Manipulation seen in sustainability plan
       When I saw the article in the April 19 Westside Pioneer [“Regional Sustainability Plan finalized”], I felt compelled to translate the spin used and how those in this “green movement” manipulate the public to force their agendas on us.
       The misleading starts early in the article with the comment, “Supporters insist the plan's goals are merely guidelines” and a quote from the plan that “it is a non-binding blueprint to achieve a sustainable future.” Don't kid yourself - this is a classic case of incrementalism passed off as a benign program that will eventually turn into a government- forced mandate. A quick example: This is the exact approach used by these same self-anointed central planners to prohibit smoking in privately owned businesses. For the record I am not a smoker. Trust me, the goal of this plan is to make it binding through the coercive force of the law.
       One of the final insults of this program is our tax dollars are used to fund this propaganda campaign against us. As usual, these movements are pushed by well-organized lobbies headed by people that believe they are morally superior than the masses and we are not capable of living our lives without their divine wisdom.

Brad Collins