EDITOR’S DESK: Coronado’s runners – their glorious day

       Here goes that bias thing again. I'm a former Coronado High School cross-country parent!
       Yes, I recall many a race in the years 2007 to 2011 - Therese and I hustling up hill and down dale to attain the best vantage points to cheer on our son Rioux in his red-and gold jersey as he ran himself into exhaustion over each 3-plus-mile course.
       And naturally all that led to familiarity with likable but determined coach Doug Hugill (you're not still peeved about that barefoot incident, are you?), his other runners and the grueling conditioning regimen they cheerfully endure so they can match up with similarly prepared counterparts from other schools. "Go, Coronado!" Therese and I hollered at past state meets. Always, it seemed, the school had a chance to win, if everything fell into place... but they never quite did.
       Until Oct. 27. Ironically, after the worst summer ever, with the firestorm that claimed the homes of 31 Coronado students, the stars aligned for the school's cross-country program this season: two unrecruited transfer standouts, no serious injuries or illnesses and the wonderful advantage of a hometown state-meet course (the first year ever for the "Cheyenne Stampede" layout using Bear Creek Park and the Norris-Penrose Event Center). All the kids had to do was come through one more time. And that they did, with room to spare. It's impossible to miss the pride in their faces in the Page 1 photo as, still spent from their just-finished race, they absorb the adoration of beaming parents (unseen in the stands) - all of them sharing the almost-certain/not-yet-official secret: We won!...
       On a final note, don't forget the Nov. 6 election. But I'm not one who advises people to "just vote." Why? Because what's the use of a dumb ballot? I should know. I once walked into a booth and wrote in Alice Cooper. But I've trained since then.

- K.J.