EDITORíS DESK: A good fit

       The Westside Pioneer: All the good news that fits.
       What do you think, should we "TM" that?
       These are the kinds of ditzy ruminations that can occur upon reviewing a Page 1 focused on student successes, a development agreement being honored, a friends group being created for a major park and historically meaningful projects by both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.
       Setting out to publish a paper each week, it's not as if there's a plan to Look For Positive Stuff Only. Certainly, the staff news writer, a person I'm pretty familiar with, is ever on the ready for stories that might reveal attacks on the wallets, freedoms or general dignity of Westsiders.
       But what keeps distracting from such endeavors are the unrelenting efforts of so many folks over here to come up with new ideas and projects to make things better. So of course we have to let people know about all that stuff, and next thing you know, we've filled up another newspaper.
       The Sondermann Park story is particularly encouraging. Back in 2003, when the city was just starting to slash its Parks Department (a continuous effort that arguably reached its nadir in 2010), one of the victims was Sondermann's Beidleman Center, which had been a popular city nature center, including regular hours and programs for kids. Unfortunately, nobody's bringing that back - although the Catamount Institute - which now leases the center from the city - does make certain environmental activities available. But the main point is that, in the vacuum created by the city's absence, the private sector has stepped forward. Steve Schwartz, who lives next to Sondermann Park, has been almost single-handedly caring for it for several years, and now Catamount, Boy and Girl Scouts and others are getting involved. I'd write more, but I seem to have run out of space to fit it all in.

- K.J.