City: Find other sites for proposed RRC uses

       City Parks has decided not to allow three proposed uses in Red Rock Canyon Open Space.
       However, the city plans to work with the proponents of a disc golf course, equestrian skills area and a community bike park on finding space for them in other city-owned properties.
       The decision was announced by City Parks official Sarah Bryarly at a meeting of the Red Rock Canyon Open Space master-plan process Sept. 5 at the Westside Community Center. The suggestions had come up in response to the city's request for park usage ideas, with presentations made at a meeting Aug. 22.
       The next master-plan meeting, which will take up trails issues again, will be Tuesday, Sept. 11, also at the center, at 6:30 p.m.
       Started in August, the intent is to update the original Red Rock master plan, written in 2004, to reflect the addition of two neighboring open-space properties (Section 16 and White Acres) to make a new, larger “Red Rock Canyon Open Space.”
       On the decision not to approve the three citizen-proposed uses at Red Rock, City Parks officials said they would be too tight a squeeze. Bicyclists do have a free-ride area, which was approved in the current master plan.
       Also at the Sept. 5 meeting, Chris Lieber said the city plans to seek state approval for a plan to permanently retain a man-made pond in Red Rock Canyon. Proposed by the volunteer Friends of Red Rock Canyon, the idea had come up in July, with the main arguments that a full pond adds to the park's aesthetics and provides water for wildlife. The project, which would include piping city water to the pond, would be funded at least in part through private donations. A survey of attendees at a master-plan meeting Aug. 1 showed just over 80 percent in favor.

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