Panhandling law up again Oct. 22

       The next discussion of a no-panhandling/solicitation ordinance will take place at the Oct. 22 informal and Oct. 23 formal meetings.
       A city press release announced these dates - which reflect a two-week delay in the process - without explanation shortly before the Westside Pioneer's press deadline Oct. 3.
       The press release notes that at the Oct. 22 meeting the city attorney will “present options.” On Oct. 23, “no action will be taken by council but direction will be given to [the] city attorney.”
       Under city rules of procedure, the public would not be allowed to offer comments at the informal meeting, but could do so at the formal meeting when the subject comes up on the agenda.
       The previous ordinance schedule, emerging from the City Council meeting the previous week, had called for the City Attorney's Office to come back with additional options at the Oct. 9 formal meeting.
       The ordinance idea started this year as a way to curb the amount of panhandlers in the downtown. There has also been a push to include the Westside in such an ordinance because of panhandler-related crime issues along the West Colorado Avenue corridor.

Westside Pioneer/press release