Supporting George for District 18
       I appreciate your coverage of Westside events preceding this election. Public forums, and your interviews, make informed choices far easier. Local officials are responsive to calls from citizens, but those folks we sent to Denver only come around wanting our votes and donations. Therefore, I've focused on the state races.
       For Colorado House District 18, Jennifer George gets my vote. Unlike incumbents STILL raising taxes, ignoring pleas to cut spending, George was volunteering in our schools, with Goodwill Industries, with the Fine Arts Center, accomplishing more with less. This mother formed her own company to stay home and raise her daughters. She understands “women's issues”: balancing a budget, paying the mortgage, putting food on the table. George gets it. And she gets my vote. Perhaps George's fiscal wisdom will be contagious, and Denver will lead the nation to financial sanity. That's my hope!

Sharon McKiernan