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Articles by Subject

Featured Sections
Biz Buzz
1/12/06: Art gallery/cafe opens
1/19/06: Guest speaker at Desert Sage
2/9/06: Valentine's reception at Calabash
2/16/06: Reilly opens 'City by Night' show
3/2/06: Goodwill sets Doll Sale March 10-11
3/16/06: Crowley relocating to Citadel
3/23/06: Bon Ton's likes where it is
3/30/06: Baalman adds to 'Asylum' space
4/6/06: Market celebrates 1st year in Old Town
4/20/06: Homes built on 'clean' site of meth test
4/27/06: Transfer vehicle donated to CPCD
5/4/06: Openings scheduled at Calabash, Elements galleries
5/11/06: Petco store invites participants for hamster race May 20
5/18/06: 'Mommy Guilt' authors at CPCD May 23
6/1/06: Squash Blossom 'Red' opening June 8
6/8/06: Two new marketing efforts in Old Town
6/15/06: 'Glitters' to host traveling Singer estate jewelry show
6/22/06: Surplus City ending 61-year run
6/29/06: New businesses open on Westside
7/6/06: 'Life on the Road' at Squash Blossom
7/13/06: 'Fast Food Nation' author at Steakhouse
7/20/06: Food at Cucuru, Russians at Gold Hill
7/27/06: Bargain Mart to move to Baker's site
8/10/06: Reception for glass exhibit Aug. 18
8/24/06: Deck for Mill Hill; award for Clark
8/31/06: Samba Brasil celebrates independence
9/7/06: OCCA calling all artists for Sept. 23
9/14/06: Chili cook-off declared success at market
9/28/06: Reilly holds 2nd annual Land Trust show
10/12/06: Hair salons go pink in October
10/26/06: UPS sponsors dream; Harris collects coats
11/9/06: Temporary Van Briggle location for Ramblin Express
11/16/06: 9th Four Diamond award for Guest House
11/22/06: Musician, painter at open house
12/7/06: Bank brings back mechanical Christmas display

Cobweb Corners
1/12/06: Street names, again
1/19/06: Ticket to the next stop
1/26/06: The first Pikes Peak Hill Climb (almost)
2/2/06: Farmers Highway and other names
2/9/06: The story of Old Pots
2/16/06: Down at the post office
2/23/06: Miss Patty's cafe
3/2/06: The real Lucy Van Pelt
3/9/06: The mystery of the Pikes Peak plane
3/16/06: Buena Vista School, after 50 years
3/23/06: Schochs were Westside landmarks
3/30/06: Bargains in the baggage
4/6/06: The problem with reading!
4/13/06: Landmarks near the Colonel's place
4/20/06: A railroad pass
4/27/06: The Greenlee Quarry
5/4/06: A great house
5/11/06: The fish that didn't get away
5/18/06: A wet time in the old town
5/25/06: Tough times for a tenderfoot
6/1/06: Traveling shows
6/8/06: Hunger-inducing memories
6/15/06: Not-so-big oil
6/22/06: The first mail deliveries
6/29/06: When the circus came to town
7/6/06: Bell and Palmer and the D&RG
7/13/06: On the Avenue in the 1920s
7/20/06: The Avenue in the '20s (cont.)
7/27/06: Tribute to Ol' Byron
8/3/06: Early summer visitors
8/10/06: More tourist stories
8/17/06: My new answer
8/24/06: Sitting on the porch
8/31/06: Teddy wanted to drive the train
9/7/06: The president is not amused!
9/14/06: Old trucks and cars
9/21/06: An interesting job
9/28/06: Local history with the Army
10/5/06: Legacy of early mines still with us
10/12/06: Have you been to Denver?
10/19/06: Return of an early cattleman
10/26/06: The town of Manitou Park
11/2/06: Colorado Springs' second railroad
11/9/06: Head 'em up, move 'em out!
11/16/06: The original 'Uncle Dick'
11/22/06: The Pikes Peak signal station
11/30/06: When buses replaced streetcars
12/7/06: More about buses
12/14/06: Potato chips and cameras
12/21/06: Where the ideas come from
12/28/06: Cold winters past

9/21/06: Guess when new KFC/A&W will open and win a dinner for four there
10/19/06: Winner in KFC-opening-date contest

The County Connection
4/27/06: A commissioner's fire call

District 1 Report
8/3/06: Being best city takes work

District 3 Report
7/6/06: Let T-Days process work

Editor's Desk
1/12/06: A chance encounter
1/19/06: Watch out for road construction
1/26/06: Fractious about fractions
2/2/06: In government we trust?
2/9/06: Her own private Katrina
2/16/06: The good-news brigade
2/23/06: Help for Woodland's commuters
3/2/06: Strike right note to avoid discord
3/9/06: Parade comes at right time
3/16/06: A salute to Sgt. Logan
3/23/06: Where there's smoke...
3/30/06: Breaking (down the) news
4/6/06: A hook could hit a horse
4/13/06: Nothing fancy
4/20/06: The virtues of blight
4/27/06: It doesn't need to be a battle
5/4/06: Planning our calendars
5/11/06: No let-up in highway interest
5/18/06: Positively Territory Days
5/25/06: On Walgreens walking
6/1/06: Just like downtown... not!
6/8/06: Unspecial process for events permit
6/15/06: An interesting turn in the highway
6/22/06: A year to write a story
6/29/06: Flashpoint: Bancroft Park
7/6/06: Rise of the redheaded stepchild
7/13/06: The Forest Service botched it
7/20/06: Highway 24 and Grandma
7/27/06: Is the stepchild being punished?
8/3/06: Why the media's elsewhere
8/10/06: What’s brewing on the Westside?
8/17/06: Experts texperts
8/24/06: Think global, shop local
8/31/06: A citizen strategy for Hwy 24
9/7/06: History in the remaking
9/14/06: A family newspaper
9/21/06: Sleeping through the 'real' news
9/28/06: If the school board agrees...
10/5/06: Miscellany
10/12/06: Get out the whitewash
10/19/06: What you see is what we got
10/26/06: This time Bruce has gone too far
11/2/06: Art and politics
11/9/06: Unused pictures
11/16/06: Get yer red hot good news!
11/22/06: The historical spirit
11/30/06: A task force for No Man's Land
12/7/06: A newspaper for Coronado
12/14/06: CDOT and the shortcut sham
12/21/06: 'Tis the season...
12/28/06: Stories of the year

Editorial Campaign
2/16/06: Follow-up: Hwy 24: The pedestrian overpass
3/9/06: First do no harm: Pioneer's plan for Westside Hwy 24 uses parts of vacant Gold Hill Mesa property to avoid home/business removals

Guest Columns
1/19/06: Codes vs. creativity by Peter Dunn
5/11/06: Why values are going up by Patty Strauch
6/1/06: Growing a better land by Col. Randy Fritz
9/7/06: Hwy 24 symptom of area growth issue by Dave Gardner
10/19/06: West Center: Many things in 1 place by E.D. Rucker
12/28/06: Coke's many moves over the years by Peter Dunn

In their own words
9/14/06: In their own words: Norm Clark and the Clark's Service Station years
9/21/06: Norm Clark and the Clark's Service Station years (Part 2)

2/9/06: 'Widen existing streets' from Mark Martin
2/16/06: From Geraldine Kirkmeyer and Peter Dunn
3/16/06: Responses to 'Pioneer plan' for Hwy 24
3/30/06: From Dustie Flynn and Peter Dunn
3/30/06: Letters on smoking ban take Pioneer to task
4/6/06: Issue is rights, not smoke-free from J.F. Corcoran
4/20/06: No fan of latest Tattoo building mural from Marlene Downs
5/18/06: Driver's view issue at King & 19th from Steve Kelly
5/25/06: Support for Westsiders' Option from Ben and Randa Bell
6/8/06: Concern about CDOT's 21st St. plans from Geraldine Kirkmeyer
7/6/06: : Parents good friends of Osbornes from John Davidson
7/13/06: Here's a real highway alternative from Jim Rogers
7/20/06: Burroughs founded Silver Key in '71 from Joanne Francies
8/3/06: Thanks for help on PV entryway from Jim Corcoran
9/21/06: Red Rock climbing event a 'first' from Don Ellis
9/28/06: From Dave Hughes and C.J. Hendrickson
10/5/06: Suggestions offered for city's CIP list from John Gould
10/12/06: Fisk reiterates debate challenge from Kyle Fisk
10/26/06: Show pride - clean up the Westside from Nancy Miceli
11/2/06: From Jim Koehler and Chris Smith
11/9/06: Enjoyed First Nations photos from Melissa Walker
11/16/06: Thanks from artists from Karen Pierce and Marc Jenesel
11/22/06: Opposes two-laning the avenue from Fred Zobel
12/7/06: From Geraldine Kirkmeyer and Annette Niswonger
12/14/06: History alive at Rock Ledge from Scott Bosch

Meet a Westsider
1/12/06: Steven Wiley
1/26/06: Gail Juliano
2/9/06: Leonard Aldaz
2/23/06: Julia Mesnikoff
3/9/06: Vicki Keeney
3/23/06: Marilyn Billings
4/13/06: Terri Wilson
4/27/06: Lisa Kadlec
5/11/06: Will Waldron
5/25/06: Lindsey Aparicio
6/1/06: Ricky Martinez
6/15/06: Rory Fitzgerald
6/22/06: Angie Vidmar
7/13/06: Amy Filipiak
7/27/06: Mary Wirkes
8/24/06: Yolanda Martinez
9/7/06: Mark Arnold
9/21/06: Lori Kasten
10/5/06: Ann Brooks
10/19/06: Victor Shephard
11/2/06: Arwilla Cook
11/16/06: Patti Margrave
11/30/06: Lars Seebohm
12/14/06: John Horvath
12/28/06: Mary Ross

Odes to the Codes
4/6/06: Introducing new column
4/27/06: On 'bandit signs'
5/11/06: Inoperable vehicles
6/22/06: Rules on storing RVs
8/10/06: Garbage in/out

3/30/06: West seeks exchange-student hosts; RMFI, ITC set work schedules

Westside politickin'
6/1/06: Lord rally June 4 at Bear Creek pavilion
9/21/06: PPACG hosts Ritter's running mate

Westside Schools/District 11 School News
2/2/06: West food drive successful
2/16/06: Westside schools: 5 art winners from Jackson
3/2/06: Holmes named a 'School to Watch'
3/16/06: Bristol treats eyes and ears
4/6/06: Kindergarten registration to begin
4/20/06: Coronado student wins drafting competition
4/27/06: Moody takes third in international bridge-building
5/4/06: Midland to hold IB exhibition; BV planning 95th anniversary
5/11/06: Bristol art honored by county commissioners
5/18/06: Summer literacy programs start June 5
5/25/06: International Baccalaureate leader visits Midland
8/24/06: Open houses, new teachers listed
9/21/06: 3 bond-issue schools may have a shorter year
10/5/06: 2nd annual Whittier craft fair
12/14/06: Ivywild baskets, Washington wish lists

What do you do?
1/19/06: Kim-Marie Coon
2/2/06: Jennifer Lange
2/16/06: Cindy Herndon
3/2/06: Michael Wahl
3/16/06: Don 'Grandpa' Rickert
3/30/06: Mandy Morfitt
4/6/06: Vickie Siggers
4/20/06: Sharon Smith
5/4/06: Marilyn George
5/18/06: Nancy Jang
6/8/06: Alicia Griggs
6/22/06: Barbara Michaels
7/6/06: Meg Nisbet
7/20/06: Brian Surage
8/3/06: Hermenegildo Molina
8/17/06: Chris Alvarez
8/31/06: Lydia Maring
9/14/06: Mike Estes
9/28/06: Tom Ware
10/12/06: Jimmy Keeney
10/26/06: Sharon Wolff
11/9/06: Michael Harris
11/22/06: Stan Wolf
12/7/06: Mary Sue Voth
12/21/06: Pasang Sherpa

Other Articles
2/2/06: Slow down - artists at work
3/30/06: Whittlers' woodworking wonders on Westside
4/6/06: Tattoo shop adds 'grafitti-style' mural on east wall
6/29/06: Tearing it up in Denver
10/12/06: Artist uses words to help cope with father's death
11/2/06: Art Tour locations listed
11/2/06: Local artists invite public to 4th annual Studio Tour
11/2/06: Semonchik modest, but scarfing up opportunity
11/9/06: Cuban art 'invasion' at Cucuru Gallery

Bear Creek Nature Center
3/30/06: Arbor Day at Bear Creek Nature Center
4/6/06: Arbor Day poster child
4/27/06: Stewardship Day at Bear Creek May 6
7/13/06: Big Bear Day at Bear Creek
7/20/06: Dog-related art at Bear Creek Nature Center
7/27/06: Natural history class at Nature Center
8/10/06: Dogs go to art; center goes to dogs
8/10/06: Fall now seen for installation of pavilion at Bear Creek Nature Center
9/14/06: Honey Harvest at Bear Creek Center Sept. 23
9/28/06: No obstacle too great
9/28/06: Work starts on Bear Creek Nature Center pavilion
11/9/06: Volunteers sought for Nature Center clean-up Nov. 18
11/22/06: Bear Creek volunteer orientation class set
12/7/06: New membership plan highlighted in Nature Center's 30th-year event

Beidleman Nature Center
1/12/06: Catamount offers 'Mission Reorganization' seminar
3/2/06: Photography class at Beidleman
6/1/06: Composting presentation at Beidleman Center
11/30/06: Bear Creek volunteer orientation class set

Boys and Girls Club
10/12/06: Boys & Girls Club gains from corporate sweat equity

Buildings, New Construction, and Real Estate
1/12/06: Developers to meet with neighbors on 2 projects Jan. 19
2/2/06: Neighborhood unconvinced about Victorian Heights development
2/9/06: Grading begins at Fillmore-Centennial site
2/16/06: City documentation goof sends Victorian Heights back to drawing board
2/16/06: Land Trust gives preview of West St. Vrain project
3/9/06: Trade school's expansion in doubt due to state's 31st St. intersection plans
3/23/06: Katty-corner projects at King & 19th
3/30/06: Two houses relocated to West Platte
4/6/06: Emergicare clinic, offices being built on Bijou Street
4/20/06: Final day for the Colonel's big bucket
5/18/06: Density issue lingers as Mesa proposal goes to council
6/1/06: PlaCo to hear lot-split appeal on property near Garden of Gods
6/8/06: Red Rock Canyon Open Space has... Happy neighbors
6/15/06: 'Colorado timber style' seen for Villas at Mesa Park
6/22/06: Work starts on gas station for Uintah King Soopers
7/6/06: City Planning taking comments on Garner Street RV park development plan
7/6/06: Neighborhood meeting on latest Victorian Heights plan scheduled downtown July 12
7/27/06: Victorian Heights goes back to Planning Commission Aug. 3
8/10/06: Appeal planned after Planning Commission backs Victorian Heights
8/10/06: Model units ready at Indian Hills subdivision
8/17/06: Home construction getting started in Indian Heights
9/21/06: 5 homes proposed southwest of 21st and Lower Gold Camp
9/21/06: New Centennial medical facility to offer option for patients needing rehab
9/28/06: City Council overturns Planning Commission OK of Victorian Heights
9/28/06: What to fix? City wants your input
10/5/06: 3 proposed property use changes on Westside
10/26/06: Groundbreaking set Oct. 27 for Broadmoor Bank's Westside branch
12/14/06: Husted House bought as place to retire
12/14/06: New Uintah Walgreens to open in late summer
12/21/06: Bicycle Institute won't build Midland dorm

Centennial Extension
8/10/06: Centennial Boulevard extension to Mesa Springs area looms, But city lacks funds to complete connector road to Fontanero interchange
8/17/06: Road work to follow grading in CSHP's project off Fillmore
11/2/06: NES pulling together Centennial extension

4/13/06: Shrine Club concert/dance April 22 benefits Care and Share
6/15/06: Famous Shrine 'models' visit local temple
6/22/06: June 28 deadline for non-profits to request application forms
6/22/06: Osborne Fund: A Rotarian's lasting gift to the Westside
6/22/06: Osborne Trust Fund's '05 grant awards listed
7/20/06: Fund-raiser to help buy prosthetic for Vietnam veteran in nursing home
9/28/06: Victorian Ball fund-raiser at Shrine Club
9/28/06: Westside start, finish in charity motorcycle run
10/12/06: 2 projects on Westside for Make a Difference Day event
10/12/06: 100 miles to go
10/26/06: Follow-Up: Photo found of Bill Osborne
11/9/06: Osborne Trust Fund 2006 grant recipients listed
11/9/06: Rotary honors Osborne Trust recipients
11/30/06: Rock Ledge, Howbert lead clothing drive for Sioux tribe
12/14/06: 2,000 boxes from Feed the Children to DHS
12/21/06: Donations trucked to reservation

Christmas Time
11/22/06: Bucket brigade
11/30/06: Season taking shape on Westside
12/7/06: Gold Hill Substation site for Christmas Toy Drive
12/7/06: Santa's advance units

4/13/06: Easter Sunday church services listed
5/25/06: Calvary church to add building: 26,000-square-foot building will more than double space
12/7/06: Church project starts off King St.; parking relief is provided early

Cimarron Bridge
8/10/06: 4-foot-wide 'pothole' forces bridge repairs
8/17/06: Cimarron bridge stays at 2 lanes while engineers mull problems
8/24/06: Council: Cimarron bridge work in 2007
9/14/06: CDOT's COSMIX contractor to start design for new Cimarron bridge
9/28/06: 'Headache bars' tried to keep big rigs off Cimarron bridge
11/22/06: New Cimarron bridge to have style... and 4 lanes by June
12/14/06: January now seen for start of Cimarron bridge demo

City Parks
4/6/06: Crown Hill Mesa to get its park this year
4/27/06: Crown Hill Mesa applauds new park's concept plan
7/6/06: 'Genny Garden' blooms again at Thorndale
9/21/06: Next year now likely for Gold Camp Park opening
10/12/06: Blunt Park to get playground upgrade: new equipment, softer surface coming
10/26/06: Free mulch available at City Parks facility
11/9/06: Despite construction, Gold Camp Park's playground could be usable this month

County Parks
1/19/06: Small dogs get a place of their own at Bear Creek Dog Park; 25 pounds is maximum size in new area
3/2/06: Annual Garden Association meeting
3/23/06: 9-hole golf course seen at Bear Creek Park
3/23/06: Bear Creek April Stools
4/6/06: Site of proposed golf course
4/13/06: Bear Creek golf course plan withdrawn after meeting
6/8/06: Organic weed control to continue on 20 Bear Creek acres
9/14/06: Pikes Peak SuperCross at Bear Creek Park
10/12/06: Free cornstalks with goat-fund donations Oct. 14 at Bear Creek
10/19/06: Bear Creek Dog Park cleanup Oct. 28
10/26/06: Grant sought for goats by Garden Association
11/16/06: Dog Park bench memorializes Cameron Booth
11/22/06: Goat grant gained at Bear Creek

Dave Hughes
10/5/06: Wireless 'summit' bringing Hughes to India Oct. 18-30
11/10/06: Hughes to speak on trip to wireless 'summit'
11/30/06: Hughes tells about wireless-summit trip

2/23/06: Big band a big hit with dancers, charities
3/9/06: Ballroom dancing taught at Carriage Stop

2/9/06: Police pledge parking pressure at St. Pat's parade
2/9/06: Westside groups invited to enter St. Pat's Parade
3/9/06: Entry list for St. Pat's Parade: 108 entries include floats, bands, cars
3/16/06: Low temps don't deter crowd at St. Pat's Parade
3/23/06: Pioneer ups circulation, news outlets
4/13/06: Health Fair April 22 at Masonic Center
4/27/06: 25 percent increase noted for 9Health Fair
4/27/06: City Parks hosts meeting, mulls solutions to impacts from Old Town special events
5/18/06: 'Fun Run Car Show' May 28 at Living Springs
6/8/06: Relay for Life in A the B Park June 9-10
6/15/06: Range Riders to trot through Westside June 21 on their way to the mountains
6/22/06: Manitou cancels annual fireworks
6/22/06: Relay for Life at Gossage June 24-25
8/3/06: 26th Street Market plans chili cook-off
8/3/06: Ace high school musicians to play on famous Castaways stage
8/3/06: No place to perform in Old Colorado City, so... Nationally touring American Indian band now scheduled at City Auditorium Aug. 13
8/10/06: Master gardeners to appear at nursery
8/17/06: Big Band puts on new shows to help Care & Share
10/12/06: Big Band Sunday, Oct 15 at Shrine Club
10/12/06: CHS parade wakes up Westside
11/22/06: 12th annual B&B Tour Dec. 3 benefits History Center
12/7/06: Big turnout for B&B Holiday Tour

Farmer's Market
6/15/06: New outdoor market opens June 24
8/17/06: 26th Street Market seeks Chili Cook-off entrants

Garden of the Gods
2/16/06: Festival for Garden's bighorn herd Feb. 18
2/23/06: People, bighorns show up for inaugural Garden festival
2/23/06: Pike's pack replicas to be at Garden of Gods Visitor Center from March 1 until June '07
4/6/06: Rock Ledge, GoG Visitor Center join for Earth Day
4/20/06: Schedule provided for Garden/ Rock Ledge Earth Day events
4/27/06: Record crowds work, play at joint Rock Ledge, GoG Earth Day
5/25/06: 'Paint Peak' event at GoG Visitor Center
6/8/06: Peak paint event honors Pike, Western artists
6/8/06: Spectacular signups: Broadened marketing seems to be working for annual late-night bike ride in Garden of Gods
7/6/06: Rotary seeks Czech business exchange
7/13/06: Director of Pike Commission to dress for part July 17-18 at GoG Visitor Center
9/7/06: RMFI resumes Garden of Gods drainage work
9/28/06: Garden workdays on October weekends
11/30/06: Gold exhibit at Visitor Center
12/21/06: Chain saw takes place of fire at Garden: Foundation-funded City Parks program thins out dead/dying gambel oak brush

Gold Camp Road
2/2/06: Gold Camp Road decision expected now in March
4/6/06: Despite fire, lack of funds... Forest Service still sees 8 1/2-mile Gold Camp Road segment reopening
7/13/06: $290,000 later, Forest Service is left with no plan for closed section of Gold Camp Road

Gold Hill Mesa
4/13/06: Gold Hill's rills soon to be remnant of yesteryear
4/20/06: Gold Hill Mesa wants you to grow your vegetables: Willard seeking to remove 'cloud' from project
6/15/06: 1st building takes shape at Gold Hill
7/13/06: Gold Hill Mesa mines for street names
9/28/06: Homes to start surrounding Gold Hill Mesa community center soon
9/28/06: Villa de Mesa to become a gated community
10/12/06: Gold Hill Mesa developer raises questions about installing raised median on South 21st
10/19/06: Surplus City jail cell going to Gold Hill Mesa
10/26/06: State Health certifies Gold Hill's Filing 1
11/30/06: Model homes taking shape at Gold Hill

4/6/06: Martin, Goodwill employee, named the agency's Achiever of the Year
7/13/06: Looking after the dolls
11/16/06: Good times in Goodwill's Snoezelen room
12/14/06: 2 Westside locations for Goodwill donations

3/23/06: Smoking ban bitter cup for Westside bars; Owners: New law denies choice, hurts business
3/30/06: County bond program includes Westside area
4/20/06: District 3 opening on County Parks Board
7/27/06: Old Glory needs a permit: Bank's flags, 1972 sign among 64 violations in city sweep of avenue
10/19/06: City only wants felled trees in right of ways
10/26/06: Here's your chance to talk to the mayor
11/16/06: Clark appointed to national county panel
12/14/06: 6.125% mortgage rate in Westside target area
12/21/06: County commissioners on cable

Head Start
4/6/06: Volunteers needed for Head Start

Highway 24
1/19/06: CDOT: Only 6 percent of Hwy 24 traffic stays local
1/19/06: Majority of attendees opposed the 2 build options at Nov. 10 Highway 24 open house
1/19/06: Public gets to try on slightly smaller plan for Hwy 24 Jan. 26
2/2/06: Biggest turnout yet for CDOT open house on Hwy 24 alternatives; Local political leaders critical of project size
2/2/06: 'No action' gets no display, no place on comment forms
2/23/06: Hwy 24 open house in Woodland Park Feb. 28; Commuters' comments to count same as Westsiders'
3/30/06: OWN backs Pioneer's plan for Hwy 24
4/6/06: Hwy 24: April 13 meeting on Westsiders' Option
4/6/06: Next CDOT meeting on Westside Highway 24 scheduled May 10
4/13/06: Expressway in, freeway out: CDOT announces alternative, leaving hope for 26th St. access, downsized plan
4/20/06: Hwy 24 'Westsiders Option' plan going to CDOT, then citizens again
4/27/06: Around 50 properties to be impacted in any CDOT build option for Highway 24
4/27/06: Hente sees Westside Hwy 24 as low-priority project
4/27/06: Westsiders' Hwy 24 task force continues data hunt
5/4/06: City crews coming for highway weeds: Colorado Springs has responsibility on all state roads within city limits
5/4/06: State to explain Hwy 24 expressway plan at May 10 open house
5/4/06: Westside Hwy 24 soon to be viewable on Channel 18
5/11/06: No reference to local task force in CDOT's Hwy 24 displays: Not intended as omission, officials say
5/25/06: OWN, PPACG and Hwy 24
6/15/06: Temporary 'brakes' put on CDOT Highway 24 plans
6/22/06: CDOT presenting; Clark recruiting: Debate continues over how vast Hwy 24 upgrades should be
6/29/06: CDOT eliminates 30th Street option for Highway 24
7/6/06: Ridge Road/Hwy 24 fails stoplight test: State considering a center 'refuge' lane instead
7/13/06: CDOT gets earful: Citizen comments mostly lukewarm on Hwy 24 design options at recent meeting
7/13/06: Clark's Hwy 24 working group to hold first meeting July 19
7/13/06: Hwy 24: Property 'suspended animation' concern: But City Council told Westside project's funding chances better if a plan is 'on the shelf' 7/13/06: State draws from public ideas: 'Shortcut' from 14th to 21st among favored proposals
7/20/06: Cone zone from 2012 to 2022? Westside Highway 24 construction estimates come out of meeting
7/20/06: Hwy 24 comments: Public likes some, not all, SPUIs'
8/3/06: If this is being saved... Harm to Van Briggle business feared next to a Hwy 24 interchange
8/3/06: Overpasses suggested in newest local Hwy 24 plan
8/10/06: Presentation of modified 'Westsiders' Option' Aug. 17
8/10/06: Single-presentation format, Q/A session planned for next Hwy 24 meeting Aug. 24
8/17/06: Challenge to CDOT traffic numbers: 'Artificial loading' in Hwy 24 projections?
8/17/06: Displays but no one-on-ones at Aug. 24 meeting
8/24/06: Hwy 24 confab at West Aug. 24
8/31/06: Hwy 24: Sparks fly at meeting
8/31/06: No (current) CDOT $ for Ridge/Hwy 24
9/7/06: OWN mulls Hwy 24 petition: Citizen involvement to be sought at meeting
9/14/06: CDOT gives itself more time, money to complete Hwy 24 planning process
10/5/06: Hwy 24: All-or-nothing scenario becoming clear
10/5/06: Hwy 24 survey planned for next OWN newsletter
10/12/06: Hwy 24 Working Group meetings set
10/26/06: Hwy 24 group to discuss creek, 31st St.
11/9/06: Hwy 24 project to rework creek, trail
11/22/06: Hwy 24/21st St. topic of meeting
11/30/06: Weather cancels Hwy 24 meeting
12/7/06: Hwy 24 Working Group meeting Dec. 13
12/14/06: CDOT nixes at-grade intersection at 21st: Also from Highway 24 Working Group meeting: Gold Hill Mesa 'shortcut' turns out to be mirage

1/26/06: Fancy-free at 103: 40-year Westside resident Kathleen Burt drove a buggy, studied law, overcame tuberculosis, led volunteer efforts in WWII
3/2/06: Remembering Steve's Market: 'Mom-and-pop' stores prevalent on Colorado Avenue in early '50s
3/23/06: The days of Prairie Dog O'Byrne: He was known for his trained, carriage-pulling elk in the late 1800s
11/16/06: Careful with those rocks! COSMIX workers hand-remove historic WPA wall
12/28/06: Refreshing memories

Humane Society
7/6/06: Permanent home sought for dog that met with tragedy
7/13/06: Adopt-A-Thon July 15-16 at Humane Society
10/5/06: National association praises Humane Society as highest ever rated

1/12/06: COSMIX now has "outlook" web link
2/16/06: COSMIX open house Feb. 16
3/2/06: CDOT open to 'welcome' sign at overpass
3/2/06: COSMIX starts drilling on Spruce, Bijou this week
4/27/06: In a hurry? New I-25 lanes may not open till June
6/15/06: 3rd southbound Fillmore-GoG lane to open in July, But CDOT driver-safety concerns could delay opening of new I-25 northbound lane up to a year
6/22/06: Open house June 27 on I-25 bridges at Bijou and Colorado
6/29/06: Some details known, some not as COSMIX starts at Bijou/ Colorado
7/13/06: COSMIX work to close Chestnut alley to July 20
7/20/06: Aug. 10 date scheduled to open new I-25 lanes from Fillmore to GOG
8/3/06: Bijou/I-25 bridge detour decision nears
8/10/06: COSMIX: Fillmore-GoG third-lane date slips; temporary exits in place
8/17/06: Half of new I-25 NB ramp from GoG Road to open
9/7/06: I-25 SB 3rd lane opens: New NB Fillmore-GoG lane seen later this month
9/14/06: Brake time: COSMIX says good-bye to auxiliary lanes, Bijou southbound on-ramp
9/21/06: Fillmore-GoG I-25 widening complete
10/5/06: Lane reduction
10/19/06: COSMIX work becoming visible
11/2/06: Put on the brakes, hikers!
11/30/06: COSMIX sets meeting on impending bridge work
12/7/06: COSMIX looking out for homeless with interim Westside-downtown shuttle bus
12/14/06: Route 14 will take over COSMIX shuttle stop
12/28/06: Bijou bridge to start falling down Jan. 2: Temporary 4-lane 'mini-bypass' to take vehicles west of interstate work area until mid-summer
12/28/06: Bleachers out in the sun for 'Demolition Party'

1/12/06: Yay! Library has its front steps back
2/2/06: Library offers chance to give new life to old instruments
2/2/06: OCC Library fund-raising for Phase 2
2/16/06: Unused instruments find way to library
4/6/06: Library fetes Mozart's 250th
7/13/06: Christmas in July?
8/10/06: Library receives $250,000 grant for Phase 2 of rehab
10/5/06: 'Alice' to raise money for Old Town's library
10/26/06: The great, wiggly circle of life
12/7/06: Phase 2 funding in place for library preservation project: Work will close Old Town facility for half a year

Local Businesses
1/19/06: Villagers' saga ends in Old Town
1/26/06: New owner to spruce up Uintah Gardens
2/23/06: New pet food business opens
3/9/06: New business holding grand opening
3/16/06: The bartender's return: 'Emotional tie' leads to Meadow Muffins purchase
3/23/06: Antique dolls restored to life in former mortuary
3/23/06: Surplus City to close after 61 years
3/30/06: Building permit approved for new KFC: Old store to be razed in April
4/20/06: He just wanted a good cup of coffee
5/4/06: Enterprise zone includes Westside
5/25/06: Walgreens gives up on 3000 block of Avenue
5/25/06: Work to start on Uintah Walgreens this fall
6/15/06: Chuck Murphy sells Garden of the Gods Campground
6/15/06: New KFC store going in at 31st & Colorado
7/6/06: Restaurant's co-founder returns, finds it fun again
7/27/06: KFC contractor finds backup in city sewer main; problem contained
7/27/06: New owner's upgrades already in effect at Farm Crest store
8/3/06: New coffeehouse, museum reflect Orthodox Church
8/10/06: Getting in the swing
8/24/06: Putting the 'home' in home cooking
9/7/06: Coke plant leaving Westside in January
9/21/06: Concerns to be aired on Yellowstone buffalo
9/28/06: Fish have friend at Westside business
10/12/06: Van Briggle planning to move: Pottery business has been in roundhouse for more than 40 years
10/19/06: New surplus store to open in part of old store's site: Tafoya had worked for Surplus City for 36 years
10/19/06: Westside entrepreneur founded local Pepsi-Cola company in 1930s
10/26/06: Hutchinson Battery takes over Antlers Auto location
11/30/06: Niswonger family marks 50 years of producing Patsy's Candies, last 30 on Westside
12/14/06: 3G's recovering from car accident
12/21/06: Simpiches, dolls bid farewell: Husband-wife business thrived for 54 years, last 28 in Old Colorado City

Mesa Springs
1/12/06: Mesa Springs holds off on Neighborhood Watch
1/19/06: Mesa Springs' '05 CDBG work going out to bids

7/27/06: Clinic for brain-injured proposed on Robinson Street

Military News
1/26/06: Military benefits from Girl Scout cookie sales

Miscellaneous News
3/23/06: A pig in the sun
5/4/06: Markworths soapbox 'Family of Year'
5/4/06: Scholarship day for Panehellenic group
5/25/06: Children's Literacy tutors sought
6/1/06: Dear deer! DOW offers tips on 'proofing' homes near hills
9/14/06: Westside-Manitou phone book planned
12/28/06: Stories of the year: COSMIX shifts into high gear

3/2/06: Gemologist speaks at History Center
4/27/06: OCCHS sets Fashion Show May 13
5/4/06: Talk: Business life in Cripple Creek heyday

1/26/06: Neighborhood meetings rescheduled February 1 & 9 at West
8/3/06: Council denies re-split of Ridge Road lot
9/7/06: Association plans BBQ for Holland Parkers
9/21/06: CONO invites citizens to neighborhood forum

No Man's Land
2/23/06: No Man's Land study to begin, will include 'urban renewal' element
4/6/06: Get-acquainted meeting for study consultants, No Man's Land denizens
4/20/06: 'It's far from blighted here': Motel owner skeptical as avenue study starts
4/20/06: Urban renewal plan foreseen at introductory meeting on Manitou's 'East Corridor' survey
6/1/06: 'Existing conditions are unsafe for through traffic...'
6/1/06: Failures for two county 'No Man's Land' funding efforts
8/17/06: Blight conditions officially cited in No Man's Land: Plan, market analysis set for meeting Aug. 21 as Manitou moves toward Urban Renewal Authority
8/17/06: Dillon owner likes plan
8/24/06: Becoming somebody: Concepts presented to give new style to 'No Man's Land' on Manitou/Colorado Avenue
10/19/06: No objections at first hearing on Manitou Springs urban renewal
10/19/06: No objections at first hearing on Manitou Springs urban renewal: Morrison pleased at new city, county interest in rest of 'No Man's Land'
11/16/06: Changes ahead for No Man's Land? 2nd public hearing on Manitou urban renewal proposal at Nov. 21 meeting
11/16/06: Changes ahead for No Man's Land? Colorado Springs staff shows council preliminary public-upgrade estimates
11/22/06: Urban renewal for Manitou
11/30/06: Task force to seek funding sources for 'No Man's Land'
12/21/06: RTA board hears about No Man's grant possibility

Norris-Penrose Events Center
5/11/06: Monster trucks first for new Norris-Penrose entry
5/11/06: Dressage event aids Paralympians, offers May 20 show
5/25/06: A monster of a backdrop
6/22/06: En route to the mountains, by way of 8th Street
6/22/06: Ride for Brand fills out 2 days; Flash Cadillac to perform after July 1 rodeo at Penrose
6/29/06: Cagiao may take concerts to Penrose Stadium: Street, parks rejections end Old Colorado City quest
7/6/06: 5-day Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo starts July 12 at Penrose Stadium
7/13/06: Celebrating the Event Center's new digs
7/20/06: Dandy turnout for Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo: Traffic a 'happy problem' for Norris-Penrose
8/17/06: Penrose hosts state Supercross event
8/31/06: The story behind the new Penrose statues
9/14/06: Show Sept. 23 by area riders with disabilities
9/28/06: Oktoberfest at Penrose to benefit charities
12/7/06: BMX track aids Olympians, adds Norris-Penrose venue
12/7/06: Norris-Penrose speech for Commissioner Clark

3/16/06: Edna Schoch (1915-2006) remembered for partnering with husband Ed in legendary Old Town hardware store
7/13/06: Westside volunteer La Rue Ebersole dies
12/28/06: IN MEMORIAM: Seth M. Stanton

Old Colorado City
3/2/06: Jefferson Airplane reunion band billed in Old Town May 6
3/16/06: Old Town to have 2nd outdoor market
3/23/06: OCCA provides deposit for Airplane concert; Permits also obtained; beverage sponsorships sought to help cover costs
3/30/06: Old Town Easter Egg Hunt April 8
4/6/06: Don't forget! OCCA Egg Hunt April 8
4/13/06: Hundreds join annual OCCA egg hunt
4/20/06: Airplane reunion concert is up and flying in Old Town; Sponsorships sway merchants' group to give May 6 event a 'go'
5/4/06: Colorado Avenue to close between 24th and 27th streets May 6 for Jefferson Airplane/Starship concert
5/4/06: Kantner brings Starship, sense of fun to Old Town
5/4/06: Merchants offer free shuttle to concert
5/4/06: Some info and tips to help have fun at the event
5/11/06: Additional concert photos (including some that didn't make the print addition!)
5/11/06: Starship street concert draws thousands; problem-free event pleases organizers
6/1/06: Garden Fair joins market opening
6/8/06: Blues series, other live music at Bancroft Park
6/8/06: Children's author set to read aloud at Garden Fair June 10
6/8/06: Street show no go: Firefall concert now planned at Vermijo Park; debate exposes issues in granting event permits
6/15/06: Event limitations irk Old Town business leaders; confab set with City Parks chief: Vermijo, Bancroft parks likely to be disallowed for Firefall, Brule concerts
6/22/06: Jackson entertains in Bancroft Park with 'Busker and Me'
6/22/06: Metro Blues band starts Bancroft series
6/29/06: What about major events in Old Town? Suggestion for door-to-door poll to find out Westsiders' opinions
7/6/06: Blues at Bancroft
7/27/06: Food, games at 6th annual 'Block-nic' in Bancroft Park
7/27/06: Founder fiddling depends on entries
8/3/06: 'Block-nic' brings Westsiders to Bancroft
8/3/06: High notes
8/17/06: Shiny old vehicles to fill up avenue for Car Show Aug. 20
8/24/06: Cars, crowds flock to Old Town
8/24/06: In the driver's seat
9/14/06: Scarecrow Days begin in Old Town
9/21/06: SCAREcrow
9/21/06: Scarecrows abound in Old Town
9/28/06: Scarecrow Days bringing in giant pumpkins Oct. 7
10/5/06: 700-pound pumpkins might not be big enough for this year's Old Town weigh-off
10/12/06: 774 pounds wins 2nd annual Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off
10/12/06: What are you feeding this thing?
10/19/06: Donations support Old Colorado City's 'Safe Treats' at Halloween this year
11/2/06: Costumed critters conquer cold in quest for Old Colorado City candy
11/16/06: Christmas starting fast in Old Town
12/21/06: Christmas climaxes in Old Colorado City this weekend
5/4/06: OCC District won't opt out of planned city parking rate increase
6/29/06: Parking-meter increases to arrive in Old Town by July 10
7/6/06: City manager backs district on key crosswalk
7/20/06: 30 years and going strong: Original loan program aided Old Town upswing
7/20/06: Revitalization plaque gone from Old Town 'horse alley'
8/3/06: Merchant group fight with city not anticipated over revocable permit issue
8/10/06: Higher costs for parking
10/19/06: How revoking! City not sure what to do with 300 right-of-way violations in Old Colorado City and downtown
10/26/06: 'Road dieting' in Old Town...Would it work?
11/16/06: Trolley Foundation likes 2-lane idea for Colorado Avenue
   Old Colorado City Associates
1/12/06: OCCA members elect board for 2006; officer election to be Jan. 19
1/19/06: OCCA seeks to expand recycling efforts
1/26/06: Carole Jourdan president of OCCA board for 2006
6/1/06: Old Town merchants group opposes new Colorado Ave. concert
   Old Colorado City Security and Maintenance District
5/18/06: City Attorney: OK for city to overlay OCC lots from parking $
6/1/06: City Council approves parking rate hikes; OCC lots set for overlay in '07; Kasten rakes city for years of Old Town neglect
7/27/06: City manager lets traffic chief overrule him on marked crosswalk at 24th and Colorado
7/27/06: Newsboxes still uncontrolled in Old Town
8/31/06: District maintenance man treated in hospital
9/14/06: OCC district worker recovering from illness
12/21/06: Drop in owner-merchants impacts OCC district board

Old Colorado City Historical Society
1/19/06: A peek at Pike
1/19/06: McFarland to speak on Cripple Creek railroads and mines
1/19/06: Zebulon Pike bicentennial: Rock Ledge event follows OCCHS talk
2/9/06: El Paso Canal subject of talk
4/6/06: Turner to discuss Springs Fire Department history April 14
5/4/06: Fire history and Old Town's legacy
5/18/06: Tough breathing
6/29/06: OCCHS to combine Founders' Day, Cemetery Crawl
7/6/06: Talks: Mining, milling and cowboy songs
7/20/06: Pike reunion at History Center
7/20/06: Old cowboy songs enliven History Center
7/27/06: Hughes tells how he missed out on $1 million from Gold Hill
8/3/06: History, bands replace fiddle contest for Founders' Day
8/10/06: Weekend celebrates history: Historical figures play part in both Founders', Cemetery Crawl events
8/17/06: OCCHS dodges raindrops during weekend of history
8/17/06: OCCHS publishes McFarland train 'minibook'
8/31/06: Gustafson to speak on Mellon/Clarke family
9/28/06: Lane Sales story at History Center Oct. 13
11/2/06: Professor to give talk on Pike at History Center
11/22/06: Author's La Glorieta talk at History Center Dec. 2
11/22/06: Urban renewal for Manitou
12/28/06: Van Briggle authors to talk at OCC History Center Jan. 12

1/19/06: Hughes, 3 new faces elected to OWN board
2/9/06: City may help with historic-overlay grant; OWN seeks public input on plan
2/9/06: Fenimore named OWN leader for second year
2/16/06: Westside to get input chance on new I-25 bridges at Bijou Street, Colorado Avenue; CDOT engineer slated for presentation at OWN meeting Feb. 23
3/2/06: Citizen CDBG ideas sought at March 9 OWN meeting
3/16/06: Lovell to look at citizens' CDBG ideas
3/16/06: OWN sets subcoms for Hwy 24, Colorado Ave. bridge
4/20/06: OWN sets meeting on special events
5/4/06: OWN meeting takes on 3 key issues: Large audience(s) expected on block grants, Territory Days, Highway 24
10/12/06: Spirit Awards deadline extended
11/9/06: OWN Spirit Awards presentation Nov. 16
11/22/06: First-hand accounts tell the fix-it tale
11/22/06: Spirit Awards honor aesthetic Westside efforts
12/7/06: OWN plans nominating panel for Jan. election
12/21/06: OWN board hopefuls can meet with committee
12/28/06: City Council to discuss Westside historic-overlay concept at Jan. 8 meeting

11/9/06: Westside resident turns 100

Pleasant Valley
7/27/06: Pleasant Valley finally gets entryway: Sign, landscaping on 31st Street traffic island identifies neighborhood
9/14/06: PV to dedicate sign Sept. 16

1/12/06: 21 reports of tires slashed on New Year's Day
1/12/06: Temporary sidewalk signs targeted in Code Enforcement sweep
1/26/06: Fire Department, Whittier honor boy's actions
2/9/06: Westside resident stabbed; man arrested
3/2/06: Grand opening for new police substation March 6
3/2/06: Mesa Springs hosts parole officer
3/9/06: 500 attend open house for Gold Hill Substation
4/20/06: Fatal fire on Mesa Road April 13
4/27/06: Historic home goes up in smoke
7/6/06: Bank-robbing spree touches Westside in July 3 heist at Canon
7/20/06: Robber identified as 'Gray Haired Bandit'
10/12/06: Westside bank robbery suspect arrested
11/9/06: Holland Park 'takes it to the streets' to get city action on paint vandalism at church

1/19/06: Clark new commissioner chair
1/26/06: Merrifield pledges to advocate against 'ugly and disruptive' Westside Highway 24 plans
2/16/06: Merrifield to kick off campaign
3/16/06: Party caucuses March 21 prep for assemblies
4/20/06: Chance to meet Anna Lord
5/11/06: Know the candidates: House District 21
5/18/06: Merrifield schedules town hall meeting
5/25/06: Know the candidates: Senate District 11
6/8/06: Know the candidates: House District 18
8/3/06: 3 Congress candidates on Westside
9/7/06: Merrifield accepts Fisk debate offer
9/21/06: Forum reveals opposing views in District 18 race: Questions raised about candidate notifications
10/5/06: Fisk lines up moderator, hall; Merrifield decides to debate elsewhere
10/12/06: Jones won't debate Morse; Fisk still after Merrifield
10/12/06: Republican-Democrat differences seen at forum
10/26/06: Elected officials sound alarm on issues 200, 201
10/26/06: The debate is on: Fisk, Merrifield to go at it on Oct. 31 radio show
11/26/06: Merrifield, Fisk debate reveals sharp differences
11/2/06: Merrifield's 'promise' bills evidently from '05
11/2/06: Voting time Nov. 7: 3 of Westside's 4 Statehouse seats on the line
11/9/06: Morse becomes second Statehouse Democrat from El Paso; Merrifield repeats in D-18; Gardner holds D-21 for Republicans

Post Office
1/26/06: Addressing the problem
2/2/06: Postal Service ends retroactive readdressing; was work of 1 employee
8/10/06: West End postal workers recognized
10/5/06: Postal collection box to return to Uintah Gardens

4/13/06: Computer recycling event at CHS
5/4/06: Coronado's FBLA raises $4,300 for District 11 in Earth Day recycling effort

Red Rock Canyon
2/16/06: Over half a mile in 2 dog loops at Red Rock
4/6/06: Work starts on new Red Rock trailheads: 31st Street site could be ready by May 1
4/20/06: Gap in cliff turning into trail
4/27/06: Record crowds work, play at joint Rock Ledge, GoG Earth Day, But where are last year's Red Rock plantings?
4/27/06: Red Rock trail workdays May 13-14
5/11/06: Red Rock: State fixes highway sign wording
5/18/06: Red Rock trail from 31st Street finished; trailhead not quite
5/25/06: Red Rock east-west trail effort starts June 3
6/8/06: New upgrades at Red Rock
6/29/06: Guided hikes of Red Rock Canyon
7/6/06: 'Goddesses' group sets Red Rock workday July 8
7/6/06: Trails opened up in southeast Red Rock Canyon
7/6/06: Volunteers start building Red Rock free-ride area
7/20/06: Red Rock Friends workday July 29
7/27/06: Running the Red Rock roundabout
8/3/06: CC prof to lead hike through RRC, Sec. 16
8/3/06: Friends workday brings Red Rock upgrades
8/24/06: Red Rock youth project Aug. 26
8/31/06: 1st-time rock-climbing competition planned at Red Rock Canyon Sept. 23; entries sought
9/21/06: Red Rock workday to clear corridor Sept. 30
9/28/06: Red Rock climbing event Sunday, Oct. 1
10/5/06: On their way to the top
10/5/06: Red Rock weekend: Workers, climbers
10/19/06: New half mile of Red Rock trail built
11/9/06: Red Rock Friends fundraiser underway

1/26/06: GOG Road on-ramp status to last till April
2/23/06: City crack-sealers on Uintah
2/23/06: Sewer-liner work on Westside
4/27/06: Also delayed: 8th Street pedestrian bridge, sidewalk
4/27/06: City begins 'Operation Pothole'
5/18/06: City to come back to 21st and Colorado
6/8/06: City, RTA street surface work underway on Westside
6/20/06: Drainage work July 22 on Rio Grande Street
9/21/06: Spruce closed off; avenue will be narrowed under interstate
11/9/06: South 21st widening planned 'within a year'
11/16/06: Rio Grande reopens after water line work
11/16/06: Utilities project to tear up South 21st until mid-January
11/22/06: 21st Street work begins

Rock Ledge Ranch
1/12/06: Rock Ledge to reenact Zeb's camp
1/26/06: How it might have been during the Pike expedition
3/16/06: Gustafson to speak at LHA annual meeting
3/23/06: Rock Ledge volunteers
3/30/06: On Palmer's in-laws and why Queen left the Springs
4/27/06: Donations fund Rock Ledge trees
5/25/06: Rock Ledge Ranch season starts June 3
6/8/06: 'A bad hair day'
6/8/06: Adobe oven project at Rock Ledge (you could help!)
6/15/06: Creative use of mud
6/29/06: Experience 'bygone ways of family fun' at Rock Ledge Ranch July 4
7/6/06: 1,800 spend July 4 at Rock Ledge Ranch
7/6/06: Clayton to perform at Rock Ledge July 14
7/13/06: Follow-up
8/10/06: Northern Ute dancers at Rock Ledge
8/17/06: Open Road band headlines 2nd annual Fiddles, Vittles & Vino at Rock Ledge
8/24/06: 'Fiddles' schedule finalized
8/31/06: Cloudbusters go for 2 in a row Sept. 4
8/31/06: What's a little rain? Crowds still flock to Rock Ledge's 'Fiddles' event
9/7/06: Denver ballists regain pride
9/7/06: Orchard House to benefit from Folk Art Fest again
9/14/06: Master blacksmith at Rock Ledge Sept. 23
9/28/06: Harvest Festival at Rock Ledge Ranch Oct. 7
10/5/06: Events planned next two Saturdays at ranch
10/5/06: Wright pleased with grant, LHA increase at Rock Ledge
10/19/06: First Nations Day entertaining and instructive at Rock Ledge Ranch
10/19/06: Friendship dancing
11/2/06: 'Puttin' Food By' Nov. 11 at Rock Ledge Ranch
11/9/06: Pike camp to mark 200-year milestone
11/22/06: Pike's last good day: Rock Ledge enacts, explains events 200 years ago
12/7/06: 'Holiday Evenings' Dec. 15-16 at Rock Ledge
12/21/06: Recalling Rock Ledge's last days as a working ranch
12/21/06: Rock Ledge Ranch has good December

Rural Transportation Authority
2/16/06: RTA concrete crews busy in Mesa Springs area
2/16/06: RTA contact numbers listed
12/21/06: RTA plans 30th Street project next summer

2/9/06: 5 Westside schools seek to right their writing
2/23/06: In quest of a standard: Staff from 5 Westside schools meet to review essays, discuss ways to improve kids' writing
3/2/06: Mr. Biggs fire delays School Fair
5/18/06: Pomp and circumstance! Ceremonies mark school promotions, graduations
5/25/06: 25 D-11 staffers retiring from Westside schools
8/10/06: Aug. 17 marks first day of D-11 2006-07 school year
8/17/06: CSAP tests indicate ongoing learning problems in District 11, Westside schools
9/28/06: 3 Westside schools to have shortened years: Time needed to complete bond-issue improvements
11/16/06: Radon testing begins at 9 Westside schools
11/30/06: Schools schedule holiday concerts
12/14/06: 'Excellent' adventure for Holmes, Howbert on 2006 state SARs; Bristol posts its best reading, math scores
12/14/06: Middle school orchestras join for concert
12/21/06: Students sing in Christmas
   Bijou School
2/23/06: Bijou buckles up better than big schools
5/18/06: Bijou School issues own diplomas for first time
6/1/06: Different paths for 2 Bijou grads, but both now looking forward to college
7/27/06: D-11 offers home school classes
11/16/06: A silent upbringing: Bijou student adapted to parents being deaf
   Bristol Elementary
8/31/06: Bristol Elementary to hold bond-issue meeting for public Sept. 12
9/14/06: Educational space to be expanded in Bristol renovation
10/19/06: Bristol music teacher quits to care for mother: Hoots to stay involved as arts magnet chair
   Buena Vista Elementary
2/16/06: Building naturally
7/6/06: Backhoes at Buena Vista
8/17/06: Feeling the breeze at Buena Vista: New windows appreciated in district bond-issue work
10/5/06: Buena Vista to celebrate 95th birthday Oct. 11; Former students invited to attend
10/12/06: Buena Vista celebrates its 95th birthday
10/26/06: Fundraising simple as ABC for Buena Vista PTA
12/7/06: A string-along at Buena Vista
   Coronado High School
2/9/06: Dance for senior citizens at Coronado
3/16/06: Rush in to see 'Fools'
4/6/06: All-State first-chair cellist Kuzma leads Coronado's top musicians
5/11/06: Engineer at CHS finds outlets for design skills
5/11/06: Engineers learn to get practical at Coronado: New classes expand Project Lead the Way
5/18/06: Pomp and circumstance! Ricotta takes top CHS academic honors
7/13/06: Golf tournament to help CHS baseball
8/10/06: Coronado's '06 seniors' scholarships, honors listed
8/17/06: CHS '06 scholarships - Part 2
9/28/06: Coronado invites Westside to annual parade
11/16/06: CHS cheerleaders qualify for Nationals again
11/16/06: CHS swimmer signs for Evansville University
11/16/06: Plans forming for full reno of CHS auditorium
12/7/06: Stop the presses! After long absence, student paper returns to CHS
12/14/06: PTA at Coronado: From invisible to indispensable
12/28/06: Coronado's Cantadoras at Christmas
   Holmes Middle School
7/13/06: Colorful rain
9/28/06: Holmes to get $3.1 million in upgrades next summer
11/9/06: School honor leads LeBrasse to 'unretire' after 30 years at Holmes Middle School
   Howbert Elementary School
2/9/06: Howbert's youthful explorers
5/4/06: Howbert sets CSAP pace: School's 3rd grade scores are best in District 11
5/25/06: Howbert Principal Gallegos retiring: His 4 years on the Westside wrapped up 29-year D-11 career
8/31/06: Girl Scout Troop beautifies Howbert Legacy Path
9/14/06: Morris holds high hopes for Howbert
   Ivywild Elementary School
1/26/06: Helping youngsters find the beat: Ivywild students benefit from knowledge of veteran drummer in their midst
11/9/06: Ivywild needs early-late crossing guards
11/30/06: Philanthropy at Ivywild: Foundation's help includes uniforms, field trips
   Jackson Elementary School
6/22/06: New Jackson lot/loop to be finished this summer
8/24/06: New Jackson Elementary lot/loop proving popular
9/14/06: Jackson fund-raising with art calendar
   Our Lady of the Rockies
2/23/06: Our Lady of the Rockies school to close March 3
   Pike Elementary
1/12/06: Pike School to fete 50th anniversary
1/26/06: Memory time: 50-year Pike School anniversary Feb. 2 offers chance for former students, staff to reminisce
2/9/06: Old days turn new again at Pike's 50th
9/21/06: Pike tries new teaching approach
12/14/06: But Santa chooses him in the end...
   Washington Elementary
8/24/06: Meeting Aug. 28 on $1.6M bond work at Washington
8/31/06: Geothermal climate control for Washington
10/12/06: Martinez may get all wet, but reading isn't
10/26/06: Getting wet for a good cause: Washington principal uses dunk tank for reading incentive
   West Middle School
2/16/06: SAIL now comprises nearly a quarter of West's enrollment
3/9/06: Book purchases can help West March 11
3/16/06: War puts 'dream' on hold for West teacher
6/1/06: Taking the 'duh' out of D-Day: Now Graven's SAIL students planning '07 trip to Normandy
8/10/06: SAIL West seeking sixth grade applicants
12/7/06: Fun with science at West
12/7/06: West Science Fair asks tough questions
12/21/06: West students take space station photos
   Whittier Elementary
2/23/06: Excuses, excuses! Creative reasons for tardiness at Whittier
4/13/06: E-Gals boost Whittier spirit

9/28/06: A little dusting before fall
10/5/06; Golden days on 17th Street

Section 16
3/2/06: Victory for open space

Silver Key
1/12/06: Citizen group chastises RTA's Silver Key funding plan
2/9/06: Silver Key clears CAC hurdle; on to council
2/16/06: Council OK puts Silver Key over last transit funding hurdle
7/13/06: Morse takes leave from Silver Key to run for office
11/16/06: Silver Key advertising for new CEO
12/14/06: Despite audit issues, RTA OKs $200,000 to defray Silver Key transportation costs

5/25/06: Special Olympics torch on Westside
8/31/06: ArtSports boasts 22 Nationals qualifiers, 3 champions

Territory Days
5/18/06: Science experiments go with the Territory
5/18/06: Want to learn poker? Gaming Parlor among historic touches at Territory Days May 27-29
5/25/06: 30th annual Territory Days this weekend: Old Colorado City readying for crowd of 100,000 or more
5/25/06: City flowers to reward neighbors' patience
5/25/06: Giclée prints of Mans' painting
5/25/06: Shuttle rides are free this year
5/25/06: Territory Days: What, where, when, who
6/1/06: Probable crowd record at Territory Days
6/1/06: Territory Days 'debriefing' June 6 at Gold Hill
6/8/06: Heimlicher pledges to lead any T-days fixes

3/2/06: Ghost Town owner chairs new Visitors Bureau 'Experience': Harris is 11-year board member on nonprofit agency

Traffic Calming
1/26/06: First meeting with city on Holland Park Boulevard traffic-calming project Jan. 31
10/5/06: Traffic circles, not crop circles: Markings on Broadway, 17th show where 'calming' structures are to go
11/16/06: Traffic calming structures on Broadway not yet finished

Trails and Open Space
1/12/06: Preserved in the midst of growth: Land Trust's origins saved Westside land
2/23/06: Midland Trail to reach 25th St.; Property issues slow plans to build farther west this year
3/2/06: Westside to be among the benificaries of state court's TOPS ruling
3/30/06: Sinton Pond gains from gymnasts' lesson in citizenship
8/3/06: New trail, gate reconstruction in place at Mesa Preserve
9/28/06: Parks Board sees trail, open space opportunities in possible ridge development
11/16/06: 2007 to be the year Midland Trail extends to 31st
12/21/06: Palmer Land Trust receives challenge grant

1/19/06: Revised Holland Park bus route one of city's most popular
2/2/06: Speed limits going up on 9 Westside streets: Road past Holmes hiked from 35 to 40
2/9/06: Chestnut-Fillmore in city's top 25 crash locations again
2/16/06: City Council puts stop sign on speed limit hikes
3/30/06: Coronado site of speed limit meeting April 4; Mesa Road removed from list of increases
4/13/06: Residents question city traffic chief about speed limit hikes on Friendship, Fontmore
4/27/06: City Council to look at speed limits May 8
5/11/06: 'Last open forum' on speed limits at council May 23
9/7/06: Transportation planning meeting Sept. 20

1/26/06: Trail-area sewer work almost done
3/23/06: City sewer repair sites
4/27/06: City plans to finish water-main replacement work on Garden of the Gods Road in May
5/4/06: Line break sends water flying in Holland Park
6/22/06: Utilities implements sewer upgrades
12/7/06: Sewer upgrades at Westside locations

1/19/06: Stormwater Advisory Committee openings
2/9/06: Dreading the rain: Westsider has watched her landscaping float away 3 times, but will city help be enough?
2/16/06: Emergency storm-drain work at 21st and Colorado
2/16/06: The El Paso Canal: The water the Westside couldn't use
7/13/06: Meetings on Stormwater Enterprise Fund at East, Penrose July 17, 19
9/28/06: Senator Salazar sees Fountain Creek as future 'crown jewel'
10/26/06: Hente: Camp Creek ditch a high priority in storm fund

West Center
1/19/06: West Center's Winter/Spring 2006 brochure is available
3/23/06: West Center to host Teen Job Fair March 31
4/6/06: 500-plus look for work at Teen Job Fair at West
4/6/06: How to... how not to
5/25/06: West Center summer brochure available
6/1/06: Kendo class starts at West Center; gear to be provided
8/24/06: Day for developmentally disabled Sept. 1
8/31/06: West Center's fall brochure lists variety of doings
9/21/06: Advocating respect
10/5/06: Hispanic heritage night planned at West Oct. 13
12/7/06: Some West Intergenerational fees to rise in '07