EDITORíS DESK: A ceremony might be just the thing

       Maybe there could be a ceremony. I'm not saying something on the order of the recognition recently given to the Boy Scout who saved his grandmother's life... although I do think it takes some heroism to run a business these days in No Man's Land. Mike Crepeau of the Avenue Merchants group has even had a hand in a few arrests up there, in his continuing efforts to clean up things so that No Man's Land might someday become Where Everybody Wants to Be Land.
       But back to the ceremony idea. I can really see the possibilities. I mean, how long has it been since the city or county did anything much for the area west of 31st Street? So when that one (1) streetlight gets turned back on it ought to be commemorated. We could even make it a holiday from school, invite dignitaries such as City Council and the Board of County Commissioners. The mayor could duct tape a "Spirit of the Springs" award to the pole (or maybe the bus bench below it). And during slack moments West Middle School's marching band could parade up and down the Amanda's Fonda parking lot, playing such old favorites as "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree" - only changing the title to fit the occasion... I'm thinking "Tie Some Orange Tape Round the Ole Light Pole," as a nod to the city's wisdom in keeping 12 other streetlights in that area dark. Because the city knows best, after all. It's probably just a coincidence that so much of the No Man's Land crime happens at night... And the last thing we'd want is streetlights that commit "light trespass," to use a term that evidently is well known to people who study such things. Do you suppose a criminal caught in the act because of light trespass could find a smart lawyer to get him off? Maybe even land a juicy payoff in a civil suit against the city?
       Anyway, to be fair (though it hurts), local governments are in the midst of landing a planning grant for that area. Big ideas will be on the table. There could be major changes. Possibly even... dare we breathe it - another streetlight turned on?

- K.J.