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Articles by Subject

Featured Sections
Biz Buzz
3/18/04: 5 new businesses on Westside
4/22/04: Adams converts; Artazia relocates
4/29/04: Goodwill unveils new slogan
5/13/04: New store to open after rebuilding from '02 fire
5/27/04: City OKs Craddock loft plan
6/3/04: Mural coming at Rocky Mountain Natural; CIMT starting non-profit to battle human slavery; Breadbox fetes year 1
6/10/04: Fillmore-Centennial zoning amended
6/17/04: Westside handyman honored; Indian Hills Village set for groundbreaking
7/8/04: Upgrades at Thirsty's, Auto Star
7/15/04: Tunnel 'entrance' featured in unit
7/29/04: Bank donates 'video wall' to AFA; B&B gains award
8/5/04: Artist at Maketi; BBQ concert series
8/12/04: New manager, sign, workshop, fruit
8/19/04: Pioneer AP at King Soopers Aug. 21
9/2/04: New mural decorates tamale shop
9/23/04: New bistro, glass shop open
10/21/04: 30th Street businesses still open
11/24/04: Learn about Native American baskets
12/2/04: Thunder & Buttons II opens; bands scheduled on weekends
12/9/04: Kite and ski store relocates to Westside
12/16/04: Murals, charity concert, new car wash
12/30/04: 2 grand openings scheduled

Cobweb Corners
2/5/04: Introducing 'Cobweb Corners'
2/19/04: The Pikes Peak Signal Station
2/26/04: Who were the Merry Maids?
3/4/04: A winter trip on the old Midland
3/11/04: Visits from the March King
3/25/04: The railroad's marching band
4/1/04: From a club to a fire station
4/15/04: The Storm of '99
4/29/04: Colorado City schools of old
5/6/04: The forgotten cemetery
5/20/04: Remembering Ramona
5/27/04: Schools and street names
6/3/04: Chasing your house
6/10/04: The old-days post office
6/17/04: Have you seen Woody?
6/24/04: The value in old pictures
7/1/04: From rails to backyards
7/8/04: Spanish names not easy for some
7/15/04: Colorado Springs in 1873
7/22/04: The West's early explorers
7/29/04: The old Pikes Peak weather observers
8/5/04: The first streetcar west
8/12/04: Early Colorado City
8/19/04: The Westside railroad stations
8/26/04: What were they thinking?
9/2/04: Remember the chug races?
9/9/04: A walk on the Avenue: Part 1
9/16/04: A walk on the Avenue: Part 2
9/23/04: A walk on the Avenue: Part 3
9/30/04: A walk on the Avenue: Part 4
10/7/04: A walk on the Avenue: Part 5
10/14/04: A walk on the Avenue: Part 6
10/21/04: When postcards came into fashion
10/28/04: Colorado City businesses of 1892
11/4/04: Colorado City's businesses in 1902
11/11/04: Colorado City's businesses in 1912
11/18/04: Those changing street names
11/24/04: The glass works
12/2/04: The Ute Pass Paint Company
12/9/04: The smells of the holidays
12/16/04: The Gardiner tents
12/23/04: Colorado City's first park
12/30/04: Things we remember

Editor's Desk
1/5/04: So let’s exchange,already
1/15/04: No discouraging words heard
1/22/04: Kudos to our councilman
1/29/04: On 'repositioning' Station 3
2/5/04: All the fitting news
2/12/04: Running with the gaggle
2/19/04: Better before bigger
2/26/04: The importance of dancing
3/4/04: Strength in numbers
3/11/04: A (happily) unassuming parade
3/18/04: Otherwise, a great parade
3/25/04: A week personality
4/1/04: Going the distance
4/8/04: Talking to our soldiers
4/15/04: Keeping up with the flood
4/22/04: A melting pot's ingredients
4/29/04: Midland teaches 'rithmetic
5/6/04: Can't we all just trail along?
5/20/04: The community... and crime
5/27/04: Going with the Territory
6/3/04: 'No' on Parenthood expansion
6/10/04: Civil servants... score!
6/17/04: A good place for the Games
6/24/04: Definitely a historical road
7/1/04: Half a year and gaining steam
7/8/04: On lighting a cyberpath
7/15/04: Bancroft Park a tough issue
7/22/04: Republicans should vote for Clark
7/29/04: 'No' on independent Utilities board
8/5/04: On candidates and online
8/12/04: Historical,not hysterical
8/19/04: Invite Bill and Ted to the Crawl?
8/26/04: Bruce is not the bad guy here
9/2/04: Storm clouds part for Red Rock
9/9/04: Nostalgia comes easy this time of year
9/16/04: Doing some 'campaigning'
9/23/04: Whittier is turning things around
9/30/04: Where do Westsiders shop?
10/7/04: From unassuming to inexplicable
10/14/04: That small-town feeling
10/21/04: Parks policy hurts Historical Society
10/28/04: District 11... Who loves yuh?
11/4/04: No struggle to fill space
11/11/04: Music to our ears?
11/18/04: Do you suppose he's worthy?
11/24/04: Thanksgiving and the Honor Tree
12/2/04: A tragedy in any season
12/9/04: Kayaking, anyone?
12/16/04: On Santa and simmering subjects
12/23/04: Signs of hope for Westside schools
12/30/04: Here's to our first year

Editorial Campaign
9/16/04: Pedestrian overpass could lessen Midland isolation from Old Colorado City

Guest Columns
3/18/04: Schools without principals By Pamela Staley
5/13/04: Questions about CU Gold By By Jean Cross, Ph.D.

In their own words
2/19/04: 'Skip' Sherbak - rail man, boxer, sailor, TV repair shop owner
9/9/04: Tom Stephenson - cowboy, surveyor, businessman, preacher

1/5/04: 'George Bailey still moves U.S.' from LTC. Randy C. Fritz
1/15/04: Enjoyed first issue of the Pioneer from Joanne Sovinsky
1/22/04: From Jack and Beverly Patterson and Bill and Lynda McNally
1/29/04: Newspaper 'fills a real need' from John Morris
2/5/04: Appreciated Midland Article from Lara Buhl
2/19/04: Thank you for Midland IB story from Miss Kooyer's magnificent class
2/26/04: from Corky and Becky McCormack
3/18/04: 'In-depth and accurate' from Barbara K. Bishop
3/25/04: 'Thanks for the great coverage' from Helen Muterspaugh
4/8/04: Westside: 'Many things going on' from Maloa Current Read
4/22/04: Agency 'overwhelmed with volunteers' after story in Pioneer from Karen Weber
5/6/04: 'Even-sided approach' appreciated from Barbara K. Bishop
6/10/04: Thanks for school support from Joe Madril
7/1/04: From Michelle Godec, Rose Kliewer, and Diane Fabeck
7/22/04: Enjoyed article on RTA from Dan Stuart
8/26/04: From Don Ellis, Tim Zahn, and Lou Bassetti
9/9/04: Gold Camp: All vs. some? from Don Stowe
9/16/04: 'Manitou solution' is working from Kitty Clemens
10/7/04: Lambert is unsung volunteer from Gretchen Lambert
10/21/04: Letters: from Georgia Thompson
10/28/04: No public process on Bock house demo from Don Ellis
11/4/04: Liked wheel-chair ramp article from Vickie Hilty
11/11/04: Coverage aided Rock Ledge from Jan Butters
11/18/04: From Deb Komitor and Michael J. Kazmierski
11/24/04: 'Well-rounded' community paper from Laura Marth

Meet a Westsider
1/5/04: Alberto Leopizzi
1/15/04: Julianne Rist
1/22/04: Kelly Muse
1/29/04: Chris Peacock
2/5/04: Jim Keeney
2/12/04: Candice Smith
2/19/04: Richard Lambert
2/26/04: Patti Mulkey (and Isaiah)
3/4/04: Bill McNally
3/11/04: Cecie Weldon
3/18/04: Scott Thompson
3/25/04: Bruce Bratt
4/1/04: 'Rusty'
4/8/04: Cheryl Green
4/15/04: Patty Barnes
4/22/04: Nicole Nuanes
4/29/04: John Simpson
5/6/04: Doug Haug
5/13/04: Vickie Hilty
5/20/04: Eugene Red Hawk Orner
5/27/04: Edward W. Schoch
6/3/04: Sheila Baca
6/10/04: Sandy Higginbotham
6/17/04: Karen Jones
6/24/04: Tom Hendrix
7/1/04: Edna M.Schoch
7/8/04: Pat Criscito
7/15/04: Trent Gary
7/22/04: Sandy Fitzpatrick
7/29/04: Julie Sasinka
8/5/04: Bill Schnick
8/12/04: Patsy Hughes
8/19/04: Mark Humphrey
8/26/04: Ross Fontecchio
9/2/04: Jim England
9/9/04: Dana Phillips
9/16/04: Maureen Nelson
9/23/04: Patty Strauch
9/30/04: Bob Dwyer
10/7/04: Susan Libretti
10/14/04: Karon Downing Burch
10/21/04: Gary Hassig
10/28/04: Cretee Nemmer
11/4/04: Gregg Howson
11/11/04: Marcella Ruch
11/18/04: Mike Dabroski
11/24/04: Kindra Dale
12/9/04: Chris Plunkett
12/23/04: Neil C. Luehring
12/30/04: Bo Hamilton

Messages from the Front
12/16/04: Christmas by any name

Mystery Photos
3/25/04: Mystery photo contest - win a free lunch!
4/1/04: Research is the difference for Mystery Photo winner
7/1/04: Mystery photo #2

Old Town art scene
9/16/04: What's so funny? Ask Rick Lewis' elephants

Westside politickin'
6/10/04: Apparently no Demo D-3 candidate
6/17/04: 'Sundae with Sallie' June 20 in Mtn. Shadows
7/1/04: Heimlicher endorses Clark in county's District 3
7/8/04: Clark schedules 'Sundae' events July 11, 18
7/15/04: Gloriod talks taxes at Optimist confab
7/22/04: Merrifield walks precincts; Clark gains Bensberg endorsement
7/29/04: Merrifield says Republicans' finance charges 'desperate'
8/19/04: 4 state reps join Merrifield in walk
8/26/04: McElroy out of District 3 race
9/2/04: Merrifield, Lambert disagree on 'crisis'
9/9/04: Lambert walking neighborhoods
9/16/04: Merrifield, Lambert on the stump
9/30/04: Merrifield honoria face scrutiny
10/14/04: Cookies, BBQ offered by Lambert, Merrifield
10/21/04: Lambert, Merrifield take different tacks opposing negative ads

Westside Schools
8/12/04: Hugill gains Boettcher recognition; various back-to-school events planned
8/19/04: Open houses scheduled in District 11
8/26/04: New staff listed for Midland, Bristol, West, Bijou
9/16/04: District 11 open house during Sept. 23 school day
10/14/04: Honor for CHS student; 'glory trip' for teacher
11/24/04: CHS' Nash signs for Evansville

What do you do?
5/13/04: Dustie Flynn
6/3/04: Nancy Stovall
7/1/04: Carl Malone
7/15/04: Bill Niehus
7/22/04: Curtis Noriega
8/12/04: Dave Verdu
9/2/04: Marcia Frye
9/23/04: Theresa Valerio
10/7/04: Deanna Kisel
11/4/04: Darcy Mazel
12/2/04: Ken Cronin
12/16/04: Santa Claus

Other Articles
Bear Creek Nature Center
7/8/04: Philharmonic Classical quartet to play for Bear Creek Nature Center visitors July 18
7/29/04: State award honors rebuilding of Bear Creek Nature Center
9/16/04: Everest climber at Bear Creek Center Sept. 24
10/7/04: Bee nice if you want some honey
10/21/04: BBB honors Bear Creek Nature Center
12/2/04: Annual Bear Creek Nature Center Open House Dec. 11
12/16/04: Open house culminates teddy bear drive

Beidleman Nature Center
1/22/04: New life for Beidleman Center
2/26/04: Catamount signs on for Beidleman Center
3/25/04: Catamount moving into Beidleman, preparing for first program
4/15/04: Fishing for a reading
6/17/04: Catamount pleased with Beidleman Center ECO-DAY
7/15/04: Bruce-Fritz new head of Catamount Institute
8/5/04: Volunteers sought for Beidleman Center's Keepers program
12/16/04: Beidleman Center update provided in letter to Friends from their president

1/15/04: Early sales encouraging for Westsider's horse-racing book
8/5/04: Gardening book to help with scholarships
12/9/04: 3 authors to sign their books at History Center Dec. 19

Buildings and New Construction
1/15/04: OWN begins building tally
1/22/04: More room for mail
2/19/04: Homes being trucked in to fill out Broadway Bluffs subdivision
2/19/04: Just dropping into the neighborhood
2/26/04: Work on controversial townhomes underway
3/4/04: Free home repairs offered on Westside
3/11/04: Washburn embarks on expansion
3/11/04: What are all the grown-ups waiting for?
4/8/04: Medical campus planned on Fillmore hill
4/29/04: Public work complete in Crown Hill Mesa
5/13/04: Indian Hills approved by Planning Commission
7/1/04: Development south of Centennial
7/15/04: Late August eyed for Washburn completion
7/22/04: Planners to meet public at proposed redevelopment at 3162 Colorado Avenue
9/2/04: Several W. Colorado property upgrades planned
9/9/04: Construction resumes at Creekview Townhomes
9/16/04: Uphill struggle
9/23/04: 1621 W. Colorado Ave. facelift zips through Planning Commission, goes to City Council Sept. 28
10/14/04: 140-unit private subdivision being built above Midland area
10/21/04: Indian Hills Village townhomes still in the works; owner needed to update plan
11/11/04: Adding 2nd floor on OCC building gains Planning Commission OK
11/11/04: Greccio receives grant from Realtors' foundation
11/24/04: 120-unit townhome project going up on 21st St.

11/11/04: Project to aid quadriplegic begins
12/23/04: Retrofitting completed for Lanosga home

Christmas Time
12/2/04: Talking, dancing snowman distracts reporter in hunt for 'hot' story
12/9/04: Listening to a Christmas wish
12/16/04: Santa wows Old Town; carols in Bancroft Park Dec. 17-18
12/30/04: Singing for Christmas... and to beat the cold

City Parks
3/11/04: Mountain lion sightings reported near Pioneer Park
4/22/04: Heimlicher seeking flower volunteers
5/13/04: Security Girl Scout troop adopts Blunt gardene
5/20/04: Volunteer flowers in at Thorndale
6/17/04: Colorizing Blunt Park
8/5/04: Thorndale garden is Springs in Bloom finalist
8/12/04: Budget cuts close all but 1 park restroom on Westside
8/12/04: In full flower on the Westside
9/2/04: Stagecoach staying put at Thorndale Park
10/7/04: Flowers to be available when 'Genny' garden taken down Oct. 11 at Thorndale Park
10/14/04: Confluence Park - a new place to play
10/21/04: City hopes would-be Bancroft renters will understand 'sensitivities'
11/4/04: Big event for kids goes smoothly in Bancroft Park
11/11/04: No blood yet in battle for Bancroft
12/9/04: City official corrects himself on rental-cost info
12/9/04: Confluence kayaking: Planned, but unlikely

County Parks
5/27/04: Goats vs. sprays
7/22/04: Weeds chomped, sprayed as County Parks contest begins

Dave Hughes
1/29/04: From West Point to the Westside
6/3/04: Hughes honored at West Point
7/29/04: Another honor for Hughes
9/30/04: Hughes back on OWN board after 20 years

7/1/04: Weekly Little London Winds shows in Manitou's Soda Springs Park
7/22/04: Learning to dance isn't square
11/4/04: Square dance for charity Nov. 13

1/5/04: 3 Westside B&Bs help raise $1,111 for OCCHS in annual tour
1/5/04: Happy New Year, happy new paper
2/5/04: And the horn is blowin' that sound
2/5/04: Feb. 25 deadline for entrants in St. Patrick's Day Parade
3/4/04: 21st annual St. Patrick's Day Parade March 13
3/11/04: Gunslingers/Re-Enactors to put on show at parade
3/11/04: What's that coming down the street? Parade entrants listed
3/18/04: 28,000 on hand for St. Patrick's Day Parade
3/18/04: When winter seems worthwhile
3/25/04: Easter Egg Hunt on Westside April 3
3/25/04: Passing the tiara
4/1/04: Easter Bunny sighting in Bancroft Park
4/1/04: Multicultural event at West April 21 features range of ethnic offerings
4/1/04: Starsmore Center opens for season
4/8/04: Getting pretty for Easter
4/8/04: Still a thrill
4/15/04: Alzheimer artists reception set April 22
4/15/04: Grand Prix races at Garden May 1
4/22/04: Tickets still available for OCCHS' Victorian Tea and Fashion Show
4/29/04: New dates set for four snowed-out Westside events
6/17/04: Busy Mann has 6 bicycles
6/17/04: Midnight riders to cycle through Westside for June 19 Starlight Spectacular
6/24/04: 'Spectacular' breaks registration record
7/8/04: Westside Pioneer announces circulation increase, web site
7/15/04: MS pledge riders take in Westside
7/22/04: County Fair queen graces Westside
9/16/04: Sept. 18 - just try to do the whole schedule
10/28/04: Halloween busy on Pikes Peak Avenue
10/28/04: Pioneer ups numbers again
11/11/04: Holiday Tour Dec. 5 includes 2 Westside B&Bs
12/9/04: Big turnout for Bed & Breakfast Holiday Tour
12/30/04: Pioneer ups circulation to 4,000; no paper Jan. 6
12/30/04: Top Westside stories of 2004

Fire Stations
1/29/04: Move Station 3?
2/12/04: After 30 years, Manitou fire volunteer enjoying retirement
2/12/04: Reps from 2 Westside entities sought for fire task force
2/26/04: 4 Westsiders on fire task force
3/18/04: Fire task force OK with putting Station 3 move on 'back burner'
4/15/04: Fire task force at odds with CSFD on station moves
6/3/04: Citizen fire task force may reconvene; membership make-up questioned
7/8/04: Fire task force meets with increase in scope
8/19/04: Fire chief may be punished for political endorsement
9/30/04: Westside to get 7 new fire stations in next 20 years?

Garden of the Gods
6/3/04: Garden of the Gods moves to summer schedule
8/5/04: Gliding through the Garden
9/2/04: Garden of the Gods workday Sept. 18
9/23/04: Volunteers sought for Garden of the Gods erosion work Oct. 2-3
11/24/04: Last Garden workday of the season scheduled Dec. 4

Gold Camp Road
6/24/04: 'Range of options' to be unveiled at July 7 Gold Camp Road meeting
6/24/04: Trains to cars to hikers: Gold Camp Road charts colorful past
7/8/04: Close to 100 at Gold Camp Rd. open house
8/5/04: Workshop for Gold Camp Road set Aug. 7
8/12/04: Ideas abound at Gold Camp Road workshop; draft EIS in December
9/2/04: Hefley says his 'bias' is to reopen Gold Camp
11/11/04: Gold Camp Road easement aids county
12/16/04: 'Preferred' Gold Camp alternative due Jan. 10

Gold Hill Mesa
1/15/04: Phase 1 development submittal for Gold Hill Mesa set for February
2/26/04: Gold Hill plan submission seen in midlate March
5/6/04: 176 units in proposed Gold Hill Mesa Filing 1
5/20/04: Public meeting on Gold Hill Mesa development/concept/plat plans May 26 at Midland School
5/27/04: Fast-track grading plan suggested for Gold Hill
7/8/04: August possible for Gold Hill gradinge
8/12/04: Last quiet days in Villa de Mesa
9/2/04: Gold Hill grading on hold for city study
10/7/04: City Planning smiles on Gold Hill Mesa development plan
10/14/04: City Council next for Gold Hill Mesa
10/28/04: City Council OK's Gold Hill Mesa; grading seen in January-February
10/28/04: New days coming for old smokestack
12/16/04: Drainage plan: Gold Hill fill will kill mill rills
12/16/04: No show-stoppers seen in Gold Hill grading plan

3/25/04: Goodwill to unveil new slogan at Annual Dinner
7/22/04: Goodwill readying 10,000 dolls
7/29/04: Goodwill volunteer steps down after 20 years
8/26/04: Goodwill's 'Enchanted Evening' expands again this year
10/21/04: Goodwill holds Blood Drive/Fair Oct. 29
11/4/04: Goodwill doll sale Nov. 12-13
11/4/04: Goodwill pleased with public blood drive
11/24/04: 'Homemakers for the Holidays' - program for seniors

Guardian Angels
12/30/04: Guardian Angels on Jan. 13 OWN agenda

Head Start
4/29/04: Head Start enrollment drive underway; Westside dates are June 8, July 13, Aug. 10
12/2/04: Head Start agency requests donations of holiday gifts for needy children by Dec. 10
12/9/04: $21,000 grant to help CPCD streamline its Head Start administrative efforts

Highway 24
1/22/04: Public meetings to begin in spring on upgrading Hwy 24
2/12/04: Bright tonight, isn't it?
4/15/04: Highway 24 upgrade meetings delayed, probably till summer
6/10/04: Highway 24 paving work to last through July
7/15/04: Laying down the tar, baby
8/12/04: Highway 24 meetings postponed again - to January 2005
10/28/04: Trouble for wheelchairs on some of Highway 24's new handicapped ramps
11/4/04: Public asked to 'envision' Westside Hwy 24 upgrade
11/24/04: Westside Hwy 24 planners impressed by citizen turnout
12/23/04: Next Hwy 24 meeting scheduled Jan. 20
12/30/04: Pioneer article spurs city upgrade work

1/5/04: Holden House honored by HPA
1/5/04: ‘Prospector’ presides over Westside
1/15/04: McFarland to present OCCHS railway program
1/22/04: Talk describes how Chipeta aided Ouray
1/29/04: Record History Center crowd hears about area's old trains
2/5/04: 'Life of Ruth Banning Lewis' program at History Center Feb. 13
2/12/04: Stories from the old country
3/18/04: Were things so different on the Westside of 70 years ago?
3/18/04: Yellowed papers, colorful past
3/25/04: Tesla presentation at OCCHS April 9
5/27/04: There now, it's just a little shock
6/24/04: 'Tuesday nights' series scheduled at OCCHS July 6, 13, 20, 27
7/8/04: Historical Society offers walking tours by appointment
7/15/04: Pike and the peak
7/29/04: Founders' Day(s) Aug. 14-15 in Bancroft
8/5/04: 'Carnegie' coming to town for Founders' Day
8/12/04: Founders' Day Celebration honors Old Colorado City's 145th anniversary
8/12/04: Rock Island Railroad Festival at roundhouse Aug. 21-22
8/19/04: Founders would be pleased
8/19/04: Local historical buffs enliven Cemetery Crawl
8/26/04: Cemetery to be 'crawling' with history this weekend
9/2/04: Bringing her back to life
9/2/04: County Fair memories sought for 100th in '05
9/2/04: Gold-mining presentation at History Center Sept. 10
9/2/04: OCCHS pleased with Cemetery Crawl turnout
9/16/04: Cripple Creek making gold 'kisses' nowadays
9/30/04: Forward to the past
9/30/04: OWN fund raiser to bolster historic-overlay plan
9/30/04: Woodland Park Dinosaur Resource director to speak at History Center Oct. 8
10/7/04: 'Good meeting' with city's Historic Preservation Board
10/21/04: Background provided about Woodland Dinosaur Center
10/21/04: 'Green Man' talk at History Center Nov. 12
10/28/04: 'I'll put you in my ghost story!'

Humane Society
7/15/04: Humane Society 'Adopt-a-thon July 17-18

4/8/04: Holland Park may get noise barrier
4/8/04: Neighbors since '58...
4/8/04: Public comment sought on I-25 plan
4/15/04: CDOT provides bevy of facts about area roads, air, quality of life in I-25 EA
4/15/04: I-25 plans on display at LeBaron Hotel April 22
4/15/04: Would HOV lanes work well in Colorado Springs?
4/29/04: No show-stoppers at I-25 forum
7/22/04: CDOT readies I-25 widening EA for federal agency review
9/23/04: Feds give OK; I-25 widening to start next summer
11/4/04: Info on I-25, housing rehab at OWN meeting

King Soopers on Centennial
1/15/04: June opening eyed for new King Soopers on Centennial
4/15/04: New King Soopers still set for June opening
7/1/04: Centennial King Soopers opens doors

1/5/04: Fund-raising underway for Old Colorado City Library rehabilitation
1/5/04: Public asked to share 'favorite library memory'
2/5/04: Local artist donates painting for library fund
3/11/04: Library work, inside and out
3/11/04: Painting the way
3/25/04: Library given mammoth bone
4/29/04: OCC Library book sale raises nearly $1K
5/27/04: Reading 'fort' going in at Old Colorado City Library
6/17/04: Holing up with a good book
7/29/04: State grant augments library restoration
8/19/04: 'Carnegie' visits his library 100 years late
9/2/04: 'Star-Spangled' event at OCC Library to commemorate 9/11
9/16/04: Manitou Library Friends meet Sept. 18
9/16/04: Passing on the tradition
9/30/04: Library hosts 'Victorian' eve
10/21/04: $2,000 raised at library's 'Victorian Parlour Evening'
11/11/04: 'Party for pirates' at conclusion of 'Treasure Island' reading Nov. 16
11/24/04: OCC Library to celebrate 1st century with party Dec. 4
12/2/04: Ceiling surprise alters OCC Library preservation effort
12/9/04: Library turns 100

Local Businesses
2/5/04: No Westside return for Bally
2/12/04: It's technical and Mom likes it... David Hughes knows he's onto something
2/19/04: Moving toward quality
3/25/04: Walgreen's: Furr's move not confirmed
5/13/04: Second horse allows carriage service to expand its schedule
6/10/04: Golden moments
6/24/04: A site worth casting for
6/24/04: Cake slices, gas discounts to mark opening of new King Soopers' June 30
7/1/04: Fast-food fate for former 'Farmer'?
7/29/04: Planning Commission meeting on Angler's Covey delayed a month
8/5/04: Bernideen's making use of space at new location
8/5/04: Directory, online ads now available at Pioneer website
8/5/04: Once a door to money
8/5/04: PPNB retains ties to Westside
8/19/04: Former Laura Belle's owner helped others; they'll help her Aug. 29
9/2/04: Intel starts work on $400 million upgrade at GOG facility'
9/9/04: Oh, Mama! 25 years on the Westside for natural-food store
9/23/04: Angler's Covey to move into trailer until new store is ready
9/23/04: City Planning gets on board with Angler's Covey
9/23/04: Sequel for Thunder & Buttons underway
10/7/04: Good-bye Farmer... Hello, Ranch House
10/7/04: 'She is always there with a smile on her face'
10/14/04: Angler's Covey store putting in for building permit at Highway 24 site 10/28/04: Nativity scenes from around the world
11/11/04: Projects at Hwy 24/ 21st Street get started
11/24/04: Ready for the Holiday Tour
12/2/04: Word getting out about Westside's Secret Garden
12/30/04: An old-fashioned car wash

Military News
4/8/04: 'I gained more patriotism,' says Westside soldier, back from Iraq
11/11/04: Postal workers/veterans gratified by recognition
12/2/04: Honoring our soldiers' service
12/30/04: Rhodes Scholar is Holland Park resident, Coronado grad

Miscellaneous News
2/5/04: Nonprofit repair group on OWN agenda
3/4/04: Scout service award to Westsider
3/11/04: Carving the pumpkin man
3/25/04: Westsiders... Start your hoses!
6/17/04: A little help for Irish dancers
7/15/04: Project COPE funds running out
8/26/04: Hammering away at a good cause
8/26/04: Lots of work for a playhouse, but Scouts don't mind
9/2/04: 'Hike the Habitat' event Sept. 18 will let hikers experience reclaimed quarry scar
9/9/04: The scar turns green
10/7/04: Rampart Range Kiwanians install new officers
10/21/04: Squirrels found with bubonic plague in neighborhoods near Garden of the Gods
11/11/04: Donations sought for terminally ill 'Flower Lady'
11/24/04: Dancing for a cause
11/24/04: Volksmarch in Old Town Dec. 4
12/9/04: Boys & Girls Club celebrates
12/16/04: Boys & Girls Club still going strong
12/16/04: New plague-squirrel findings in previous Westside problem area

9/9/04: Museum coalition sale set at Miramont

1/29/04: O'Maley remembered as good businessman, parent, neighbor
4/22/04: 'Bloom' offers new life to grieving Westside family
11/24/04: Long-time volunteer, tour leader: Remembering OCCHS' Jean Christopher
12/16/04: Donations to fund cremation for cheerful 'Flower Lady'

Old Colorado City
1/15/04: Bancroft Cabin ready for next 145 years
1/29/04: Banners a sign of merchants' welcome
2/5/04: Craddock bringing lofts to Old Colorado City
2/5/04: Stovall stays on as OCCA president
3/4/04: Old Colorado City 'accent' lights aging; Utilities help sought
3/4/04: Optimism on upswing in Old Town
4/22/04: Old Colorado City Construction
4/29/04: Hope fades for Utilities help in replacing Old Town's accent lights
5/13/04: District may tap reserve funds for new, historic street lights
5/27/04: Fixed up as good as old
6/3/04: Farmers Market returns to Bancroft Park June 5
6/10/04: OWN/West Center picnic slated June 27 at Bancroft
6/10/04: Service with a smile
6/17/04: OWN, West Center team up for June 27 party
6/17/04: Sign of summer in Old Town
6/24/04: Come by Sunday for a real grilling
7/1/04: OWN/West picnic-goers defy rain
7/8/04: Concept plan for streetlights OK'd
7/15/04: New co-op farmers market at 2 sites near Westside
7/15/04: Uneasy peace
7/22/04: Old Colorado City to outshine downtown
8/5/04: City Council needs to OK $ transfer for new OCC lights
8/12/04: Council OKs OCC streetlight plan
8/19/04: Old Town closed off for Car Show Aug. 22
8/26/04: Estimated 4,000 check out annual Good Times Car Show in Old Town
8/26/04: OCC Security Board to get streetlight contract from Utilities for Sept. 7 meeting
9/9/04: OCC Security Board OKs streetlight contract
9/16/04: No politics in 'straw man' votes
9/23/04: Old Town crow-free; 'Taste' set Sept. 25
9/23/04: Utilities to install OCC streetlights between Oct. 1 and Dec. 1
9/30/04: Guided tour, ghost readings to highlight new OWN Halloween event Oct. 29-30
10/7/04: Pumpkins from neighborhoods sought for Oct. 16 event in Old Colorado City; winners get prizes
10/14/04: Up to 3,000 expected Oct. 30 in Bancroft
10/21/04: Old Town won't boo on you!
10/21/04: The winning pumpkin
10/28/04: New OCC streetlights due by Thanksgiving
11/4/04: Artists invite public to visit their studios
11/4/04: Old Town dresses up its 'honor tree'
11/11/04: Grinch dims Old Town
11/11/04: Old Town's Rocky Mountain Christmas starts Nov. 26
11/18/04: Artists pleased with Studio Tour turnout
11/24/04: Honor Tree activities in Old Town Nov. 27
11/24/04: January now for new OCC lights
12/30/04: Why not another 25?

Penrose Equestrian Center
2/19/04: Solvency in 2005 sought by Penrose Equestrian Center
5/13/04: 'Dressage Under Lights' at Penrose indoor arena May 22
6/3/04: Dressed up for dressage
6/17/04: Comeback for Highland Games
6/24/04: Miller takes over reins at Penrose Equestrian
7/1/04: Highland Games seeking Equestrian Center encore
7/1/04: Working cowboys to bring 'pure rodeo' to Penrose
7/8/04: Near sell-out for 2nd annual WRCA rodeo
7/8/04: No getting away from this cowboy
7/15/04: Rodeos at Equestrian Center
7/22/04: Little Britches Finals July 26-31
7/29/04: Maybe it should be called horse-bending
8/5/04: Going off without a hitch
9/9/04: County Chemical Waste Collection at Penrose Equestrian Center Sept. 17-18
9/23/04: Oktoberfest Sept. 24-25, Oct. 1-2
9/30/04: Oktoberfest: German for having fun
11/11/04: Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo wants to 'come home'
11/24/04: Penrose Equestrian Center sale plan to go before City Council in December
12/2/04: Council offers no obstacle to Equestrian Center sale to Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo

PILLAR Classes
4/15/04: New PILLAR classes start
7/1/04: PILLAR releases July-September class brochure
8/5/04: New PILLAR classes
8/19/04: PILLAR classes in September
9/23/04: PILLAR Middle East classes include soldier panel discussion Oct. 12
10/28/04: PILLAR offers range of classes in November

Planned Parenthood Expansion
5/13/04: Plan could tear down Planned Parenthood building, 3 Victorians
5/20/04: 'Parenthood' plan prompts protestation
6/3/04: Expansion unpopular with neighborhood
6/17/04: City tells Parenthood it can submit expansion plan
7/1/04: Agency hopes to submit application in early August
7/1/04: Owners of targeted properties appear ready to sell
7/1/04: Full list of neighborhood/community issues provided
7/1/04: City planner provides design ideas to Planned Parenthood; 3 West Colorado examples pointed out

Pleasant Valley
3/4/04: Pleasant Valley Association enjoys new play equipment, turn arrows; nudges city about other issues
6/3/04: PV 'island' plan goes adrift
8/5/04: Pleasant Valley planning picnic, annual meeting
8/26/04: Pleasant Valley to get 'social' Aug. 29
9/2/04: Neighborhood picnic time in Pleasant Valley
9/16/04: Pleasant Valley getting 'connected' through its neighborhood e-mail list
9/16/04: PVA officers elected at meeting
11/24/04: Holiday lights contest in Pleasant Valley
11/24/04: One house, 35,000 bulbs: Year-round effort behind Wrights' lights at Christmas
12/9/04: Pleasant Valley lights winners to be announced at Dec. 14 neighborhood social
12/23/04: Camp Creek in Pleasant Valley: Is its future cast in concrete?
12/23/04: Lighting the way in Pleasant Valley

1/29/04: Police Beat
4/15/04: CSPD officer for Westside gives tips on safety, security
4/15/04: Old Colo. City bank robber still at large
5/20/04: Suspect sought in Westside shooting death
5/27/04: Police set up 'hotline' for animal-control service complaints
6/10/04: Accosted by 'spare change' artists? 'Aggressive panhandling' law is there to be enforced
6/10/04: Westside crime down from '02, but...
8/5/04: Police blotter: PPNB robbery suspect described
9/30/04: Gold Hill police substation to open near 8th Street in about a year
12/2/04: Fire drives Westsiders from home
12/2/04: Westside boy left motherless after murder-suicide
12/30/04: $750,000 fire destroys 4-unit apartment complex on King St.

1/15/04: Sallie Clark enters District 3 commissioner race
1/29/04: Merrifield to announce re-election run Jan. 31
3/4/04: Clark sets receptions leading up to caucuses
3/25/04: Clark pledges she won't 'sit back'
4/8/04: Caucuses April 13 give public chance to experience grassroots politics
4/8/04: Clark, Gloriod emphasize strong points at forum
4/15/04: Kucinich touts Demo left's message in Westside, Manitou
4/15/04: Westsiders trek to 66 party precinct caucuses
5/6/04: Gloriod slips onto ballot, goes on the attack against front-runner Clark
7/1/04: Councilman, state rep candidate to speak at July 8 OWN meeting
7/22/04: D-3 race: Facts don't support Gloriod's road-extension attack on Clark
8/5/04: Republican primary pits Clark, Gloriod for D-3 commissioner
8/12/04: Victorious Clark pleased with 'positive' campaign
8/26/04: Navarro gets 1-week suspension for Gloriod endorsement
9/9/04: Looking ahead
10/28/04: Merrifield, Lambert: What do they think?
11/4/04: Acrimony lingers in Merrifield win
11/11/04: Heimlicher to run for re-election
11/24/04: Brody challenges Hente in District 1
12/2/04: City Council District 1
12/2/04: Westside election results similar to those in larger areas
12/9/04: 2 OWN board seats up for election at Jan. 13 meeting

Post Office
6/10/04: Westside mail carriers move into new facility
12/2/04: USPS reveals APCs, address for Santa
12/9/04: Post office no longer carrying Pioneer; space concerns cited

6/10/04: 'Awareness' requested at recycling bin

Red Rock Canyon
1/5/04: Public meetings on Red Rock Canyon open space could begin this month
1/15/04: What's in a name?
1/22/04: Where’d all the arrowheads go?
2/5/04: 5 public meetings on master plan
2/5/04: No-compromise stance called key in saving Red Rock
2/12/04: Science insights at first Red Rock public meeting
2/26/04: 2nd Red Rock Canyon meeting March 3
3/4/04: Discussions intensify on Red Rock uses
3/11/04: Revenue concerns add to planning mix for Red Rock Canyon
3/25/04: Parks director: Don't 'overload' Red Rock OS
3/25/04: Red Rock Canyon by Maloa Current Read
4/15/04: Draft plan for Red Rock Canyon Open Space prompts range of ideas from public
4/22/04: Red Rock Canyon Committee honored
4/29/04: On the right path?
5/13/04: Red Rock Open Space plans taking shape
6/10/04: Bock house stays, others don't in city RRC plans
6/10/04: Bock house 'wouldn't have won any awards,' says Frank Lloyd Wright's granddaughter
6/10/04: Park Board mulls Red Rock plan
6/10/04: Planned building demolitions limit canyon hikes
6/10/04: Statewide trail-building group sets Red Rock workdays
6/24/04: Parks Board vote green-lights Red Rock OS
7/1/04: Wanted: Local trail volunteers
7/15/04: 150 volunteers (and counting) for Red Rock trail project in August
8/12/04: Signups full for Aug. 28-29 Red Rock trail workday
8/19/04: What's in a name change? A lot, new Friends of RRC hopes
8/26/04: Trail-building time arrives for Red Rock volunteers
9/2/04: Big days at Red Rock
9/2/04: Colorado Springs Parks seeks volunteers for Sept. 18 trail-building project
9/16/04: Vounteers won't be turned away at Red Rock workday Sept. 18
9/23/04: Volunteers add to Red Rock's trail mileage
10/7/04: Friends of Red Rock to meet Oct. 7
10/7/04: Temporary parking lot moves Red Rock closer to opening
10/21/04: Bock house to be torn down
10/21/04: Climbing plan for Red Rock: Don't repeat Garden mistakes
10/21/04: Red Rock one of several Westside projects for United Way Oct. 22
10/21/04: Red Rock to open Oct. 29
10/28/04: Getting Red Rock ready
11/4/04: He loves the canyon at dawn
11/4/04: Red Rock Canyon OS gets longer turn lane, courtesy of Manitou development
11/11/04: Friends of Red Rock proposes public look at Bock house before demolition
11/24/04: Docent assistance being offered at Red Rock Canyon
11/24/04: Putman not keen on Friends' idea for public tours of Bock house
12/9/04: Annexation of Red Rock Canyon Open Space on City Council agenda

1/22/04: CDBG sidewalk work continuing
2/26/04: Redesign of non-potable water project impacts W. Rio Grande, Abbott 3/18/04: Wal-Mart night traffic OK despite pipeline project
3/25/04: 14th-15th St. sewer-line upgrade nears completion
4/15/04: Weather slows 14-15th sewer-line completions
5/6/04: Attention, angry motorists - call the pothole hotline
5/13/04: Smoothing out Westside streets with 2 men & a roller
5/27/04: Fewer traffic lanes on Manitou Ave.
7/1/04: Pipe job impacts 'Gods' traffic
7/29/04: Taking it to Limit... one more time
9/9/04: 30th Street to be impacted by Utilities' water main repairs
9/9/04: Bott Avenue pavement covered with chipseal
9/16/04: 30th Street to close Sept. 20 between Kiowa and Colorado
9/23/04: Project to close segment of Pikes Peak Avenue till Sept. 27
10/7/04: 30th Street water-line project to impact Colorado Avenue traffic on night of Oct. 11
10/21/04: Uintah to lose eastbound lane
11/18/04: Will Cimarron-Conejos bridge hold?
12/23/04: Fixing a contractor's oopsie

Rock Ledge Ranch
3/11/04: Dressing for the part
3/11/04: Ranch's orchard to be restored; replacements found for popular horse and cow that died
3/11/04: Why it's not White House Ranch anymore
4/29/04: Orchard coming back at Rockledge
6/3/04: Rock Ledge opens June 4; sheep shearing event June 5
6/10/04: Hot work to cool off a sheep
6/17/04: Lone Feather Council Powwow scheduled June 26 at Rock Ledge Ranch
8/5/04: TOSC hosts annual Gala Aug. 17 at Rock Ledge Ranch
8/12/04: Champion bluegrass band at Rock Ledge
8/19/04: Hitting the dusty trails (and open space)
8/26/04: Free concert by top bluegrass band Aug. 27
9/2/04: 'Country Christmas' Sept. 17-19
9/2/04: Three strikes, you're out at the old ball game
9/9/04: Blacksmith workshop at Rock Ledge Ranch Sept. 25
9/9/04: It's not who wins or loses...
9/9/04: Looking forward to 'Christmas'
9/23/04: Harvest Day at Rock Ledge Ranch Oct. 2
9/23/04: Nice spot for an early Christmas
10/7/04: Rock Ledge hosts First Nations Day Oct. 16
11/11/04: Rock Ledge event shows how ranch prepares for winter
11/24/04: The way things used to be
12/2/04: 'Holiday evenings' at Rock Ledge
12/9/04: 'Holiday Evenings' at Rock Ledge Ranch Dec. 11-12
12/16/04: Close to 1,000 visit Rock Ledge for Holiday Evenings event Dec. 11-12

Rural Transportation Authority
7/15/04: 4 Westside projects on 'A list' for proposed RTA
7/15/04: Authority 'rural' in name only
10/7/04: Presentations on RTA, West 'front yard' at OWN town meeting Oct. 14
10/21/04: RTA backers dispute opposition's allegations
10/28/04: RTA, school bond, state rep job on line Nov. 2
11/4/04: 'Thrilled' RTA leader predicts first road work from bond issue to start around May
12/2/04: 'Purta' board to get rolling on transportation issues Jan. 3
12/30/04: 1st RTA board meeting Jan. 3 on Westside

1/5/04: Start of Montessori at Buena Vista sought for fall 2004
1/5/04: Westside schools roundup: BAAC members sought
1/29/04: Holmes students study Greeks, then act the part
1/29/04: Midland goes global
1/29/04: Montessori approved for Buena Vista Elementary
2/5/04: Elementaries to join West Middle musicians for 'String Soiree' Feb. 10
2/12/04: Coronado High students getting jump start on college careers
2/12/04: Counting their pennies at Howbert
2/12/04: D-11 'family' mulls closure suggestions
2/19/04: Grant for Jackson could mean shade structures
2/19/04: Pointing to a good time at Washington
2/19/04: Second opinion
2/26/04: Coronado boys basketball breaks 20-year drought
2/26/04: Does the waltz use a mosh pit?
2/26/04: 'Dr. Seusscentennial' planned at Westside schools
2/26/04: Holmes IB plans on hold - district has questions
2/26/04: Venetucci sculptor gives talk at Pike Elementary
2/26/04: Westside elementaries to play with Holmes band
3/4/04: 200 turn out for Coronado's Senior Citizen Dance Feb. 27
3/4/04: Celebrating Dr. Seuss with Dr. Ridder
3/4/04: Hugill: Rookie coach in name only
3/11/04: Combining band sounds at Holmes
3/11/04: Cougar boys basketball ousted in state quarters
3/11/04: 'Guys and Dolls' at Coronado March 17-19
3/11/04: Not like cafeteria marshmallows
3/11/04: Visit from IB evaluator goes well at Midland, principal says
3/25/04: Howbert PTA wants to start all-day kindergarten; no class without enough sign-ups
3/25/04: West teacher honored by Space Foundation
3/25/04: Westside school closures not singled out in report to board
4/1/04: Montessori kindergarten registration to begin at Buena Vista April 9
4/1/04: Montessori money?
4/1/04: On the air with the Bristol Bears
4/8/04: CHS science team going to state
4/15/04: D-11 offers 1-day-a-week homeschool for grades 2-7
4/15/04: Holmes student maps success at state
4/15/04: Long-time District 11 volunteer says she's had it
4/15/04: Shakes: Westside schools hold their futures in their own hands
4/15/04: Young Jackson performers take show to Coronado
4/22/04: Challenges all in the 'family' for West SAIL students
4/22/04: Inaugural Howbert 5K event May 8
4/22/04: SAIL applications being accepted through summer
4/22/04: West's SAIL program helps gifted students soar
4/22/04: What they'll do for science
4/22/04: Young sprouts on the Coronado stage
4/29/04: 'Apples' for 2 West Middle teachers
4/29/04: Goerzen wins Boettcher scholarship
4/29/04: Holmes IB delayed, but principal still determined
5/6/04: Barnes' mural legacy to be honored at Bristol
5/6/04: Berg permanent Whittier principal
5/6/04: CSAP 3rd-grade reading scores up for Jackson, BV, Whittier
5/6/04: Francese: 'We didn't realize what a big job it would become'
5/6/04: Ivywild rummage sale garners $350
5/6/04: Minutes later he was riding
5/13/04: 380 in Coronado's class of '04
5/13/04: Koukol, Dukellis top scholars
5/13/04: Quinceañera party for 5 Coronado students at school
5/20/04: Bijou High making a name for itself
5/20/04: Grades, attendance pay off for CHS student
5/20/04: West hydrogen car zooms to second at NREL
5/27/04: Not too late for summer school on Westside
5/27/04: PTA leader takes on Howbert job himself
5/27/04: Whittier grad adds artist's touch to school's calendar
6/3/04: '03 Boettcher winner not blowing his own horn, but decides music is his 'passion'
6/3/04: Coronado scholarships for '04 listed
6/3/04: District 11 board provides funding to give Buena Vista 2 Montessori classrooms
6/3/04: Proposed D-11 bond issue targets $17.6 million for Westside
6/10/04: Longer K classes (though not full-day) at Howbert
6/10/04: Redington plaque at Washington
6/10/04: Work shores up West foundation
6/17/04: D-11 board continuing to take bond-issue comments
7/1/04: Continuing a Holmes tradition
7/1/04: Ivywild Principal Madril to retire
7/29/04: D-11 board could act on bond issue plan Aug. 3
8/5/04: Buena Vista getting ready for Montessori
8/5/04: D-11 board puts building bond on ballot
8/5/04: Westside students among beneficiaries of back-to-school fund-raiser Aug. 6-8
8/12/04: New Ivywild principal
9/16/04: 5 Cougars named to Mayor's 100
9/16/04: Pre-emptive work by D-11 Facilities means lower Westside bond-issue figure
9/23/04: 'Count Day' - students worth $5,800
9/23/04: Homeschooler, Bijou student also make list of Mayor's top 100 teens
9/30/04: Community planting Oct. 2 at West Middle
9/30/04: Coronado comes to Old Town Oct. 9
9/30/04: Hardware volunteers help Midland
10/7/04: District 11 calls for coed wrestling in middle school
10/7/04: Garden work bonds school staff, citizens
10/7/04: Mural brings Garden to Whittier Elementary
10/7/04: Size matters at Washburn
10/7/04: They like how their garden grew
10/14/04: 500 cheer for Coronado during annual parade through Old Town
10/21/04: Coronado's Joan Powell to be inducted into Colorado Springs Hall of Fame Oct. 30
10/21/04: Westside rivals wrestle for supremacy
10/28/04: District 11 Bond Issue: Facility shortfalls hinder chemistry at Coronado!
11/4/04: Grandparents foster learning at Washington Elementary
11/4/04: Half-victory frustrates D-11
11/4/04: Whittier's 1st Annual Rummage Sale scheduled Nov. 6
11/11/04: Midland Elementary librarian earns state honor
11/11/04: Recognition for a good run
11/18/04: Buena Vista 4th-graders sing for City Hall's 100th
11/24/04: Happy bowlers
12/2/04: 'West Side Story' on the Westside
12/9/04: Music turns Jackson into winter wonderland
12/16/04: Is it a good sign?
12/16/04: Ivyild invites public to help with annual Christmas Basket Project Dec. 18
12/16/04: Ivywild, Midland schools benefit from real-estate firm's philanthropy
12/16/04: Preparing for the Teen Resource Center's party
12/23/04: Former staff, students join annual Ivywild Christmas Basket Project
12/23/04: Students getting to the Core of education at Washington Elementary
12/30/04: Follow-ups
12/30/04: Singing on the big stage

Section 16
7/29/04: TOPS readies grant request to buy Section 16
8/12/04: Commissioners favor Section 16 grant
8/26/04: Court ruling kills Section 16 grant plea
9/23/04: Colorado Springs Parks keeps Section 16 grant request alive, despite TOPS uncertainty
12/16/04: Grant to City Parks ensures Section 16 lease to continue 5 more years

Silver Key
1/5/04: 4,000 presents grow from Silver Key's 'Giving Tree'
1/5/04: Christmas ‘Miracle’ saves Silver Key from making program cuts
3/18/04: Annual Silver Key Book Fair March 24-26
4/8/04: Silver Key Book Fair a financial success
4/15/04: Silver Key originator to take on new role with agency for elderly
6/10/04: Silver Key needs volunteer drivers
7/15/04: Silver Key raises over $11,000 at Summer Fair
8/5/04: Golf with Gradishar
8/26/04: Silver Key sets fund-raisers
9/9/04: Flowery fund raiser for Silver Key
9/23/04: Silver Key seeks participants for Oct. 9 Pumpkin-thon fund raiser
10/14/04: Silver Key tabs Fountain police chief as new CEO
10/28/04: Silver Key seeking volunteers to help with Giving Tree
11/18/04: Silver Key asks for help in providing holiday meals for area elderly
12/9/04: Volunteer drivers sought
12/16/04: Silver Key's Giving Tree effort reaps presents for more than 2,000 seniors

Space Foundation
7/1/04: Space Foundation supports exploration policy implementation plan
11/24/04: Space Foundation plans 21st Symposium; Rutan, Allen among invitees

5/27/04: Local author has reason to hope Smarty wins Belmont
7/22/04: The real boys of summer

Starsmore Discovery Center
8/5/04: Mountain lion presentation at Starsmore
8/5/04: Starsmore Day features Bean talk, Obee walk

Territory Days
4/15/04: Territory Days banners up in OCC
5/13/04: 28th annual Territory Days in OCC May 29-31
5/20/04: Redevelopment goals sparked first Territory Days
5/27/04: Event includes gunfighters, gold-panning, dancers, 14 musical groups
5/27/04: Hold on to your hats! It's Territory Days
5/27/04: Old Town merchants add to festival offerings
6/3/04: Territory Days draws near-record attendance
6/10/04: Follow-ups
6/24/04: Follow-ups

1/5/04: Midland Trail to 21st Street to be ready by April
4/1/04: 'Outlaw' trails in Red Rock, Section 16
4/15/04: Trail groups seek help for 'undo' workday April 24 in Section 16
4/22/04: Paving gets underway on new Midland Trail
5/6/04: Midland Trail from Chestnut to 21st nears completion
5/20/04: As if it never happened
5/20/04: May 22 starts Intemann work season
6/17/04: Midland Trail opening to public this weekend
7/29/04: Washouts to get attention on Intemann Trail Aug. 8

2/5/04: 7 Westside projects in transportation plan
2/5/04: Size compromise paves way for Centennial extension
6/17/04: Westside ridership model to get new look in next bus rapid transit study
8/12/04: Streetcar comeback? Slow going, but on track
8/19/04: 'Jolly' gone from Manitou trolleys
10/7/04: Another view on 'Manitou solution'

1/5/04: City rate hearing Jan. 13
1/22/04: Utilities plans 'demonstration facility' on mesa
2/19/04: Tide turns for West Bijou sewage back-up victims
2/26/04: City Council to see revised sewage back-up policy March 17
4/15/04: Public meeting on Utilities' energy costs set April 22
4/15/04: Xeriscape classes offered
4/22/04: Utilities will mark its lines in your yard
4/29/04: 1-year delay seen on Mesa demonstration facility
5/13/04: Citywide electric rate increase to take effect Aug. 1
7/15/04: Utilities schedules sanitary sewer work on Westside
7/29/04: City official: Westside storm drains too old, too small
8/19/04: Utilities volunteers help mulch Midland-area subdivision
12/9/04: Lovell new face in City's CDBG program

12/9/04: Confluence-area creek upgrades on hold until CDOT builds new Cimarron/I-25 intersection
12/9/04: Fountain Creek too bleak?

West Center
5/13/04: West Center refocuses on 'intergenerational' part of name
5/13/04: West Intergenerational's new brochure offers more than 102 things to do in summer months
6/24/04: New martial arts classes starting at West Center
8/19/04: 'Pumping up the community'
9/9/04: New Teen Committee forming at West Center
9/23/04: Fiesta Night at West Center Oct. 1
9/23/04: Teens can help plan their own events
10/7/04: Signing class at West Center
10/21/04: West Center Fall Carnival free to youths with adults
11/18/04: They came dressed as firefighters
12/2/04: Public invited to OWN potluck Dec. 9 at West Center
12/16/04: New West Center brochure offers classes/programs for winter, spring '05