Westsiders help police deny burglars

       Two alert Westside residents (who have preferred to remain anonymous) helped thwart a burglary the afternoon of Feb. 26.
       One of the residents called 911 after seeing a suspicious-looking man leave a house in the 600 block of South 26th Street that had a broken window and valuables lying outside. While waiting for police to come, the man left on foot, and the residents followed at a safe distance in their car.
       Police eventually arrested two men in connection with the burglary. “The witness in this case made a huge difference for us,” Police Sergeant Mickey Finn said.
       One suspect was held on an outstanding warrant, and the man seen leaving the house - who allegedly had an item from the house on his person - was held for possession of burglary tools. The District Attorney's Office will make the final decision on what formal charges will be filed, Finn noted.
       Earlier in the day, there also had been a burglary at the Wimberger's bakery store on Bott Avenue, about a block and a half away from the house, and at another business on Pecan Street (also in the Midland area). At this point, Finn said, the South 26th break-in does not appear to be connected with the other two.
       In response to a question about it being a daytime burglary, Finn said that police are “finding most of the burglaries are occurring in the daytime, because of people not being home.” He added that the reason is probably “opportunity more than anything,” and advised residents to “be cognizant of things that are different in their neighborhoods.”

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