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8/20/18: COBWEB CORNERS: The short-lived WWII soldier train excursions

8/20/18: Numbers rise to 300 for Westside Community Center in second year of picnic

8/21/18: Double-digit growth for West Middle School in 2017-18 CMAS testing

8/21/18: EDITOR'S DESK: Predicting a 1-way 'chat' Sept. 4

8/22/18: Annual vintage 'base ball' game at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site Sept. 3

8/23/18: 21st Street project manager: Long-closed segment to reopen in mid-September

8/26/18: 8 tickets in 1st month of law denying camping within 100 feet of waterways

8/26/18: Westside has events aplenty in September/October (list through 9/16)