OWN appoints Mary Gallivan for west-of-31st seat

       Mary Gallivan, a lead volunteer in the business/ residential battle against panhandling and other problems west of 31st Street, has been appointed to the board of the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN).
       Filling an existing board vacancy, she will take over as representative of OWN's Area 3, which includes west-of-31st (also known as No Man's Land), the OWN board decided at its meeting Nov. 8
       The city-recognized advocacy group for the older-Westside Neighbor-hood Strategy Area (NSA), OWN has been active in the anti-panhandling effort.
       The volunteer body has nine members in all (six representing geographical areas and three at-large).
       Gallivan said she sought a board position because “people on the Westside need to be represented and OWN seems to do a good job of that. I'm not opposed to hard work.”
       She and her husband Tom are retired. They moved to the Grandview neighborhood (west of 31st Street and north of the avenue) from Elmhurst, Ill., about three years ago. Before that, she had worked in the buying office for a regional grocery-store chain for about 20 years and had also been involved with an Elmhurst citizen group that worked with local government on implementing flood controls.
       “The Westside is a wonderful place to live, but we need to reinvigorate the area, and panhandling is one of the issues we face,” Gallivan said.
       Area 3 had been represented by board member Brad Collins, who is moving from Grandview to another part of the strategy area. He recommended that the board appoint Gallivan to replace him.
       Collins will take over the at-large vacancy.
       Under OWN bylaws, the organization can appoint people to finish out terms. The annual election will be at the end of January.
       Another board vacancy is looming for OWN's Area 2 (older Westside between 14th and 21st streets). This is the result of Vice President Sean Chambers having to resign. Chambers had represented Area 5, but he has moved elsewhere. He can represent Area 2 for now because, not having yet sold his house, he still owns property in the NSA. In the meantime, the five-year board member is helping OWN review board applicants for Area 2.
       Veteran OWN board member Bob Kleiwer was appointed vice president in Chambers' place.
       President Welling Clark, the former Area 2 board member, agreed to represent Area 5, which includes his own neighborhood (although OWN board members aren't required to live in the areas they represent).
       Anyone interested in volunteering with OWN can call 471-4023 or e-mail info@westsideneighbors.org.

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