Column was ‘misleading, mean’
       I appreciate the fact that you ran an article about John Morris and Sallie Clark in the October 25 edition of the Westside Pioneer. I enjoyed reading their responses to your questions.
       However, I thought your Editor's Desk column in the same issue was biased, misleading and mean. How you ever determined that John Morris was “trying to cultivate support from people who don't think very much” is beyond me. I thought his opinions about the questions you asked were straightforward and to the point. There wasn't anything in his comments to imply that he “backs nonspecific tax-and-spend solutions” either. Your editorial merely represents your own opinions about Democrats in general and did not reflect John's views at all.
       The only hope that I have is that most people who read your editorials already know that you are prejudiced and that they will ignore your advice about voting.

Beverly Weaver

Editor's note: Just an FYI, where you say you didn't understand my rationale for the “don't think very much” statement: I THOUGHT that assertion had been supported in my preceding paragraphs, where I illustrated that it's not asking much gray-matter usage to actively encourage people to vote for someone 1) for no reason other than the fact that his/her party is underrepresented (doesn't that really just mean their ideas are disliked by the majority of county voters?) and 2) because they're angry over a 2010 ballot issue that they didn't bother to study before going to the polls.