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GoFundMe page started for West MS student whose cello was stolen

Brendon, a West Middle School student, is shown with his cello before it was recently stolen.
Courtesy of Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center
Nov. 28, 2018; updated Nov. 30
       An 11-year-old West Middle School student had his cello stolen Nov. 26.
       In hopes of replacing the instrument, a GoFundMe website has been started for Brendon (last name not provided), whose father is a Navy and National Guard veteran.
       UPDATE, Nov. 30: Having exceeded its goal of $2,000, the GoFundMe page now states "no longer accepting donations."
       Supporting the fundraising effort is Retired Army Colonel Bob McLaughlin, chief operating officer for Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, 530 Communication Circle.
       According to a write-up by McLaughlin (provided to the media), the cello was stolen from the family car. Brendon's mother Michele filed a police report, but was told that the odds of recovery are slim unless the thief attempts to pawn the instrument.
       “That cello is still being paid for and our family is not in a position to buy another one,” Michele told McLaughlin. “It's just really tough for Brendon.”
       In conjunction with the GoFundMe endeavor, McLaughlin said that “Mt. Carmel is reaching out to the military and veteran community and their supporters in an effort to help make things right.”
       “This is a terrible thing to happen to any kid,” he added. “I believe in the power of the 'season of giving', and I believe in our veteran community. Let's help Brendon.”
       The GoFundMe website is at this link.

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