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Motorized traffic has been denied access since early June to 21st Street south of its bridge over Fountain Creek (foreground) and up to Colorado Avenue. However, pedestrians and bicyclists (as seen here) can occasionally get through. The photo also shows much of the new concrete work. Milling and paving are yet to come, along with a membrane over the bridge driving surface (under the pavement) to resist moisture seeping through.
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21st Street project manager: Long-closed segment to reopen in mid-September

As shown here, the new sidewalk will go along the east side of 21st Street's bridge over Fountain Creek.
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Aug. 23, 2018
       The ordeal is nearing an end for motorists who have been denied most of 21st Street between Colorado Avenue and Highway 24 since early June.
       The city is on track for a “mid-September completion date,” according to Ryan Phipps, the project manager for Colorado Springs Engineering.
       Funded mostly with 2C sales-tax dollars, the current work involves bridge repairs, installation of a weather-resistant membrane on the bridge surface, drainage upgrades, concrete work, walkways/sidewalks and road reconstruction/paving.
       Phipps said that, for the pre-overlay elements, the prime contractors are Even Preisser (off-bridge work) and Shanel Construction (on- bridge work). Martin Marietta is the contractor for the pavement overlay.
       The street closure has denied motorized access from Colorado Avenue. A detour south of the Fountain Creek bridge uses Naegele Road and 25th Street.
       In a coordinated government strategy, the closure started in early June for Colorado Springs Utilities’ replacement of a major water line. This work finished in early July, which left the affected road segment open for a few days. But in mid- July the city reconstruction project began, and the segment had to close again.
       A full closure was necessary to get the work done sooner, according to Phipps, who said at a community meeting in April that a partial closure would slow the project and even prevent completion this year.
       The new sidewalk/walkways are going in along the east side of the 21st Street creek bridge between the Midland Trail and the highway and between the northwest corner of the highway/21st and Naegele Road.
       The latter path is to be built by the Colorado Department of Transporta-tion, possibly this year.
       The intent is to improve safety for pedestrians as well as bicyclists, Phipps has summarized; also, no sidewalk existed before on the east side of the bridge.

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