EDITORíS DESK: The weekly thing

       It's amazing what can happen in a week. That's the main reason I like a weekly paper. On a daily sometimes, despite a writer's best intentions, it's like the news is being forced - really forced sometimes, like that hit piece Gazette reporters did a few days ago on the mill-levy increase, when the city's chief financial officer couldn't be reached for the other side of the story and they went ahead with the article anyway!?
       Bottom line: A day just isn't long enough. Maybe the weekly cycle feels right because so much of the planning we all do is based around weekends. This time of year especially. It's always a blast watching the Coronado High Homecoming Parade - congratulations, by the way, to PTA leader Nora Brown, a worthy choice for Westside recipient - plus various events are linked in one way or another with Old Colorado City's annual Scarecrow Days, and among them this year is a fun new take on Art on the Avenue, which will mean a couple of dozen plein air artists with easels around Old Colorado City Sept. 25-27. I'm also intrigued by the EcoFestival Sept. 26. I think a lot of what the organizers are doing is great - this "bike valet" is a crack-up, for example - I just wish the environmental movement would spend more time simply doing their stuff and getting more people involved, rather than bypassing public discourse and running to government for regulations (e.g., unrealistic creek water quality standards or this invitation to corruption called cap and trade).
       But I'm getting off topic. I think the weekly thing is bigger than just events. From a news standpoint, it takes me a week to accumulate all the articles that fill the Westside Pioneer's 16 pages. And consider Councilman Jerry Heimlicher. Last week he announced he was stepping down and he was dealing with all that. But this week he's back in the saddle, planning a meeting to help the avenue merchants west of 31st Street. I'm sure he didn't plan things that way, but such actions work out well for our weekly paper. And of that I'm glad.

- K.J.