12 from Coronado on All-State Choir

       Twelve Coronado High School choir students - not quite a record for teacher Jeff Hodur, but close - were chosen for this year's All-State Choir.

Coronado High School selectees to the All-State Choir... ABOVE: (From left) back row - Colton Knoepfle, Katherine Darling, Michelle Manthei, Hannah Chabica and Lorenzo Ceballos. Front row - Lydia Oates, Hannah McCullough, Jaclyn Jonas Castro, Leigha Sorbera, Susan Van Bemden and Corbin George.
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       They include repeat selectees Katherine Darling and Jaclyn Jonas Castro.
       The students, chosen on the basis of live auditions last fall, have been placed into All-State Men's, Women's or Combined choirs, with the performance scheduled Feb. 7 in Denver.

Jessica Cousett.
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       Hodur has previously had as many as 15 chosen. He noted that this year the other four District 11 high schools totalled just five in all.
       “One strong difference between my school and the other schools in our district: All of my students (juniors and seniors) who are in my two upper choirs, Show and Chamber Choirs, are required to audition for All-State,” Hodur said. “It is their first grade for the semester. At the other schools, most of the students auditioning are volunteer.”
       The Coronado All-Staters are:
  • Lorenzo Ceballos, senior, baritone, Combined Choir. Started choir in middle school. Not sure about future plans in music.
  • Hannah Chabica, junior, soprano, Women's Choir. Started in preschool and in church. Hopes to go to University of Northern Colorado and major in either music education or performance “and make a name in music.”
  • Jessica Cousett, junior, alto, Combined. “I started singing in 2010 when I heard Mr. Hodur singing in the auditorium. I knew I wanted to be in his class.” But no future plans in music; she wants to get into the legal field.
  • Katherine Darling, soprano, Combined. Began singing in choir the week after her eighth birthday. Plans to major in music - performing arts and teaching.
  • Corbin George, junior, tenor, Men's Choir. First time in choir was at Chipeta Elementary. Hopes to major in performing arts and music education.
  • Jaclyn Jonas Castro, senior, alto, Combined. Been in choir since freshman year. “I'm planning on having a career in art and animation, but I will continue to do music on my own.”
  • Colton Knoepfle, senior, baritone, Men's. First year in choir. “May pursue it in college, but nothing more than a pastime.”
  • Michelle Manthei, senior, alto, Combined. “I've always sung with my family. My two sisters and I sing in three-part harmony, and music is a big part of my family.” Started choir in freshman year. Plans to continue with music, “but not professionally.”
  • Hannah McCullough, junior, soprano, Women's. Started choir in third grade. Wants to major in theater in college and to “be on Broadway.”
  • Lydia Oates, senior, alto, Women's. Started two years ago at Coronado. Musical plans involve violin performance and music education.
  • Leigha Sorbera, junior, Alto I, Women's. Started choir in fifth grade at Howbert. Would like to become a music teacher for high school students.
  • Susan Van Bemden, senior, alto II, Women's. Started choir freshman year. Plans to major in English next year at Azusa Pacific University. “I thought about doing music, but I love it so much I'm afraid it being my job would ruin it.”

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