family break).

       GRADES K-8
       Academy for Advanced & Creative Learning: Dan Taylor, Division 4 (grades 5-6); Daiva Cooper, Division 4; Karissa Rhytting, Division 5 (grades 7-8); Michelle Freddolino, special education.
       Holmes: Yann Ulrich - vice principal; Kelly Gross, sixth-grade math/science; Steve Hinojos, seventh-grade language arts/social studies; Rob Dolce, seventh-grade math/social studies; Rachel Schisler, reading/ math tutorial; Tawni McGinnis and Matt Brennan, educational assistants; David Spruill, building manager; David Martinez, custodian; Lola Lauricello and Kira Bailey; nurses.
       West: Jari Sims, literacy tutor; Jean Melhop, LTT.
       Coronado: Marjan Arjomandi, math; Amos Velasquez, social studies; Trevor Peterson, special education; Patty Weed, French; Karen Petersilie, administrative assistant; Thomas DeLuca, campus security.
       Bijou (alternative): Rozx Gallegos, art.

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