Readers send in suggestions for new No Man’s Land name

       In the Editor's Desk column last week, Westside Pioneer readers were asked to suggest new names for the segment of Colorado Avenue west of 31st Street that's come to be known as No Man's Land. The idea was that if proposed improvements there come to pass, it will merit a more upbeat monicker.
       Here are the responses we've received so far, in the order they came in:
       “We are linking Old Colorado City with Manitou Springs. Soooo how's CCMANLINK? Has a ring to it, never heard it before, easy to remember and makes sense.” - Ron Bier.
       “I'd like to suggest THE WILD WEST SIDE. True, it retains a similar stigma to 'No Man's Land' but doesn't it sound plausibly colloquial, as opposed to having been developed in a focus group? Plus maybe there's a western caché which allows for potential tourist development. I'd like to see the locale memorialized for being where the stagecoach road came down from Denver.” - Eric Verlo.
       “Midvale” - Keith Propp.
       “We like Adam's Crossing. With a nice little parkette with a plaque telling about him [Charles Adams] and flowers and a parkbench too! - Pat and Dave Dinsmore.
       “Since I was born in 1916 at my present address, I think of Adams Crossing as A Pleasant Connection (between Manitou and Old Colorado City)” - Maloa Read.
       Suggested names are still welcome to, and we will continue to run them as we get them. With any luck, the newly hired No Man's Land consultant team will be paying attention!

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