With road and lot work, Gold Hill Mesa will be busy near 21st St. in 2012

       Gold Hill Mesa plans to be active this year around its soon-to-be 21st Street access.
       After gaining city approval last year to extend Gold Hill Mesa Drive to 21st, to shape 20 single-family lots along the drive's north side and to build an intersection with Villa de Mesa Drive a few hundred feet east of 21st, the major Westside residential/commercial development has submitted a request to create townhome lots in the same vicinity.

This drawing from the Gold Hill Mesa Filing 7 submittal shows the layout of the 23 proposed townhome lots south of Gold Hill Mesa Drive and west of Portland Gold Drive. Also in the drawing is the planned Gold Hill Mesa Drive extension to 21st Street (far left) and the intersection that will connect it with Villa de Mesa Drive (going into the Villa de Mesa subdivision - not shown) and Portland Gold Drive.
Courtesy of Gold Hill Mesa and City Land Use

       Called Heirloom Filing 7, the 23 lots will be on 2 1/2 acres just west and south of the 20 approved last year. Plans include the extension of Portland Gold Drive to become the southerly leg of the Villa de Mesa Drive/Gold Hill Mesa Drive intersection.
       The idea is to complete the related street work sometime in 2012 and hopefully the lots as well. Lead Gold Hill developer Bob Willard said he'd especially like the Gold Hill Mesa Drive extension to be done before the Parade of Homes in August - providing more direct access to prospective home-buyers - but because the intersection needs extensive drainage engineering he will not be surprised if it takes a while longer.
       The main intent of Filing 7 is to create more lots for townhomes (which are also known as multifamily or attached housing). “We're running out of multifamily space,” Willard said. “Attached housing is extremely popular these days. J.M. Weston [Gold Hill's townhome developer] has sold out everything they've got, and we're trying to stay ahead.”
       He said that townhomes at Gold Hill Mesa are outselling single-family type homes at a 2-1 pace. And, with the focus already on the new 21st Street access, “it's a logical place to put them,” he said.
       The townhome lots on the west side of Portland Gold will be just east of 21st Street, but in that part of the development the sites range from about 10 to 30 feet below the street grade.
       Both a development plan and subdivision plat are in the submittal, and will require only administrative review. Ryan Tefertiller of City Land Use , who will be leading that review process, said he still needs to study the submittals in detail, but believes that the development proposal in general is “very consistent” with Gold Hill Mesa's concept plan that shows townhomes in that area.
       He said Heirloom Filing 7 follows six previous filings involving townhomes. Gold Hill started residential construction in 2006.
       The 210-acre development east of 21st Street is conceptually approved for about 1,000 homes; it now has 118 households, according to Willard.

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