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Renaming 'No Man's Land' ideas --
a compilation of suggestions people have sent to the Westside Pioneer

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       Editor's note: Below are suggestions the Westside Pioneer has received for renaming the area of Colorado Avenue west of 31st Street from its current, unpopular nickname of “No Man's Land.” Sent in the weeks following an Editor's Desk column April 26 titled “Wanted: New name for No Man's Land”, all have appeared in print editions of the Pioneer. Some were part of longer write-ups that have been edited here (as indicated by the use of ellipses). This file will be updated on a weekly basis, as more suggestions come in.
       “… I think honoring a historic early Colorado Springs/ Manitou Springs crossroad with the name “Adams Crossing” or “Adams Crossroads” might be the answer to the very ugly and unpleasant sounding NO MAN'S LAND. A plaque honoring the original Adams and his place in Colorado History would be appropriate…” - Linda Day
       “Here are a few ideas for a two-sided sign that speaks to the obvious - that big old mountain and the history of the Westside and OCC (they need work, but it's a start):
       “Heading West: “Gateway to Pikes Peak”; “Welcome to the Westside”; “The Westside - Gateway to the Peak.”
       “Heading East: “Welcome - The Historic Westside”; “Gateway to Old Colorado City”; “Entering the Historic Westside”; “The Historic Westside.”
       “And by the way, it would be helpful to know where this sign might be placed. “ - G. Francis
       “How about 'Red Rocks,' after the open space and shopping center?” - D. Sherwood
       “I am formally throwing in this name change for No Man's Land: 'Red Rocks Gateway,' because it's a gateway from Old Colorado City and the Westside into Manitou Springs.” - Paul Kavanaugh
       “In observance of the singularly American penchant for naming real estate what it aspires to, rather than its marginal reality [and] in carrying forward the long-held developers' idea of truth in advertising, we might refer to the property in question as 'boulevard of seams' or 'oasis in the palms.' We could also take the current epithet to become an acronym: NML, which offers a myriad of possibilities, such as 'not much left' or 'not my lowlands.' After all, with this area, a rose by any other name might smell sweeter still.” - Marcia Marden
       “I like the idea of a Highway 24 sign pointing to 'Quarrytown' (between OCC and MS signs), which would probably draw a considerable number of visitors… Many visible retaining walls and foundations on Ridge Road and the surrounding area came from those quarries...” - Peter Dunn
       “Well, we do have a West End post office and a Westend street. Let's just call it 'The West End.' ” - Carla DeKalb (postal employee)
       As for “West End,” no, it never was a west end, always the “Westside,” so that is #1 for me. #2: I'd agree with “Red Rocks” because that's what we have in that stretch. #3: I also like “Adams Crossing” very much. - Carla J. Hale
       “We are linking Old Colorado City with Manitou Springs. Soooo how's CCMANLINK? Has a ring to it, never heard it before, easy to remember and makes sense.” - Ron Bier
       “I'd like to suggest THE WILD WEST SIDE. True, it retains a similar stigma to 'No Man's Land' but doesn't it sound plausibly colloquial, as opposed to having been developed in a focus group? Plus maybe there's a western caché which allows for potential tourist development. I'd like to see the locale memorialized for being where the stagecoach road came down from Denver.” - Eric Verlo
       “Midvale” - Keith Propp
       “We like 'Adam's Crossing.' With a nice little parkette with a plaque telling about him [Charles Adams] and flowers and a parkbench too! - Pat and Dave Dinsmore
       “Since I was born in 1916 at my present address, I think of Adams Crossing as A Pleasant Connection (between Manitou and Old Colorado City)” - Maloa Read
       “Westside Crossing.” - Dick Standaert
       “How about Westside Corridor, or Garden Corridor or Red Rock Corridor?” - Steve Suhre
       “Red Rocks Corridor.” - Tanya Medina
       “I measured the distance from 31st street to Manitou Springs and it is just short of a mile. So my best suggestion is to call that area 'The Miracle Mile.' ” - Eduardo Quezada

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