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Occasionally on loan from college: RIOUX JORDAN

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     The Westside Pioneer began in 2004 as a free “mom-and-pop” weekly newspaper for the Colorado Springs Westside, attaining a circulation of over 5,000. The goal was to provide consistent, accurate news coverage for a significant and historic part of the city - in a way that larger publications could not or would not. The Pioneer is still run that way, even after retooling to become an online-only publication (also free) in January 2014.
    Founders Kenyon and Therese Jordan, long-time Colorado Springs residents and Westsiders since 1986, continue as the Pioneer's owners, with help from their two sons, Travers and Rioux. Travers, who owns his own computer-repair business (Techno Guy Computers), built the Pioneer website and is its webmaster. Rioux is currently in college, but helps out on breaks and is especially adept in Adobe Photoshop.
     Kenyon majored in English and journalism, worked for numerous news publications and also for Internet-related firms as a tech writer and editor. He oversees the online-I page design and handles the newswriting, editing and photography.
    Therese studied modern dance in college, mothered Travers and Rioux (including leading their homeschooling in their younger years), owned her own hairstyling business for about 15 years and is a self-taught graphics artist. She handles the Pioneer's advertising sales and layout and the business' finances.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Pioneer's coverage area?
    The Colorado Springs Westside, which we define as an area west of I-25, north of Cheyenne/Broadmoor, east of Manitou Springs and south of Garden of the Gods Road.

    Why can't readers comment at the ends of stories, as is allowed on many online news sites?
    While we welcome reader feedback, we lack the staffing necessary to monitor individual- story commenting. But at the end of every article is a link that lets the reader send an e-mail to the editor. This could be published as a letter, if it meets the necessary critria.

    What is the letter-writing criteria?
     Letters can be mailed, dropped off at our office or e-mailed. For address info, see Contacts above. For the best chance of publication, length should not exceed 300 words and the subject should be about the Westside. We reserve the right to edit letters for such reasons as length, spelling, grammar and punctuation. We reserve the right to refuse letters that contain obscenity, personal attacks or information known to be incorrect. Unsigned letters will not be run.

    Why did the Westside Pioneer end its a print publication?
     The reasons mainly involved finances, time and health, along with the exciting possibilities of going online. We provided fuller explanations in our announcement of the change in our Nov. 14 edition. These can be read in our online archives at: and

     How can readers know when the Westside Pioneer has new articles on its website?
    Once or twice a week, we send out an e-mail “blast” to a list of individuals or entities. To be added to that list - it's free - e-mail us at . (Note that we will not “market” this list, and e-mails will be sent in a blind-copy format so that recipients' e-mail addresses will not appear.) Also, we put notifications on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

     Where can I find archives of the print newspaper?
    The Pioneer retains full archives of all the printed issues (from January 2004 to December 2013), as does the Pikes Peak Library District. Digital copies of all articles- printed as well as online - can be found by clicking the Archives button at the top of this page or here: Articles from the print editions are sorted by year, category and the date of the edition in which they appeared. Keyword searches are also possible, using the Find box. Online articles are sorted by year, posted date and category (also keyword). Note, however, that current online articles will remain on their category pages (see the hyperlink buttons at the top left of our website pages) for about three weeks before being archived.

    How can I take out an ad in the Westside Pioneer?
    Call 471-6776 and ask for Therese, or e-mail her at We accept camera-ready display ads, or she can create your ad, working with you to represent your business the way you like. For Classified ads, Therese is in the office Mondays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 526 S. 26th St. For other days of the week, please call to make an appointment. Basic ad information is also available on the website, at

    How do I let you know if I encounter any problems with the website?
    Please e-mail our webmaster, Travers Jordan, at . For particularly serious issues, such as the site not being accessible at all, we'd also appreciate a call to the Pioneer office at 471-6776.


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