No ‘easy summertime’ with fire at doorstep

       Hardships have become a way of life for Westsiders in the wake of the Waldo Canyon Fire.
       One evacuee, Mountain Shadows resident Alicia Timberlake, was among a small but lingering crowd June 27 at the southeast corner of Garden of the Gods Road and Centennial Boulevard. She said she was there because it was as close to her house as she could get. (A police blockade was stopping traffic going west on GoG Road and north on Centennial.)
       Timberlake had not heard yet, but is afraid her house has burned. She recalled her family's hasty evacuation June 26, after the fire roared unexpectedly east, covering about three miles in barely half a day. “It was a firestorm,” she said, with burning embers flying by. “It was blowing so hard I could barely hold on to my things.”
       She and her husband and son (a 2011 Coronado graduate), have been able to move in temporarily with a family member in the Old Colorado City area.
       In Holland Park, east of Centennial, Philip and Cynthia McGrath had already taken in a Woodland Park resident, who had transportation issues because of the Highway 24 closure. Then, June 27, their area was put on voluntary evacuation status. They have plans to move in with a friend near the Broadmoor if worst comes to worst. “We're packed, and the car is packed,” she said.
       Tom and Cyndi Fallon, co-owners of the Piramide clothing shops in Manitou and Old Colorado City, live in Divide. So they've had to take circuitous routes through Teller County and Canon City to get to and from their stores.
       They've also found their business slowing down since the fire started. The latest unsavory news is that the Waldo Canyon Fire is moving up Ute Pass, while the Springer Fire near Lake George is coming from the other direction. “The fire is very close. It's pretty scary,” Cyndi said. “But we have stuff on standby, and we're ready to move out.”

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