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9/18/17: COLUMN: Slice added to Colorado cake case

9/18/17: Team from HSPPR sent to Georgia to bolster Hurricane Irma animal-shelter response

9/19/17: First-time 'Astronomy Day Celebration' at Garden of the Gods Visitor Center Sept. 30

9/19/17: Owner: Brewpub seeks expansion to brew beer, not increase clientele

9/20/17: Avoid (but report) illegal camps, Creek Week Cleanup volunteers being told

9/21/17: COBWEB CORNERS: The early road to Colorado City from the north

9/22/17: $ help for I-25 'gap' sought from voters in two November ballot questions

9/22/17: GUEST COLUMN: Utilities mulls earlier decommissioning of Drake Power Plant

9/23/17: Avenue project milestone: demolition of old bridge's north half

9/24/17: EDITOR'S DESK: Solving the bum problem... the sequel

9/24/17: LETTER: People in 'glass houses' miss depth of bum problem